Argentina beat Brazil in friendly match!


Argentina and their new coach Jorge SAMPAOLI have done it! They’ve beaten Brazil in a friendly match with a score of 1-0. This was SAMPAOLI’S debut match and definitely a good sign of things to come.  A win is a win and against Brazil it is always tastier.  It was played in front of a 95,569 crowd at the MCG in Melbourne, Australia.

With this win, Argentina has ended Tite’s nine-match winning streak as Selecao coach.  The Argentina goal game from Sevilla (ex-River Plate) defender Gabriel MERCADO.  It was a tap in from close range after Nicolas OTAMENDI’S header came back off the post.  MERCADO always seems to be there at the right time and is becoming a staple in the Argentina defense. Lined up in a 3-4-3 formation with both Lionel Messi and Paulo Dybala in support of Gonzalo Higuain, Argentina dominated the first period, before resolutely riding out a second half storm.

SAMPAOLI’S team will next play their final friendly match vs. Singapore on Tuesday, June 13.  After that, they have their World Cup Qualifier matches.  First against Uruguay at the end of August.

Here’s the video of the goal:






  1. Jose Luis Gomez injured out.

    possible line up against Singapour 2:3:4:1. Interesting
    Nahuel Guzmán; Emanuel Mammana, Federico Fazio; Eduardo Salvio, Lucas Biglia, Marcos Acuña; Papu Gómez, Manuel Lanzini, Paulo Dybala, Ángel Di María; Joaquin Correa

    Although still would like to see Nacho, Paredes and Lanzini together it’s still hard to believe in all the names in speculated XI

  2. Win is win,,no matter how it came but it against Brazil more sweet then ever …..

    I want to see…………..

    Correa————–Pastora ———-Maria

  3. It was only just few years ago when ARGENTINA was leading the ARG/BRZ rivalry in total wins and goals, making it the only country in the world to claim that. Its a dead tie with 37 wins each with 2 more total goals for ARG.

    We need to get back on top.

  4. We can dream again! As many have said, a game vs Brazil is never just a friendly and so it was an important win. Obviously still work in progress but we can already see an emerging identity and philosophy in action. We have a world class coach at last and can look to the future with hope.

    If Icardi is fit enough I hope he gets some minutes against Singapore.



  5. Those Man city fan boys are crying why Otamendi was injured Jesus. One guy asked “why did Otamendi injured Jesus.”
    I WANNA Tell him please it’s Brazil VS Argentina BITCH.
    They asking Otamendi to leave lol. Man those club football fan boys killing International football. Bytheway GOOD JOB Otamendi. I am proud of you my boy. Deffender should be feared. And Otamendi and Fazio is feared figures.

    • MWH: exactly and the yellow team vs us in any thing is always a “free for all” were rules are stretched as far as either teams can with out any doubt and that the way it will always be.
      my favorite will always be “maradona and that water cooler before the clash vs the yellow team italia 90 hee hee hahahaha 🙂

      in order of those teams who I dislike its
      the yellow team,
      the krauts,
      the pome’s(engl) yet my team I support weekly is an English team…go figure lol

        • Tottenham were a joy to watch to say the least but this is a big year for poch as its great what he is doing but at the end of any season its about trophy’s and it really suks a crappy manure won 2 and the ars 1 yet both were ordinary teams where as we played some of the most breath taking football and won zero.

          poch is a great manager and its great to see what he is doing, one never hears a bad word about poch, currant and former players speak so highly of him as a person and as a manager.

  6. Argentina 2018 Lionel 2018 – a lifetime opportunity for the nation and the player to cradle The World Cup. Lets keep praying.

  7. Argentina win over Brazil gave me confidence and passion for the Argentina national team again, something I had missing after the 2014 world cup final.

    Before Sampaoli took over the Argentina national team, the country was at one of its lowest point ever, low on confidence and in disarray from top to bottom. Argentina in their lowest moment went on to defeat their greatest rival and the current FIFA number one ranked team, I love it! Argentina beat a Brazilian team that was at their peak while Argentina was at their lowest period trying out new tactics and formation. And for people dismissing this result, well, Tite felt burnt by it!

    At the time Argentina lost to Brazil 3-0, the team was not a coherent unit despite beating Colombia in the following game, that was all a Messi show. Sampaoli will bring identity and a coherent playing philosophy back to the national team.

    Tite faced one of the best managers in world football for the first time in his national team coaching career and was outdone by Sampaoli. Give Sampaoli another four to six months then bring on Brazil/ Neymar and Marcelo vs a gel Argentina team led by Sampaoli.

