Argentina team list released with GAGO back


Hey everyone,

Argentina will play a friendly match vs Ecuador or Paraguay in Cordoba or San Juan on July 20.  There is already a rumored list that is floating around the internet.  The majority are local based players but there are also players from the Mexican league.

Here is the list that Jorge SAMPAOLI is looking at:


  • Estaban Andrada
  • Nahuel Guzmán
  • Gabriel Arias
  • Mariano Andujar


  • Nicolas Tagliafico
  • Jonathan Maidana
  • Javier Pinola
  • Fabricio Bustos
  • Alan Franco
  • Marcelo Herrera
  • Alexander Barboza
  • Gino Peruzzi


  • Ivan Marcone
  • Fernando Belluschi
  • Ignacio Fernandez
  • Fernando Gago
  • Guido Pizarro
  • Santiago Ascacibar
  • Marcos Acuña
  • Diego González
  • Emiliano Rigoni
  • Pablo Pérez


  • Ricardo Centurión
  • Mauro Boselli
  • Darío Benedetto
  • Lucas Alario
  • Lautaro Acosta
  • Juan Fernando Garro

What do you guys think? Not a bad list in my opinion.  I love the inclusion of Guizo Pizarro, Barboza, Benedetto, and Centurion.  What a big difference with this coach.  He really is a lot more professional.



  1. The list from Golazo Argentino is different:

    Esteban Andrada (Lanús)
    Guido Herrera (Talleres)

    Jonatan Maidana (River)
    Javier Pinola (River)
    Víctor Salazar (San Lorenzo)
    Gonzalo Rodríguez (San Lorenzo)
    Fabricio Bustos (Independiente)
    Alan Franco (Independiente)
    Nicolás Tagliafico (Independiente)
    Gino Peruzzi (Boca)
    Alexander Barboza (River)

    Enzo Pérez (River)
    Nacho Fernández (River)
    Marcos Acuña (Racing)
    Iván Marcone (Lanús)
    Pablo Pérez (Boca)
    Fernando Belluschi (San Lorenzo)
    Juan Bautista Cascini (Estudiantes)

    Lucas Alario (River)
    Lautaro Acosta (Lanús)
    Darío Benedetto (Boca)
    Emiliano Rigoni (Independiente)

    • Anyway after the 2 list I must to say Sampaoli has deep look into what’s doing in domestic league because players like Cascini, Franco or Garro are known only for the all-knowing followers of Primera. Cascini and Franco have been playing only their first season. Franco emerged just after drugs suspensionn of CB Figal in Independiente (who was one of most talented defenders along Barboza or Conti) in Primera. And then made soild defence along teammates Tagliafico and Bustos that also got call ups from Sampaoli.

  2. Why there are 2 different lists. For example on the first we have 20 years old CM Cascini of Estudiantes and on the second Ascacibar apparently instead Cascini. Which is valid?

    Anyway this is what we were hoping for: more friendlies. Sampaoli don’t want waste time.

    • One list includes both argentine n mexico league players and other only primera players.
      Also I believe pity martinez is excluded because of his transfer link to european clubs

  3. Surprised there’s no neither Pity Martinez nor LB Dubarbier but I like the list.

    Gaston Gimenez of Godoy Cruz and Cabalucci of Olimpo would be also interesting choices.

  4. Bustos, Peruzzi, Gomez, Di Placido and Salazar are 5 best RB in league. However I’m surprised Di Placido is not there. Gomez injured.

  5. Acuna near Sporting

    As I expected few weeks ago Emanuel Cecchini CM of Banfield near Europe. On the verge to join Inter.

    Pizarro near Sevilla.

    Pity Martinez also near Sporting.

  6. I read a source from another sport website saying Argentina will play Bolivia on the 19th or 20th. This would be the 6th time Argentina will play against Bolivia in the span of five years!

  7. He’s working pretty hard for the happiness of the Argentina national team fans and the lovers of football I just want to wish him all the best and luck he had had a lot to give hat up for you Mister sampaolie

  8. Would have love to see Juan FOYTH (if he didn’t transfer to Zenit), Lautaro MARTINEZ (if not for his injury) and Milton VALENZUELA on this list, but anyways, this is a strong local team be it B team, C team D team etc. call it what you want. It’s good to see Argentina flexible again. Good to see Sampaoli going back to Argentina roots, working on implementing Argentina brand football throughout his set up.

    This is how you approach games not by throwing in a bunch of new uncap players against Uruguay at Montevideo and expect them to create miracles for the team, it’s not like there are San Marino and Rock of Gibraltar in South America where Argentina could even start a U21/23 team against them without much preparation leading up to the game.

    When will FIFA 17 update the new Argentina team roster and add the new players to its reserve and substitution bench? Sampoali will have a hard time selecting Argentina senior team given that players like Augusto Fernandez and Lamela will be back in contention in this coming new season.

    Moderator you put Marcos Acuna twice on the list.

    • do you have any memory loss…. you forget what you said… some of them said he is not coached in argentina…. he dont know nothing…. you said bauza better than sampolli… you can forget and making blaaaaawwww comments… here some of them can forget what you have said… but i dont… stop making comment until messi and sampoli lift the world cup…. go and support UAE WITH YOUR LOVABLE BAUZA… previously you said parades lanzini gomez not a national team material…every new commer you hated them you loved mache biglia combination in midfield… now you trying to convince making thease cmt…. i know your thinking… now you support foyth lautaro martinez… you said u20 team failure… now you like two of them on that team… what a comedy…go and check your previous comments if you have any memory loss.. and stand one side dont jump like monkey… on every tree… i said sampoli will attack he will have tactics where your bauza dont know about coaching… he will win every match… hope it will contine wc 7 matches… too..

