Sebastian DRIUSSI to Zenit St Petersburg


Sebastian DRIUSSI is all set to sign for Russian club Zenit St. Petersburg.

The River Plate starlet has been linked to several European clubs, one of which was Italy’s AS Roma but reports in Argentina are confirming that he is going to Russia. The move will see DRIUSSI join Zenit on a contract until 2022 for a fee in the region between 15 and 20 million.


  1. My team so far—————————-


    We need stronger AND tails player in midfield And no need Number 9..
    We have four scoring player they can score goals..
    We can play like this….



    No Team can’t bits Us….

    • Peredes—–182cm

      That’s great—
      Perez is a warrior—we can depend Peredes…pereyra can defence well and he can play left side…

      Vasquez can play false 9 Roll—–
      He is too strong in the air…

  2. [My sincere try to give a small tribute to Lionel Messi on his 30th Birthday]

    Way back in 2005 I saw a small article in Times of India sports section ‘Argentina won U20 World Cup’ and in details section in was mentioned that ‘Maradona’ successor Messi scored 2 goals in final to win both Golden Ball and Golden Ball. The first time I heard the name ‘LIONEL MESSI’.

    Disappointed as an Argentine fan after the disastrous loss in WC 2002 and unfortunate loss in Copa 2004 and Barcelona fan (since 2001-02) in Real Madrid dominated era, I was desperately looking for some JOY as a football fan. In the mean time I became a fan of so many legends like Zidane, Ronaldo, Batistuta, Figo, C.Ronaldo but I was looking for a hero of my favorite teams. It was blessings for me when I searched Lionel Messi and found he plays for Barcelona 🙂

    Then I watched his several videos in youtube and I was just mesmerized with his skills, finishing. His touches, runs, taking on players, movement were so amazing that I realized that time has come to fall in love for this game again.

    In 2005-06 season Barcelona won La Liga and UCL. Even though that was Ronaldinho’s season but Messi played his part. He scored few goals in La Liga with the limited chance he got. But again he amazed me in QF match against Chelsea. Messi was so good in the 1st leg that media termed him as ‘Wonder Boy’ but his season ended prematurely in the 2nd leg because of injury. But again excited when Messi called for WC 2006 read. Mostly he was on bench but he waved his magic against Serbia with a goal and assist but witnessed his team losing against Germany from bench in Quarter Final. In 2006-07 season highlight was when 19 years Messi scored hat-trick to draw againsr Real Madrid.

    He was again called by Argentina in Copa 2007 and he was superb throughout under the guidance of another brilliant Argentine Riquelme. Even though Argentina lost in the final but Messi won best young player, was in tournament’s best XI, won goal of the tournament. In 2008 won Olympic with Argentina when he was instrumental but his overall seasons were marred by injuries and he failed to raise his overall game. At times he looked like he may be the just another talented Argentine who failed to justify their talent like Saviola, Aimar, Tevez etc but everything changed under Pep Guardiola from 2008-09 season onwards when this talented youngsters became world’s Best player and then on there were no looking back.

    As the season progresses his team may won or lost but his games improved after every year may be with the exceptions of 2013-14 season because of repetitive injuries. He masters every role in the final 3rd. As a winger in 2008-09 season, as a ‘False 9’ in 2009-11. Played further up the field (almost as no 9) in 2012 showed how lethal he can be by scoring NINETY-ONE goals. Now according to the match situation Messi playing multiple roles – at times he plays as No 10 stability in the midfield, as right Winger or even as false 9, creating moves, goal scoring chances and goals, probably the most complete football I have witnessed from an attacker in 20014-15 and 2016-17 season.

    Critics may criticize because of his overall performance with Argentina. Yes after 2008 till 2011 Copa he failed to replicate his Barcelona form for Argentina (under coaches like Maradona, Batista etc) but that perception completely changed when Sabella took charge and he scored 33 goals from 40 odd matches. Finalist in 4 tournaments for Argentina, was tournaments best player in WC 2014, Copa 2015 and Copa 2016 (rejected) but still failed to win anything will definitely hurt him more than anyone else. Whether he himself should have done better? YES but let’s keep this aside for today but fact is he was the main man in Barcelona’s golden era and over the last 10 years whatever good thing happened to Argentina Lionel Messi played an important role for that and it’s not yet over before it’s actually over.

    Watching football for the last 2 and half decade and it’s over 12 years I am following him and I can proudly say that I haven’t seen any player like Lionel Messi…

    – Who can dictates and control the game the way he does in the final 3rd.
    – His Passing, his throw ball to tear defense from deep in the midfield.
    – The way he penetrate defense.
    – The way he create and compose attacks.
    – His supreme ball skills and touches.
    – His sudden burst of space to fool opponents
    – His command and control over the ball.
    – His passing, runs, dribbling, finishing
    – Most importantly he is doing all these years after years.

    Football lovers always needs an ICON whom you can watch day and night, watching whom you will never get bored and watching whom will always give you goosebumps and Lionel Messi stepped in and filled the void left by Maradona and Zidane.

    Yes, it’s Messi’s 30th Birthday and yes he is entering in the wrong side of 30s when it is expected that players will start declining but there were many players who actually blossomed after 30, then why not Messi. Also Messi may not be physically very strong lad but still I have no doubt that because of playing style, his skill sets and effectiveness his career will actually extend more than we expect. I still can see another 2/3 years of TOP football left in him when he can easily win another or 2 Ballon D’or and also will continue playing football for another 5 years.