    Sampaoli took over Sevilla and in a short time made them the best team in Spain from the month of October 2016 through to November and December 2016 per the stats by the experts. A world cup last only two months.

    If Sampaoli is going to use a three-man backline for some of his games the main candidates should be Otamedi, Mercardo and Rojo with Mascherano and Mammana as two other options. The likes of Fazio, Garay and Maidana are not long term solution for a three-man backline or even part of a four-man backline. The Brazil game was just an experiment in defense so it’s not worth getting ahead of yourself and who will play where and when.

    I’m confident by the time Sampaoli fully implement his identity on the team, this current team key passing style and possession stats will far surpass Pekerman-Argentina 2006 team playing style. The likes of Germany, Spain, Croatia, France etc. will never come close in dominating Argentina for possession of the ball. We already made Brazil chase for majority of the game on Friday.

    I wish Argentina was in a better position on the CONMEBOL world cup qualifying standing, but I am confident enough about the team chance of making it to Russia. CONMEBOL world cup qualifying table is not a good indication of how a team will perform at the world cup or even winning it. If topping the CONMEBOL table mean winning the world cup, then I’m stilling waiting on the 2002 Argentina class to come home with the world cup title. Brazil is doing well, but I feel people are overrating their chances way too soon. Brazil will always be a favorite, but they’re peaking way too soon, just like 2013 when they won the Confederation Cup and went into the 2014 world cup on a 23 game unbeaten streak.

    • Just to add. There is never only a friendly when Brazil VS Argentina. Both plays to win. No argument over that we need to improve and Sampaoli doesn’t has much time either. He barely could explained his method and there is a huge do or die game coming vs Uruguay. We need a win like Friday against Uruguay,doesn’t matter how,ugly win or pretty win. In Sevilla he had daily basis training regime with players but here NT he will meet them again after 2 months later when the Tuesday game is finish. It is too little time but huge task and very hard opponent to face in away game. So he knows what he has to do. Imagine if us can identify those mistakes and holes in tactics…than he is a world class professional coach god damn it people. Plus he has assistants and people who are watching every single video they could. So still hopeful.
      Vamos Sampaoli.

      • I believe Argentina will beat Uruguay especially with every player (except Rojo) both old and young being available for selection. As long as everyone stays healthy Argentina will win against Uruguay especially given their recent performance and form against Brazil, Ireland and Italy. This is the best time to play Uruguay, early on during the qualify (like Ecuador) they were doing pretty decent, it’s not the case with them right now.

      • just to note rojo is inured long term after rupturing the cruciate ligament in his left knee, it will be about 6 months he will be out and its a shame as he was looking really good in his actual position of c/b and deserved to be back in the n/t squad as a c/b.

        garay has also had more then his fair share of injury problems and its understandable he’s not being picked as he’s sees to break down every 3 months.
        in the last 9 months hes been out for 68 days.
        16/17 Muscle Injury May 14, 2017 May 28, 2017 14 days
        16/17 Muscle Injury Dec 5, 2016 Jan 14, 2017 40 days
        16/17 Muscle Injury Sep 15, 2016 Sep 29, 2016 14 days

    • Well said kid, fantastic post, i personally agree with everything you said, the only thing that i am skeptical about is whether garay should be included or not. I also hope that sampaoli brings back Argentina’s identity because during tata and especially bauza’s tenure, the only thing that reminded me of argentina was the sky blue and white jersey. I also believe that people overrate Brazil’s potentials, yes they are doing really well at the moment, but i think that it is quite of exaggeration naming a team the best in the world after just 8 or 9 games. Morover, as you said, winning conmebal is a different story than what a team will do in a world cup and the best example was argentina in 2002, where we blew up everyone during qualifiers with an extraordinary winning record of 45 points but unfortunately we had a disastrous world cup campaign. I don’t know if you guys remember colombia’s manager statement in 2002, he said that playing argentina was a complete nightmare. Argentina and france were the best teams in the world prior 2002 world cup but still they both had a disastrous campaign.

      I totally agree with you, brazil was lucky to face argentina which was at it’s lowest point during bauza’s tenure. I hope we qualify, sampaoli brings our identity back and then bring Brazil or anyone else to face the real argentina. Again a very good post, you brought exactly my main thoughts on your post.

