Zenit officially unveil Emiliano RIGONI


Zenit St. Petersburg have officialy unveiled Emiliano RIGONI.

The Russian club had sealed the transfer of the Argentinian a few days ago but only unveiled him today. RIGONI signed a four year contract with the club. They also tweeted out the following.


        • Battaglia is pure class, I noticed him during the 2011 u20 and was sad to see him (seemingly) fade away only to realize that he’s only getting better.
          The guy is the only true DM that I would like to see given a chance with the NT, because while his passing isn’t anything special his ball control is fantastic and combined with his defensive skills he’d fit right in sampa’s high workrate/ball retaining system.

          Acuna continues to impress and I really think that if he’s keeps it up he’ll move into bigger and better things in the near future but right now sporting is perfect for him where he can get acclimatized to lower level european football and get some CL experience, which will hopefully prepare him for bigger challenges.

          • Comepletely agree with you about Battaglia. Also his phisical strength and long pace makes him usefull in attack when it needs.

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