Jose Luis GOMEZ injured and to miss Singapore match


Some not so good news coming out of the Argentina camp.

Argentina and Lanus fullback Jose Luis GOMEZ will be out for 2 months after rupturing the meniscus in his left knee. GOMEZ, who started for Argentina in their 1-0 win against Brazil, got the injury during a training session ahead of the team’s match against Singapoe.


  1. Sorry for Gomez. Hope he gets speedy recovery. Di Placido should gets call up next. Another promising young RB. Perfect suit to Sampaoli system too. Playing good at this season toobso far i know. If AFA can arrange a friendly with local players only than Placido should get call up and Sampaoli should set him up for big occasion next. Gomez & Placido are two best RB we have right now to be honest.

  2. This is the lineup I am hoping for moving forward.

    Otamendi….. masch………Mercado
    Lanzini…..banega……Paredes ….Di Maria
    ……..Messi……..Dybala ……

    Replacing JL Gomez with someone that can provide width but who is also good with the ball at his feet. His defensive contribution can’t be worse than what Gomez provided on Friday.

    Icardi for Higuain needs to explainantion honestly. That experiment has failed misebraly. He seems to lack confidence when playing for the NT. He also seemed awfully slow on and off the ball too.

    With Di Maria, I am not the biggest fan of his, but he doesn’t seem like he’s going anywhere soon. He’s got all the physical tools, great stamina but lacks the brain especially in the final third ugh… Sometimes I wonder if it’s best to go with a lesser but safer/smarter talent in his place such as Perotti or A Gomez. What do you y’all think ? Don’t get me wrong, he did well against Brazil but there were a few plays where he chose to shoot rather than passing it to someone who’s in a nether position…

    • “His defensive contribution can’t be worse than what Gomez provided on Friday.”
      It was his first game. That kid is great prospect in future. It wasn’t that bad at all. Regarding your selection i am not fan of playing Masche on defence. I feel we have better option than him in this position. Plus like Di-Maria Biglia ain’t going anywhere soon too. Feels like Sampa making his plan with Biglia, and he playing big part on it. Hope i am wrong.

    • No I think you mist understood my point. I was not saying JL Gomez did bad at all. I thought he played well. However, I never understood the logic with using a wing-back in the midfield. Is it strictly for defending purposes? If not, why not just replace that RB/LB with an actual midfielder who can provide some decent defensive cover but can also pose as a threat going forward? That was the logic behind my post hence why I suggested Lanzini who is great going forward but is defensively aware.

      Also, I think you are right about Biglia since he has been named captain for tomorrow’s match. He’s definitely here to stay for sure. I was hoping to see the chemistry between Banega and Paredes. Pairing these two might improve our attacks. It may open our attacking options moving forward.

      With Masch, I only added him the starting lineup because I think that’s what Sampaoli already has in mind. And sadly to say, Masch might be our fastest CB at the moment which is not saying much lol.

      • The reason Gomez played wing back because while we defend we will turn into 4 men defence and Gomez will play as RB. Gomez played in that position because he has pace and ability to dribble and put good cross. I think Sampa was cautious about him so our most attack came from left side if you notice. About Paredes-Banega in midfield. In my theory Sampa thinking Paredes as straight Banega’s replacement. They both same aswell. Biglia does all dirty work for Sampa, Sampaoli expect Biglia to pass the ball as early as possible. So basically he has two job,Tackle and One touch pass . A true 5 SINCE Masche will shift from midfield. Biglia used to be solid player when he was young. His movement and passing ability was phenomenal. He is best tackler we have in the squad right now in midfield. I hope Sampaoli brings back best of Biglia or Replace him. And i am agree with about Masche. I feel like he could be in 3 men Sampaoli defence. Masche and Biglia is disaster for us in midfield but Banega -Biglia could work. We can find out soon in August.

  3. this is from argetnina football fans and is a good summery.
    “Point No:2. Higuain is not up to it, is now Icardi’s time?
    Leo Messi, Sergio Romero, Javier Mascherano and a handful of different defenders dragged Argentina to three consecutive finals in 2014, 2015 and 2016. In each one of those finals, Gonzalo Higuain was put clean through on goal, with no one in his way but the goalkeeper (in 2015 there wasn’t even a keeper).
    And in each one of those finals, Gonzalo Higuain failed to score. Three enormous misses that, had he converted them, would have seen Argentina embark on their most successful run in their history. These are the fine margins of international football.
    He keeps getting chances because he keeps scoring goals at club level, but his performance today against Brazil was as horrifically inept as his display in last week’s Champions League final. He is too slow on and off the ball to properly thrive in Jorge Sampaoli’s system.
    Higuain had his fair share of chances in 3 consecutive year and he bottled in each of the, but time for youngsters to have their chance..i can understand player love… but cant take player love above team interest…Sooner Higuain fans understand that the better…

    the rest of the article

    • Despite Icardi injury Sampa kept him with the Squad. For that reason I fell Icardi will be the surprise inclusion against Uruguay. Despite everything i don’t hate Pipa but for mine personal opinion i feel Icardi is more suited on Sampa style. Because in game with Brazil Di-maria put alot crosses than combine in his previous all game. Icardi movement in the box is great too and he is impressive header too. I have feelings he might start VS Uruguay if he stays fit.

  4. Jose Luis Gomez injured out.

    possible line up against Singapour 2:3:4:1. Interesting
    Nahuel Guzmán; Emanuel Mammana, Federico Fazio; Eduardo Salvio, Lucas Biglia, Marcos Acuña; Papu Gómez, Manuel Lanzini, Paulo Dybala, Ángel Di María; Joaquin Correa

    Although still would like to see Nacho, Paredes and Lanzini together it’s still hard to believe in all the names in speculated XI

    • …………..Guzman
      Di Maria..Dybala..Lanzini..Gomez

      ??? just try to configure the names properly 😉

      Salvio and Acuna so deep? Or just so wide

      • Sampaoli probably just want to see what is the characteristics of those players, how is their passing,stamina, movements and one touch play…If they fit the football sampaoli want to play. Paredes, Nacho will get minutes I am assured.Everyone is getting some fair share of minutes.In the past, some player would just travel with the team, it was very unfair to them and their time.Pizarro traveled a lot, only got handful of minutes.

      • Sampaoli need to introduction to us another attacking type scheme…if your team goal behind and opposite parking more player while times going to sligh…you need sub more player with attacking mind at fb post…

    • Di Placido far away in South America 😉

      IMO Mammana would be great RB. Remember him under Sabella? that runs on the right wing

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