      By the way, does anyone know anything about bolivia’s appeal regarding chile’s disgraceful “on paper win”? It was supposed to be examined by fifa these days i think and sadly maradona who likes to be “objective” lately didn’t even bother to do or say anything about that.

      • Waveride well said, and good to hear from you old friend.

        Not only that, Argentina lost to Paraguay at home prior to the game against Brazil I believe, of course the team in the current situation was going to lose away to Brazil.

        I forget to mention, Otamendi passing ability is so much better now, kudos to Pep Guardiola.

    • This is just ridiculous. All this over-interpretation of the game. What a level of auto-sugestion here. Where is on Mundo archive of news and all the comments below. Just please back to that past comments and check:

      1. comments after first game under Bauza in qualifiers. That 1:0 against Uruguay with team that dominated Uruguay with 10 men. All Mundo members so confident about Bauza team and work. Exactly the same.

      2. check KidultHood comments before both COpa America finals 2015, 2016. What are you talking about man? Just don’t try to make fool of people. “Argentina win over Brazil gave me confidence and passion for the Argentina national team again, something I had missing after the 2014 world cup final”. Oh really? You was driving all the over-optimistic circus during the Copas. I remember your confidence. Remember your comment just before 2016 Copa final that you “feel comfortable” with all confidence that we will win. And now you say: you had a doubts. As far as your favourite players are there you will always die hard optimist. But just don’t manipulate on your attitude history here.

      How many positive conclusions we may draw after the game? Just few and still with some reserve. On the other hand there’s no place for pessimism as far as we have one of the best coaches on the world, as far as he has played his first game and that was win. And as far as he already show a lot of will for healthy changes. But pessimism that’s something diffrent to reserve and waiting approach. After all this dashed dreams we shouldn’t draw any quick conclusions. People should learn from past because everytime when I see such superoptimism starting so quickly it’s a bit worrying.

      That’s true Brazil was lucky when faced very weak Argentina in previous game (0:3). But on the other hand we should wait for Brazil with Neymar and playing for some point.

      I was wondering why I haven’t seen that game as good as many people here. Hence I went to opinions of non-Argentina fans to compare. And all they generally were talking about half-assed, boring game. Really friendly at all and without impressive performances any of the teams. And that was also my feelings. We should wait and not exagerrate with reactions.

      KidultHood, why you want to create once again and as always another continuous campaign of obvious conclusions? You always act in the same way running away from here for months after intemperate in optimism predictions that failed in final and then making again and again you super renascence with new name and new flood of superoptimism. Why you never learn.

      That psychology of crowd and super-optimism should not start again as in past with well known from Mundo forms. It’s time to grow for Mundo.

      Why always some narration must be so ruling and obvious on Mundo. Just few months/weeks ago that was: old guardy (Maria, AGuero, Higuain, Biglia, Masche, Banega) must go. Now everyone is confident that Sampaoli will be enough to build team for gold even without changing some players.

      So now I’m going to say somenthing that just beginning to be very unpopular and will provocate fight here.
      I still think players like Biglia, Banega, Di Maria should go. Sampaoli will not win WOrld CUp with this players, not even make another final. He is best and must do better with the same players but not as good to reach final of WC. BIglia and Banega lacking with physical aspect and it will be decisive on WC. DI Maria will stay the same. Maybe he fit to Sampaoli’s tactic as winger who may defend as well ( I saw him suppoorting defnders against Brazil) but the player will be the same waster in attack. Sampaoli can’t change his intelligence and cleverness.

      This is my opinion and I will stay with this till final game on Argentina on WC. Remember me if it will fail. I will not escape from here when it happend. But at the moment my conviction is strong (as it was with Higuain on last WC) and didn’t change after good game of Biglia and Banega against Brazil.

      • If Sampaoli want to make me more optimist he should drop slowly that players (I mean bench them). I don’t see Argentina win world cup with so many 30,31,32 years old footballers.

  8. Definitely a good morale booster for the team who are used to losing under the great Bauza..a few takeaways:

    1. A win is good..I do agree it is Sampaoli’s first game…but he need to fine tune more in all areas..not criticizing by any means..He did some experiment in second half and it was good to see the weaknesses and understand better..
    2. We need players who are more agile, Aguero/Higuian/Banega for sure will not make the cut..This is needed if Sampaoli want’s to take some leaf out of Barcelona for Messi’s sake.
    3. Need to make sure, there are role defined players – Gaitan is one of them..who can put brakes on opposition, if we do not have the speed of Brazil, France or Germany or anyone..
    4. Defense needs to be more careful with fouls. I think we need a leader in that position..Mascherano of good days, like Puyol etc.
    5. Sometimes it is confusing to have Biglia and Mascherano together or Biglia and Banega in midfield..need to sort this kind of setup..
    6. we need midfield to dominate. Period.

