Leandro PAREDES heading to Russia


Sky Italia has reported that Leandro PAREDES alongside with his Roma teammate Kostas MANOLAS will be heading to Russia to sign for Zenit St. Petersburg. The deal for both players is expected to cost €65 million. Though the player did initially resisted the move but it looks it could be done deal within the next two days.

I’m sure there is a lot of money involved in this deal but can’t say that I’m happy about this considering PAREDES is finally getting his shot with the National Team but has chosen to go Russia instead.

We’ll wait for the official announcement, watch this space!


  1. groan the cheats through to the final but at least crbaby got what she deserved being the cheer leader instead of a leader, as a leader would step up and take pen no one but crbaby is all about her self and waits for the 5th one and a chance at personal glory above the team.

  2. Messi better off to sign for Manchester City now than stay at Barcelona…
    After winning the world cup next year… you don’t want people to say… he just played in one league…
    personally feel he should win Champions League with 2 different clubs of 2 different leagues.
    Moreover Messi will be unhappy at Barcelona for sure this coming term… rather he takes the first step and move away
    really want to see him in an another jersey…

    • Messi only the World Cup fulgil his dreams then Nothing else matters.

      Competition to CR7 is not relevant to Argentina fans. When Messi hangs up his boots and people watch his videos, only then some will realize that he was in the class of his own

      • Couldn’t agree more. All i want Messi to be healthy in this season. I am worried if same shit happen as 2014. I don’t mind he stays injured begaining of the season than super fit before WC. Who cares what Barca does without him.

        • Just imagine these 2 scenarios after retirement for both;
          – Messi BDOR 5 times winner, 1 x World Cup winner, 4 x UCL champion.
          – CR7 7 times BDOR winner, 1 x Euro Championship winner, 6 x UCL champion.

          Personally as an Argentina supporter, I’d be more than satisfied and I will celebrate the GOAT with this scenario. But for Barca-Messi fanboys it would be a disaster, I assume.

  3. Who remember that Rômulo kid from Brazil? He scored for Brazil during Argentina 4-3 win back in 2012. This kid was so high on everybody radar back then but he went to FC Spartak Moscow, Russia, and ever since he never lived up to the hype! If you’re a young player, never go to the Russian league, even the Chinese League is a better destination than Russia. I hope this is not confirmed and just rumors floating around.

    Look at the Russia national team, what in the world is a player like Paredes going to learn by playing in Russia? Just Imagine Masche moving to Russia at age 22/23? It seems like the agents nowadays only care about the money and not the players career. The Argentina Primera is ranked higher than the Russian league.

  4. I don’t like this move at all for a player of his potential. Especially now that he’s gonna play for Roberto Mancini. But I doubt playing in Russia will make him a worse player nor spoil his development. I was looking forward to seeing him playing high tempo football for Klopp next season. As Liverpool were rumoured to be lining him up a transfer to Anfield.
    On the bright side, he’ll get more first team football and UCL experience, even if it’s few games. I’m sure he did enough to convince Sampaoli for the next WCQs

  5. This is not a good move for a 22-year-old player with such good potential. Given that players like Augusto Fernandez (will be back from injury), Enzo Perez and Pizzaro all ahead of him, going to Russia will only make it harder for him to break into the national team.

    Going to Siberia is not a smart move. Did Paredes even consulted Garay before deciding on this move? Going to Russia will likely end any prospect of him moving to a bigger club. Paredes will play in Siberia for several season then move to China, just like Hulk and Witsel.

    I don’t see Zenit making any good run in the UCL anytime soon, (I doubt they even qualify for next season UCL) and how does Russian football improve your game? Like Garay, this is not a smart move, but I guess it all comes down to money. Dasvidanya Paredes, China awaits you in the next three years.

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