Esteban ROLON signs for Malaga


Young gem Esteban ROLON of Argentinos Juniors has been just sold to La Liga club Malaga. The Spanish club will pay almost 3.2 million euros for him. The 22 year old midfielder who was almost signed by Boca and Independiente will join fellow Argentine Emanuel CECCHINI who also signed for Malaga last month.

Esteban ROLON

What do you all think? It seems like a lot of young Argentines are moving abroad.  Is this a good thing for our National team and for futbol Argentino?



  1. great to see no stone is being left unturned with so many names being looked at.

    “Jorge Sampaoli and Seba Beccacece met with young Independiente right-back Fabricio Bustos (as noted by Gonzalo) today to talk plans & tactics”

    • Jose luis Gomez, Leonel Di Placido, Fabricio Bustos, Gino Peruzzi, Victor Salazar – 5 competitive RBs. Bustos most remakable of late indeed. He, Alan Franco and Tagliafico made 3 of 4 Independiente line defenders. Sampaoli had called them all for cancelled game against Bolivia.

    • “no stone is being left unturned” – if only Sampaoli could have enough time and games… He is going to the ideal.

  2. Very happy to see Rolon moving to Europe. Another invisible player from the local league! Earlier it was reported that the Grandes are after him. Now he has direcly moved to Europe which is a good one. He has a lot of potential. His long balls are great. Good dribbler. Good vision and flair combined. In this regard, he has a bit of Gago in him.

  3. We have few new CMs in Europe and a lot generally. Good thing is they are CMs of any types. Rolon is different to Cecchini which is box to box. Ascacibar is another kind. Paredes another kind, Poblete more like Indian warrior, Battaglia sui generis. Pizarro, Kranevitter, Escalante, Mauri – not exactly the same. And so on.

  4. I love it! El Granate look very strong actually. It looks like José Luis Gómez will not be available this weekend in the Superliga due to a knee injury.

  5. Rolon – another anonymus (for people like principe) player from local league that is apparently enough interesting for European clubs. Tomorrow new season of Primera starts. So if somebody want to follow this is list of young players IMO most interesting to watch (only U-23):

    1. Matias Vargas (Velez)
    2. Alexander Barboza (River)
    3. Ezequiel Barco (Independiente)
    4. Juan Brunetta (Belgrano)
    5. Emanuel Reynoso (Talleres)
    6. Emiliano Amor (Velez)
    7. Nicolas Oroz (Racing)
    8. Juan Foyth (Estudiantes)
    9. Bautista Merlini (San Lorenzo)
    10. Ezequiel Palacios (River)
    11. Lautaro Martinez (Racing)
    12. Maxi Lovera (Rosario Central)
    13. Cristian Barrios (San Lorenzo)
    14. Fabricio Bustos (Independiente)
    15. Leonel Rivas (Rosario Central)
    16. Jonathan Menendez (Talleres)
    17. Alan Franco (Independiente)
    18. Nicolas Dominguez (Velez)
    19. Fabrizio Angileri (Godoy Cruz)
    20. Gaston Togni (Independiente)
    21. Cristian Pavon (Boca)
    22. Lucas Martinez Quarta (River)
    23. Leonel Di Placido (Lanus)
    24. Lucas Janson (Tigre)
    25. Augusto Batalla (River)
    26. Cristian Romero (Belgrano)
    27. Maxi Romero (Velez)
    28. Nazareno Solis (Huracan)
    29. Adrian Cubas (Defensa)
    30. Nicolas Delgadillo (Velez)
    31. Maximiliano Cuadra (Racing)
    32. Matias Zaracho (Racing)
    33. Juan Cejas (Estudiantes)
    34. German Conti (Colon)
    35. Bautista Cascini (Estudiantes)

    • BTW

      Barboza soon will be very NT player and will go to Europe and no matter he will be in upcoming season starter or only sub in River. Mark my words Mr.Principe.

      “But it just took Sampaoli one game or two games at most to realize that the local based players are not good enough” – most idiotic sentence I ever heard here. You really think Sampaoli is such idiot to judge after one game. You did it. But the local players even didn’t played one full game. Only children may judge so hastily.

        • Srdjan,

          He would be one of the names I could say I forgot or just the list is too short. Personally as far Maroni didn’t impressed me (in scanty minutes) as much as few people here but his name is worth repeating as he is just 18 and already playing for A Boca team. He is first name I could say the list is lacking but I can’t see a player to be dropped from.

    • He’s not anonymous to me! This kid has skill, I hope he knows how to take it to the next level and stay consistent.
      Thanks for that great list Gonzalo!

      • That’s only my subiective rank. Everyone should watch and check if I’m wrong or right.

        BTW Juli, what do you think about Lanus buying Leonel Di Placido. Jose Luis GOmez and Di Placido – 2 such good young rightbacks in one team? Queer.

        • Thanks for the list Gonzalo, yeah Barbosa was a revelation last year and Conti has impressed for 2 seasons straight so he’s also one to look out for.

          Di Placido is good and so is Gomez but honestly I’d still prefer Gino peruzzi (I know he’s not exactly “young”) who was excellent for Boca last season and has experience with the Senior team.

          Foyth, Laurato Martinez and especially Pavon are all ones to look out for.

          Regarding older players Belluschi might be a player that Sampa should consider because even though this guy is 33yrs old he was a beast last season scoring goals, making incisive passes and destroying the opposition’s play.

        • Di Placido may play as a right sided winger if both him Jose Luis Gomez stay. Both are very attacking fullbacks and it’ll be interesting to see how it plays out.

          • As I wrote above Gomez, Bustos, Di Placido, Peruzzi and to some degree Salazar. Argentina is gifted on the position of late. Everyone has his supporters and arguments for. Gomez was already debuted in NT and no doubt is real talent. Peruzzi is most experienced in NT and Europe. Di Placido had best stats (many assists) in last season. Bustos might be Sampaoli fav.

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