  9. Always happy when Argentina wins even if it’s in a mere friendly HOWEVER in my humble opinion there is ALOT of work to be done.
    There were good points to be taken from the match namely messi-dybala and Dimaria combining really nicely at times in the first half; another good point is players like gomez, tagliafico and correa all got their debut.
    Beyond that however Argentina was on the back foot for most of the match (save the last 15 mins of the first half, which resulted in a goal).
    the 3-4-3 is a very shaky formation against counter attacking teams like Brazil not to mention others like Germany, portugal and france and sadly Argentina lacks the players with the necessary pace to make a 3 man backline work.
    A midfield of Banega and Biglia does not work especially with the former being too inconsistent and the latter being too one dimensionally defensive (although he did well agaist Brazil).
    When the formation shifted to a 4-2-3-1 one we ended up with the same nonsense employed by Bauza and the fantastic four system invented by Sabella and it only works if the team is in a counter-attacking mindset and they weren’t hence all you’re left with is a 4-2-4 formation with a big gap between midfield and the offense.

    Again I’m glad that Argentina won and I’m glad that we got to see new faces but I really hope that this match gave Sampa alot to think about because his work is just getting started.

    • I agree with two of these points. I’m not sure that the tandem of Biglia/Banega have the movement to carry the middle. Neither of them excels in ball retrieval and coverage or on one extreme or ball handling and distribution on the other. And they lack together the movement to be true box-to-box players. If you are going to play Banega, then you need a real hard-tackling ball-winning number 5. If you are going to play Biglia, then you need someone who can find space, hold the ball, break the first tackle and move the ball forward. I don’t think they played poorly yesterday. I thought Biglia was pretty good overall but he’s not going to work long term I think.

      The second point is about the 3-4-3 being shaky against the counter. I’m not sure I’d say that this is inherently true. But I think that the pace of our back three may be a problem. Otamendi played well at times but doesn’t have the pace. The pace really becomes a problem when the middle two don’t get to cover.

      Still this is something that can be minimized as the players learn and buy into the pressing scheme……or at least that’s the hope.

  10. Congrats everyone for the pointless winning, it was critical for a start against a historic rival!

    Here we go, I was really impressed with Biglia’s performance, the man looked in form and was covering every spot of the field, I think he should be there as our number 5 (Masche’s previous position), wile the latter, pairs up with Ota for the starting defense line, along with Mercado, who performed really well as a left-back and had an impact as he used to. The question is, where would Sampa places him?
    RB, CB or LB, he could do all, since our weakest link is the LB position as usual, I don’t think Tagliafico could be a starter soon and no one is there to take the burden, except for Mercado!

    I now could say why Sampa moved for a 3,4,3, play with what you have and we don’t have good FBs at our disposal, so better having 3 solid CBs and good DMs to cover along with fast FBs to track back when you are under attack, there you’d be having 6 players defending all over.

    Moving to the midfield, the performance was poor, Dybala was lost in the middle due to the luck of proper supply from Banega, which forced Messi to drop deep inside as usual to deliver upfront. I really wanted to see Paredes there lining up with Dybala and Messi, let alone Di Maria, who was the man of the show and if had too of him one on the other flank, things would’ve been great for us.

    I am not going to took about Higuain, since you all now the answer, enough of him, he should be benched by far, he doesn’t even look fit!

    It’s time for Icardi or Alario to take over, though I prefer the latter, since he is faster and move better off the ball, not sure if Icardi fits there, he’s more of a classic 9.

    Now sticking to the 3,4,3 formation, I think this lineup would be the best (IMHO):




    ———-Gaitan————————————————Di Maria———



  11. For me, today Sampaoli tested his attacking formation in the first half and defensive formation in the second half. I have no doubt that we would be playing against Uruguay, Venezuela and Peru with our first half setup and win all of those matches.

    What I liked most from today’s match was the team’s shape. We had a plan and players were trying to play according to that. Messi and Dybala were more or less ineffective the whole match, but we still managed to create a lot of chances, which not only says that we are actually tying to be the instigator here, but also when they will find their feet, this team will be deadly.