    Overall, with 30+ trophies, numerous records in hand, Messi is already established himself as one of the best player ever and even at International Level also his records are outstanding. Regardless Messi won World Cup or not he will remain as one of the best ever to play this game and with Sampoli in charge, Messi and Argentine fan can really dream something big for next 2-3 years. But whatever may happen in future but what he gave to football I can proudly say that I have seen Lionel Messi and after 20 years also I will say that yes, I have seen Lionel Messi playing football.

    Happy Birthday Lionel Messi
    Feliz cumpleaños Lionel Messi

    Already an inspiration of many and hope will continue doing the same in years after years…

    Thank you Messi.


  3. Is it with everyone or only me? This is the second time i tried to post some link but it says my “comment is awaiting moderation”!?
    But it never post here.

  4. Alexander Barboza with another (penalty) goal, interesting that the 3 best goalscoring CB ever are: Ronald Koeman cca 200 goals (but he played as a midfielder also), Daniel Passarella almost 150 goals, and our legendary coach Edgardo Bauza cca 100 goals, crazy numbers btw. In the last 5 years in the top 5 european league the first Sergio Ramos, the second Gonzalo Rodriguez.

    • Yup. As I said the guy is most goalscoring CB we have at the moment. From his early days in Atletico Rafaela I see in him monster CB. NT is matter of time for him.

  5. Velez Sarsfield (one of my favourite teams in Primera) has perhaps best youngsters in league. Not long ago one of the big clubs in Argentina in long crisis of late. But now they are getting better and better. Delgadillo, Maxi Romero, Nicolas DOminguez, Cufre, Amor, Gianetti, Tripicchio, Alvarenga – all less or more promising. But Matias Vargas looks like real future crack we need. I have watched 5 last matches of Velez and impressed everytime by the boy. Reminds me William of Brazil.

    Scored the golazo yesterday:

    What a pity creative/crack players like Vargas, Barco, Maxi Lovera and Barrios were not on U-20 World Cup

      • He too. Playing regularly and scoring good games.

        …and the Velez young talents are almost all tall and strong physically. Vargas shorter.

  6. Velez Sarsfield (one of my favourite teams in Primera) has perhaps best youngsters in league. Not long ago one of the big clubs in Argentina in long crisis of late. But now they are getting better and better. Delgadillo, Maxi Romero, Nicolas DOminguez, Cufre, Amor, Gianetti, Tripicchio, Alvarenga – all less or more promising. But Matias Vargas looks like real future crack we need. I have watched 5 last matches of Velez and impressed everytime by the boy. Reminds me William of Brazil.

    Scored the golazo yesterday:

    What a pity creative/crack players like Vargas, Barco, Maxi Lovera and Barrios were not on U-20 World Cup.

  7. I don’t get this whole Germany depth when the team doesn’t even have a world class striker, RB or LB to begin with. Most of Germany strength is in their midfield. Chile lost to Romania and tied with Russia before the Confederation Cup, so, them tying with a Germany alternative starting XI doesn’t surprise anyone. Moreover, Chile have always find it hard to score more than one- two goals against their opponent since like 2010. None of France or Germany have more depth than Spain and they certainly doesn’t have more depth than Argentina. This European centric fixation has been driving the football conversation for the longest while.

  8. An item of interest for several European clubs, Argentinian Under-20 international centre-back/half-back Juan Marcos Foyth (19) has been targeted by three of them: Atletico Madrid (which would in case sign him now, and then leave him in his current parent club as a loanee, until January 2018), AS Roma, and Lille. The 1998-born isn’t so far equipped with an additional EU passport.

    • Mammana, Cristian Romero, Martinez Quarta (?), Figal (?), Conti, Amor, Senesi and especially Barboza, Foyth makes us so much promising on the position in future.

  9. Off topic. Did someone watch the Germany vs Chile game? An unexperienced German side with many young players held their ground against two times Copa winner Chile with all their star players. Chile should have won, but Germany could have snatched victory too. The game makes you wonder about Germany’s strenghth next year.

      • I don’t agree with the Germany’s depth. An alternative Argentina B team is stronger imo (nobody was there in Sampaolis first squad): for example Caballero, Batalla—Rojo-Garay-Gonzalo Rodriguez-Roncaglia or our young defenders—Enzo Perez/Augusto Fernandez/Ascacibar/Kranevitter/Gago/Pizarro/Pastore/Franco Vazquez/Lo Celso—Perotti, Cervi, Centurion, Gonzalo Martinez, Driussi, Benedetto, Tevez, Aguero, Lavezzi, Gaitan, Angel Correa and the others, really Stindl, Goretzka or Hector better than our core players? No way…

    • Not yet. River believe the second sample would turn out negative. If not, him and 6 other River Players will be banned. The ban is only inside CONMEBOL. One of the reason this deal was made quik by River was his price could drop if the ban was imposed. If, the ban holds true for all 7 River players, then we could see a mass exodus. River are also in talks with a few Mexican clubs over the sale of Alario, Nacho and Mayada.

      Btw, Druissi will have good company at Zenit. Paredes is also highly likely to join him at Zenit, as Roma are in an advanced negotiation with the Russian club.
      Sevilla don’t want to make Correa’s loan move permanent so he returns to Sampdoria.
      Simeone has told both Vietto and Kranevitter that they are not in his plans right now, so both will be on loan moves again. Kranevitter wants to return to River, while Vietto might be loaned to Las Palmas.
      Marcos Acuna on his way to Sporting Club, Portugal, where he’ll join Battaglia and Alan Ruiz, though Sporting are looking to sell Ruiz.

        • If all of these players go, River will definitely not win Libertadores or Primera, but have to start integrate young players instead of them.

          • Palacios, Montiel, Olivera, Andrade, Moya are near future players for the team. Barboza may back to RIver next season. Palacios may fill up fully the Pity Martinez place IMO.

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