Juan Seba VERON to present AFA youth team project


In an interview with Tyc Sport, AFA President Claudio TAPIA said that Juan Sebastian VERON will present his project with regards to the youth next week. VERON will take over as the General Manager of youth football within the AFA. 

He is expected to unveil Nicolás DIEZ, Pablo AIMAR and Diego PLACENTE as the new coach for the Under 20, Under 17 and Under 15 National Team respectively next Monday.


  1. Have you guys seen new Menotti interview? I think he was spot on few issues he mentioned. He said, we are far behind as a team from Germany. AGREED
    He said, a life guard can save a person from drowning when he is in 10 meter deep water not 1000. So Messi is the Life guard here. AGREED
    He believes Sampaoli working on right path. He liked Sampaoli added Dybala and put ball playing midfielders(like Banega) and attacking with possession.
    Just few of the things here i can remember and thought quickly share with you all. I am sure Roy will post it later

  2. The AFA and the other Federations involved will present this Wednesday in the TAS in favor of the claim of Bolivia to recover the points against Chile and Peru for the Qualifying. “We will have ten minutes,” warned Ariel Reck, sent by Chiqui Tapia. If the order is taken care of, the Selection of Sampaoli would be in zone of classification to Russia 2018.

  3. I don’t know Claudio Tapia’s background but so far he’s doing a good job as the AFA president. Things are starting to head in the right direction for Argentine football.

    • Tapia doing tremendous job so far. Don was an idiot. He died but killed Argentine football aswell. Veron & Tapia will make Argentina great again hopefully. I wanna see Zenetti gets involve aswell. As far as i know Tapia working on some sort of tv right to juice up money issue. Sampa asked for full power over local clubs and i hope Tapia says YES.

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