    Also, I never thought Biglia was a good player, or good enough for the national team. But he proved me wrong today. He was playing the perfect box to box player. I understand why Banega was playing behind him, because we don’t have any other player who can resist a press and then play a pass. I don’t really like the idea, but I do understand the thinking behind it.

    And I like di maria when he plays in midfield. I hate him when he goes to the final third, but he is absolutely a great asset in left midfield position.

    And Kudos to the team for dominating Brazil in the first half. They were probably thinking wtf! Since when these guys play like this!!!

    We will probably see a lot more modifications in the lopsided 3-4-3 implemented by Sampaoli against Singapore.

  12. Anytime we beat Brazil it’s a GREAT DAY even if brasil was minus four of their key players! It was good we used 6 subs to see if some of our domestic players are ready for such a stage as this and the fact is most are not. Mariana distributed the ball well but was beat by Jesus on that double post through pass. Some say he is not fast enough but remember who he is replacing at that position, mascherano! Not too fast either! Gomez (at least at the ring wing/back position) was not a factor and as I watch the game for a second time; brasil (Felipe Luis) was giving Gomez the whole sideline u til the flag for him to run and Gomez did nothing but back passes!! Boludo is not ready. A player like gaitan would play that position better. His speed, confidence and wing play along with his tracking back on defense which he did well with simeone at atletico this year.
    Biglia and Banega played well given that the fact that there was a lot of pressure on them to bring up the ball out the back with three defensive players getting pinned back to Romero by brasil. Their combination play with dimaria was our shining area of strength of attack, the left wing. After that same presence in the right wing with Gaitan would breakout defenses and open space for dybala and Messi in the middle of the field. Rojo might be another wing type player who could take advantage of the sideline.
    Otamendi made some great plays and some horrible ones as well! He got beat bad three separate times on 1-2 pass combos that lead to direct scoring chances by brasil including the 2X post play.
    Messi was sub par as was dybala for their standards although their presence alone keeps Brazil’s defense at bay. I still think we are missing a player in midfield that would combine better with dybala and Messi. Maybe Pastore or hopefully Lanzini can add more combination play.
    When guido Rodriguez come on there was a positive difference of energy that was noticeable. Same could be said of lanzini. I have t lost hope in Tagliafico as a sub down the road but his one pass… yes just that one pass was sooooo bad I started cussing at 4:30am and probably woke up my neighbors!! Just stay that was so poor even though I liked his hustle during the match.
    Correa played well holding the ball up front but he needed some support as well. Hoping icardi can get some time against Singapore.
    First game and a big win against the #1 team in the world and World Cup favorite so I’m looking forward to Singapore and the WC qualifiers! Keep moving forward! Vamos argentina

    • I watched the game twice and also noticed all the back pass from JL Gomez. I wouldn’t say he’s not ready, but it seems like he was being very conservative playing a bunch of safe passes as this was his 1st game with the NT. He never tried to go forward as he usually does with Lanus. Maybe that’s what Sampaoli instructed for him to do.

      27/31 – José Luis Gómez (@Argentina) completó 27/31 pases que intentó (máx: 8 a Otamendi; 7 a Biglia) y ganó 3/4 duelos individuales. Debut. per Opta

      So I wouldnt really throw any judgement on him just yet

      • Gomez has played really conservative and fearfully indeed. But I know he is right man for our team although rather as RB. Give him few games more confidence and you will see his best – that wing and transverse runs.

  13. This team will be built around Messi and Dybala. Both seemed exhausted from the travel, especially Dybala who just played the Champions League Final. So I think the important thing isn’t the overall performance of these players or how they gelled, but rather the shape of the team.

    For the first time in a long time, I trust the Argentina manager. That is refreshing. For example, I can understand why he would start Maidana, even though my preference was Mammana. I think this match was a big test for Otamendi, whom I don’t think fully convinces Sampaoli (Otamendi did play well.) My point is that starting Otamendi next to a veteran like Maidana makes sense. Mammana, at this point in his development, is error-prone, so you don’t want to throw him in at the deep end against Brazil (in the absence of Mascherano.)

    I didn’t like seeing Biglia’s name on the squad list or in the starting lineup, but he played well. I still think he will lose his starting place before too long, but perhaps he still has a role to play in Sampaoli’s Argentina. I would still like to see Paredes start alongside Banega in the Uruguay match, although I don’t think it will happen.

