Enzo PEREZ of Valencia to join River Plate


Valencia’s Enzo PEREZ is will be joining Argentina giants River Plate.

According to reports out of Argentina, the Valencia man will be going back home to Argentina and joining River Plate. Per the reports, the midfielder has rejected several offers from European clubs to fulfill his dream of playing for River Plate. Initially, it appeared as though Valencia would not sell but confirmation is now coming out that Valencia have accepted a deal. PEREZ would be joining River Plate on a 3 year contract.


  1. groan the cheats through to the final but at least crbaby got what she deserved by being the cheer leader instead of a leader, as a leader she would step up and take pen number one but crbaby is all about her self and waits for the 5th one and a chance at personal glory above the team.

    im still backing mexico for their hot ladies 🙂

    • I wanted it to go to PKs and It did.

      I wanted HER majesty to miss her Pk but still win the game, only to lose to either Mexico or the Krauts.

      One down and one to go.

      That country that I hope slips into the Pacific and disappear has such ridiculous luck ………they make their 1st 3 pks while their opponent does the exact opposite. UNREAL.

  2. Good riddance Portugal, the most boring team in the history of football. Come on now Mexico make it all Latino final and slap these eurocentric pundits back into their caves.

  3. Is there anything similar between Enzo Perez and Pablo Perez other than their names? (I am asking this because I feel so!)
    They are similar in terms of their height, weight, and playing position. They are some what similar in some of their attributes like their ability to shoot from a distance, commit tackles (and fouls), etc.
    They lack discipline sometimes and are a bit inconsistent. Both are under achievers.
    So it puzzles me, when they reach River Plate and Boca Juniors respectively!

  4. After Whoscored stats Sebastian Dubarbier was No.2 player of all season and I can admit he is the best LB in the league. Hint to Sampaoli. Gonzalo Martinez No.3 on the list. Alexander Barboza No.5 Pavon -6, Benedetto -7, Jonathan Silva -10

    • Dubarbier is like cross between Sorin and Crespo. Pity Martinez – I don’t know is there in Primera any other player that can do so many spirited things if only fells comfort and relaxed. Great against Colon.

    • Tevez number one with Acuna (who played at least 1000 minutes), poor Barco with that missed penalty, the pressure was too big on his shoulders…

      • Emiliano Amor, young Velez stoper, could be No.1 if played more minutes. Just like Barboza he impressed me long time ago. Best header in league.

        Another interesting one is Rodrigo Cabalucci of Olimpo. He made great duo with his teammate Coniglio. Creative left winger. Also Gaston Gimenez of Godoy Cruz.

      • Juan Foyth takes advantage of Barco missed penalty. Was MOTM against Quilmes. Apart Roma Tottenham Spurs want him too.

        • yes ,juan foyth ,martinez quarta,barbosa and Marcos Senesi are all impressive young players.especially foyth who is a very skillful player .i think he can be A DM.

          • Emanuel Cecchini,Matias Sanchez(Lanus),Santiago Colombatto can be Defensive Midfielders .But for 2018 world cup i think DM should be Paredes or guido pizzaro or guido rodiguez.

            FOR playmaker Lo celso should be number 1 for future ,he is argentina’s Andrea Pirlo. other choice will be Exequiel Palacios,Maximiliano Lovera and valentin vada.but for 2018 world cup i think biglia and Rodrigo Battaglia is the best.

  5. Several clubs from Europe interested in local players:

    – whole the offensive trio of River Driussi, Alario, Martinez. Estimatedd price 18 mln -Alario, Driussi, Martinez – 15 mln. However Driussi may be second most expensive River sale after Saviola if Zenit will give 20 mln.

    Zenit wants also Cristian Pavon of Boca

    Deportivo interested with Barboza

    Benedetto on Sevilla, Roma, Benfica radar. I think he is 2 times better than Alario and deserves also for NT.

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