      • 1.What’s with this rambling? When did I say Buaza was better than Sampaoli? I have never in any of my post be it here on Mundo or on any other sport forum written a text saying ”Buaza was a better coach than Sampaoli.” You’re just saying a lot of incoherent stuff that doesn’t add up. I was never for a coaching change in the middle of qualification while everyone here wanted Tata Martino out. I’ve never openly advocated for Buaza to get the Argentina coaching job unlike many people here who settled for Buaza because of their hate and frustration with Tata Martino. I’m no fan of Buaza, but at the end of the day he is not a bad coach, the Argentina job was too big for him, it’s that simple. National team coaching job and Copa Libertadores are totally two different ball game, and this was Buaza problem with the national team, he approaches every game as if he was playing in the Copa Libertadores, all that was important to him was getting a result not playing positive attractive football. Supporting Buaza at the time doesn’t mean I was for him, he was the Argentina national team coach hence the reason for my support.

        2. As for Biglia and Masche, again you’re just spewing incoherent gibberish here. I was always against Biglia and Mascherano playing together in midfield. Leading up to the 2015 Copa America, 90% of the people here in the Mundo community wanted a Biglia and Masche double pivot, their excuse was it helped the defense while I was advocating for Banega to play alongside Macherano instead. So here you go again replying to my comment with words that have no basis to what I have said in the past. During the Copa 2016, it was Masche, Augusto and Banega in midfield, my preferred combination. I was never for Krane and Masche, Biglia and Masche, Kranve and Biglia midfield pairing, at no time have I ever advocated for a double pivot in the Argentina starting lineup.

        3. Of course the Argentina U20 team was a failure, they exit the tournament during the group stage for a second consecutive tournament. I already posted a comment here saying Foyth was Argentina best player at the 2017 Youth World cup. Lautaro Martinez is a promising young player unlike many of the young players I have seen coming out of Argentina. Look, I have always supported the youth teams because they always give me optimism going forward despite Argentina NT misfortune over the years. If Argentina missed out on the world cup title, I always had comfort in knowing that the youth team will impress even if they did not win the tournament.

        4. I have been calling for friendly games under Buaza so that he could try players like Lanzini etc. What I was always against is testing uncap young players during tough world cup qualifying games against some of Argentina toughest South American rivals. If the opponents in South America were Latvia, Lichtenstein, Moldova, Gibraltar, Estonia etc. then sure why not play 19/21/23-year-old uncap players, but this was and will never be the case in CONMEBOL.

        5.Perades? I’m no fan of his, and I don’t think he will be at the next world cup despite what he did against Signapore. If Paredes was as good as some here would want you to believe on Mundo, he wouldn’t have transfer to Zenit of all paces especially after playing two season with Roma. Going from Roma to Zenit is a step down, if Paredes was this great young player then he would be making a step up from Roma to one of Europe more illustrious clubs. With Augusto and Lamela coming back from their injuries and competing in mainstream league like La Liga and the EPL, there is no way guys like Paredes make it to the 2018 world cup while playing in Siberia.

        6. I did not follow Alejandro Gómez much so how could I be against him from joining the team? What I do know is that Gomez was a part of the Argentina U20, 2007 world cup winning team. Gomez like Mercardo (who also played at the U20, 2007 world cup) are just late bloomers into the national team. They both came up through Argentina successful youth programs! The same for Lautaro Acosta who was call up for Argentina local team.

  9. Sampaoli knows the match in Montevideo will be the key to WC qualification. Uruguay is a direct competitor. The 2 remaining home games are must win and the Quito game is hopefully not crucial for us.

    This extra game is good. It will give him more options.

    • Uruguay is not on form, losing four straight games including a 1-4 home defeat against Brazil at home. Uruguay will be under more pressure during this game than Argentina despite both teams needing three points. With a full strength roster with no suspended players, Argentina will be in a great position to beat Uruguay. The last time Argentina send their C team to Montevideo, won’t be a C team the next time both teams meet.

  10. Its a great news and personally I loved the list. My star player in this team is acuna ,what about you guys?who you all are looking forward to watch?

    • My favorite player is also Acuna! Nacho Fernandez is equally exciting! I am also waiting to see how Rigoni and Javier Pinola play. Gago used to be my favorite when he was very young. I used to like him for his flair. Pablo Perez is also an interesting player to watch.

  11. Sampaoli will build a team we loved in 2006 and will take them to the next level…to win a world cup you need champions luck and I am sure luck will favour Argentina this time…Vamos Argentina

  12. ———————Andrada——————–





  13. It’s like Sampaoli reads Mundo. He is doing almost everything to satisfy Mundo complains. Looks like Gonzalo, EnganChe, etc were just granted their wishes this time.

    Let’s see what the locals can do.

    • To play some friendlies with domestic players is good thing for NT. Sampaoli want to have broad perspective on the things.

  14. Decent list. Can’t complain much. I mean, the fact that this friendly is happening in the first place is already a big deal. I doubt Bauza and Martino would have arranged something like this.

      • this does not seem real, is this all an april 1 joke? lol as we have been served up from many shite coaches over the last few years to one who is being seriously proactive and knows exactly what he is doing-I’m super pleased and what a feeling to have serious faith again in those in charge instead of just hope for the best as we have had to in the last few years.

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