    I like how Sampaoli is phasing in the new generation gradually. I had written off Di Maria, but I think he could be great in this system. My only issue is that he should play in a deeper role. His greatest strength is his stamina. Have him burst forward from deep; that way he can contribute more defensively and add more balance to the midfield. At the same time, you avoid falling into a trap many managers have fallen into with Di Maria: treating him as a playmaker. When Di Maria has to make quick decisions in tight spaces, he falters. Don’t put him in a situation where you’re demanding him to create. Let him just run himself to the ground working that left flank, or maybe even more centrally.

    There are a few players I hope get into the starting 11 by next summer: Mammana, Paredes and Icardi. I also hope Lanzini gets plenty of playing time. And I hope Sampaoli is planning on calling up Franco Vasquez. He knows Sampaoli’s system well from Sevilla. He’s versatile. And he has a lethal understanding with Dylaba from their Palermo days.

    • My main problem is with Di Maria and Higuain. Di Maria likes to cross and 90% these crosses go to waste as Higuain isn’t as dominant in the air like Cavani/Ibra or the boys at Madrid. That one time he decided to cut back and pass it to Messi (messi was making a run inside the box and set Dybala up for a shot right in front of the box), it created a danger in the opposition. That’s what Di Maria needs to do more often.

      • I agree with you on Higuain. I really hope Argentina go to the World Cup with Icardi and Alario in the squad instead of him. Leave him home!

        As for Di Maria, I don’t mind him crossing per se. Mercado’s goal came from a Di Maria cross. Like you said, Argentina don’t have the same caliber of aerial threats as PSG or Real, but they still need to attack aerially. But I think your general point is close to what I’m saying: utilize Di Maria’s strengths (stamina, speed, technical ability) and not his weaknesses (playmaking). That’s why I want to see less of him in the final third and more of him in the midfield.

        I’ve been sick of Higuain, Aguero and Di Maria for some time, and I’ve wanted them out of the NT for at least a year. I still don’t want to see Higuain or Aguero, but it’s obvious that Di Maria will be a key player for Sampaoli.

  14. I know that it was just a friendly, but to me and every albiceleste fan an argentina-brazil match is always much more than a frienďly and i am sure the same goes for every Brazil fan as well. Yes, they have qualified but they didn’t do us a favor and i am happy we beat them and mainly that we start to have a shape. People keep on saying that Brazil has physical players and that it is the best team currently but they forget that sampaoli’s system with constant movement of the players and constant pressing requires physical players and we do have some as well. You may don’t like him but di maria has nothing to envy from brazilians in terms of pace, mercado is physical, messi is unstoppable when start running, dybala is physical and fast as well, icardi is physical too, i know biglia and banega are not, but we also have fast and physical players, we prooved it in 2014, where we were the best counterattacking team in the world.

    Happy seeing us beating brazil as always and i hope we are at the start of a new era!


  15. Happy to see Sampaoli start with a win. We can use a confidence booster after the last few games under Bauza. As expected Sampaoli will use different strategies and tactics. It will take time to get the patterns, tactical positioning and running movements right. Some of the old guard will adapt well, others won’t. It is way too early to judge players. Let’s hope he can get enough training sessions squeezed in between now and the important game in Montevideo.

  16. as ive always said I don’t care how as long as we beat that yellow team… wahooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo we won 🙂

  17. 1. We won against Brazil, no matter which Brazil, no matter how. Basile’s high flying Argentina lost to Dunga’s Brazil consisting of players like Baptista with 3-0 margin.

    2.It was the first match of a manager after a disastrous and clueless series of matches from Team Argentina.

    3. What did u expected? Our players beating Brazilians in physical battles and pace?Even the average Brazilian players are fast and physical.

    4. Sampaoli’s football consist of triangles, combination play, lots of movement…pressing and keeping possession. It takes time to get used to those complex ideas and also to select the right-most players. Sampaoli used the friendly, tested a lot of players(Gomez, Guido, Lanzini, Tagliafico, Correa had debut,Mammana had the 2nd game) and he won.

