Local players to be called up to Argentina team


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The next two South American World Cup Qualifiers are getting closer. For Argentina, the first match is against Uruguay in Montevideo (August 31st), and the second game is against Venezuela in Buenos Aires (September 5th). We already know who the foreign based players are, but now Infobae from Argentina is reporting already that there will be 5 local based players chosen by Argentina National Team coach Jorge SAMPAOLI. They are the following:

Local players rumored of being called for Argentina:

Pablo PEREZ and Darío BENEDETTO of Boca Juniors, Ignacio FERNANDEZ and Javier PINOLA of River Plate & Lautaro ACOSTA of Lanús. This means that Lucas ALARIO has lost his spot for now. We already reported yesterday that there were rumors of the Boca Juniors duo of being called-up to the team.

What do you guys think of these call ups from our local league? I think these are all really great and useful players.  I was expecting at least one more defender though.



  1. I think Tagliafico and Gomez from Lanus must be called up as well. Argentina has problems on thee positions: B2B midfielder and both Full Backs. As Tagliafico and Gomez are most close from our Full Backs to international level, Sampaoli needs to integrate them in team tactics, despite, may be, we won’t use Full Backs in upcoming two qualifiers. Situation could be easily changed for WC, as three man defense can be not suitable against strong European teams

  2. Nacho and Beneditto are no brainers but I’m surprised that Tagliafico and Gomez aren’t there since they are natural fullbacks, which Sampaoli’s selection is lacking, I’m also surprised about the absence of Enzo and Fernando Belluschi since they’re exactly the types of players that Sampaoli uses and Belluschi IMO is a much better choice than pablo perez.

    • Gomez is probably still not fit after injury while Tagliafico playing a lot as CB recently. Sampaoli should take into account Sebastian Dubarbier from Estudiantes on LB.

      • Yeah apparently Dubarbier has been a standout last season but to be honest I haven’t seen him play all that much.
        It seems that Sampa is all set to go for his favored 3-4-3 line up so there isn’t any room for fullbacks in his current plans but with that being said Tagliafico being apt at CB and LB positions you’d think he’d be picked but i guess his didn’t impress Sampaoli enough against brazil.

  3. Lio to Chelsea or ManC seems inevitable as Barcelona are not keen on football anymore but are interested in masonry or just a tale of bricks.
    Lio must try Premier League now…

  4. Pablo Perez is one of my favorites in primera (aged 32). He can be a real box to box midfielder. He can defend well and contribute to the attack also. What makes him special is his ability to shoot from outside the box, from a very long distance!

    Earlier when a DM/CM was to be called from Boca, by default it used to be Gago. :-).

    The kind of players Sampaoli has an eye on are really interesting.

    • I agree, especially at the moment and during the last season. It may be that Alario has a better overall potential and he is 3 years younger too. Benedetto is at his prime right now and in my opinion would be a good option to have as a back-up #9. He may or may not get a chance, depending on how Icardi and/or Kun play.

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