    5. Todays game was insignificant for any sort of judgement.But we now have something to build from.

  18. Why a re you guys getting mad for it is just a friendly but I saw 3 problems

    1.Maidana was very terrible and too damm slow

    2. Higuain should have been substituted for Papu and switch dybala for Papu

    3. The defense was lacking quality

  19. After one horrifying year i see a nice well planned football game by Argentina team… overall i enjoyed the game and very much happy to defeat Brazil… still 4 more to go specially the uruguay away match.. but defense should work more efficiently… maidana is moving very slow.. what you think guys.. ? Vamos Argentina

    • I really don’t understand some people in here and sometimes I even ask myself if some of y’all are real Argentina fans..a win is a win for God sake and to make even better it was against Brazil yes Brazil the best national football team right now ..Sampaoli is a coach who clearly knows what the heck he is doing, go back and the game against Bolivia and rewatch today’s game if you don’t see the difference already do us real fan here a favor take a break from football … the midefield is a work in progress and the coach made it clear from his first interview ..and stop calling for Dimaria replacement it’s not going to happen ,,only player on the team that can defend and go forward without any problem..I get that you don’t like him but he’s the part of the system being implemented about we get behind the team and support instead of looking for every little mistake the player you do not like make and come in here calling for replacement
      Thank you and Vamos Argentina!!!

  20. What the heck is going on in this blog,people complaining over one game after just 4 training with new coach in his completely new method than all previous coach they have been played under?! You all realise that it was training for us to build a team and system. To find a proper team and tactics that suit the team. It was a win against Brazil and i will take a win against Brazil in any condition. Who the fuck cares it’s friendly,who do you kidding by pointing Brazil qualified for World Cup. Like they would give us a free win! GO TO TOWN MAN!. For me the defending and rushing and harassment they did with Brazilian players to recover the ball was top notch. We had a clean sheet against Brazil that’s booster. Who gives fuck they didn’t play or Neymar wasn’t there! All i see a lot positive outcome from this game. A perfect game would not take us anywhere. There won’t be any problems to fix if there was a perfect game. Now Sampa will work and analyse the method and players for right place. STOP MOANING. It’s call progressing. It’s not final yet. To be honest i thought we would lose the game and i would not be upset over losing bcoz i know we are in building process.

  21. The team has a shape again.Still a lot of work to be done for Sampaoli but I saw a lot of positives. I’m looking forward to seeing more new players inyroduced against Singapore.
    Although the midfield performed very well today, I don’t think Sampaoli will settle on today’s midfield and defense yet.

  22. People like to imagine about Argentina national team what they’re not. This is what I don’t get, it’s always the European players are bad and the local league players are a gift to world football when you come to Mundo. Look at Venezuela, a country in political turmoil yet they can put together a strong youth system, and is now on the verge of a possible U20 world cup title triumph. Where is the Argentina youth team? Oh wait, they already pack their bags since the group stage. Three straight consecutive youth tournaments where Argentina crash out of the group stage. And people want to come on here and tell us how great the local Argentina Primera is? Yes, Maidana is a local player who is one of the best Argentinean local defender, now, after one game, he is too slow? So what does that say about the Argentina Primera? Name me one Argentina defender that is fast? There are none, stop fooling yourselves. South American countries like Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia etc always send sprinter to the Olympics and track and field world championships. How many Olympic sprinters and long distant runners have we seen coming out of Argentina for the last decade are so? It’s pretty minimal.

    I like Garay, but people seems to forget Garay problem have always been playing against quick players. Neymar ran circles around Garay in La Liga this season because of the same lack of pace. Against Belgium at the 2014 world Cup, Garay was beaten by pace on several occasion. Garay is a good player just not a world beater who guarantees trophies. The quickest defender at Argentina disposal is Marcos Rojo, that’s it. Everyone else has decent pace with great/good ball playing skill.

    The fact is, Argentinean players are rarely athletic, 7/10 times an Argentinean defender will lose a foot race to say players from teams like Ecuador, Brazil, Peru, France, Cameroon etc. So what’s the answer to this? Technical play, possession, and pressing. This was what Spain did for years, they kept the ball well from the opponent and make use of the chance they get hence the many 1-0 score lines. Sampaoli is building up to a workable midfield that dominate teams in possession and presses well when the ball is being turn over. This is how Argentina will neutralize teams that have quicker players, there is no other way, because a team like Argentina is not physically imposing and athletic compare to France or Brazil. Pique survive in the Spanish backline for years despite being slow only because of the midfield that was placed in front of him, since then he has grown into now an experience top quality defender.

    Seems like people are dreaming of the day when Argentina play this perfect game against the likes of Brazil where they give up no shots, break down all of the opponent attacking moves before they even start, and save all the shots coming at their goal.

    It doesn’t matter how good or how bad Argentina play, Brazil will always get their fair share of chances, even clear cut ones. That’s just Brazil for you.

    During Brazil 7-1 lost to Germany, they still manage to get 18 shots on goal, 8 on target. Brazil is a great team with quality players, when playing against Brazil, they always manage to create chances even if they’re being outplay. There is nothing you can do about this situation, just hope the Brazilian attacking player with the ball miss or having a bad day.

    • What a perceptive and humorous comment! hh.. to win Brasil is a pleasure for everyone in the world, unless there is a deal before the game, although it is not a guarantee 100 prozent!

    • If physical/running aspect is so important for you how you want to defend Biglia and Banega?

      And what do you know about Argentina local league defenders? You know only the called up. And Maidana is not one of the best defenders in Primera. I don’t understand why he is calling up. Never promoted the guy.

  23. Not a bad start. A few take-a-ways:

    1) This side is very much still learning how to press the way Sampaoli wants. The midfield shield sometimes doesn’t react quickly enough and exposes the middle.

    2) Similarly the high line and 3 CB system looked a little vulnerable on the flanks. I think this is symptomatic of learning the system, especially where the CBs are slower than average at this level and dealing with a super fast and technical side, like Brazil

    2A) Notice how Sampaoli briefly switched from 3 to 4 at the back and how it was at this point that Brazil was able to generate its most dangerous play. He didn’t exactly go back to 3 CBs but he did modify the system even further once he realized his mistake and dropped (was it Rodriguez?) into the midfield. That helped stabilize things a little better I think.

    3) Argentina looked most dangerous on the run but seemed to run out of ideas in possession.

    4) Pressing is one thing but reacting to being pressed is another, and they looked a little uncomfortable playing out of the back, when pressed. This will need to improve.

    5) Di Maria was impressive with room to run on the flank, but the team still doesn’t finish plays in clear chances. This is a work in progress.

    6) Sampaoli needs to work on Messi being patient and not dropping back into the middle of the pitch. He can’t be the solution, there are other players who need to help move the ball.

    7) On that note, Banega looked good at times and honestly so did Biglia. The problem is they sometimes seemed to confuse who should stay back and who should press forward. For his part Lucas Biglia struggled most to help press on the flanks. Banega struggled here too, but that’s not quite his role. Biglia isn’t the fastest but his sense of positioning and tactical awareness can compensate once he learns the system.

    8) I liked Correa for Higuain, who looked slow and sometimes felt too static.

    9) Overall there is plenty of work to do, but I like the start. I know it was a friendly, and I know this was Brazil’s “B” team, but consider that 2 months ago this team was run off the pitch against Bolivia and you see that this is an important step in the right direction. There was a little luck involved, but that’s football.

    10) Hats off to a Brazil side that reflects a very balanced and competent side. Tite has done a good job at the helm and I expect Brasil to threaten at the next World Cup.

  24. It was an OK game and we got the win, not bad for the manager’s first game and beating Brazil while doing it, even thought it was not their best but who cares at this point.

    Messi was taking it easy, Di Maria was ok in this game and the rest remains to be seen. Garay is a MUST for anybody who watched the game, Pipita, your days are numbered unless by some miracle you start scoring or at least influencing the game.
    I give all the new faces a c except Maidana D.


    ”Argentina, though, held the balance of the game. Banega was the most influential figure in midfield, and he served as a supply line for Di Maria, who continually found space down the left against Brazil’s full-back Fagner.”

    Where the trolls at?

    it’s hard to have any good football discussion with some people here. The truth is, some of the Argentina fans have become worse than the plastic Real Madrid fans over the web and at the Bernabeu.

    Argentina 61 % – Brazil 39% possession

    Argentina 483 – Brazil 281 Complete pass

    Brazil 80% – Argentina 86 Pass accuracy

    Brazil 3 – Argentina 6 Corners

    • Oh Jesus, man. Do you really ignore obiective conditions such as:

      1. Brazil already qualified to WC. They needn’t nothing more in this year.

      2. Still they have played without Neymar inter alia.

      3. ball possesion is not good to estimate since this Brazil team is counterattack one

      4. We have a lot of lucky

      I’m not minimizing this win but that was so obvious yet before the game Argentina and Sampaoli has a bit to prove for good start while Brazil is rather relaxed after their qualification. You completely can’t read such obiective premisses and conditions of game. Hence you take the win as final win claiming after ‘trolls’. Where you was just after Copas finals. This is typical for you inadequatness to sitiation. Now you have your big frienly match triumph.

      Besides I saw already some positive changes from Sampaoli. But without reason to such absurdal thriumphalism as above. This is just beginning and we needs time to evaluate.

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