Sergio AGUERO scores milestone goal for Manchester City


Sergio AGUERO was once more on the score sheet for Manchester City.

It was a memorable day for Kun. A goal, an assist and a massive 5-0 win against Liverpool. He may not have played a single second for Jorge SAMPAOLI in Argentina’s World Cup Qualifying matches against Uruguay and Venezuela but the man from Manchester scored the first goal for his team (also meant he has now scored in six consecutive matches against Liverpool at the Etihad). After receiving a pass, the Manchester City number 10 went around the goalkeeper and scored. His assist came on the third goal where he was one on one with the goalkeeper once more but unselfishly passed the ball to Gabriel JESUS who then scored.

Sergio Aguero EPL statistic
Sergio Aguero with most EPL goals as non-EU player. Photo courtesy Sky Sports

That goal for Sergio means he has scored the most Premier League goals by a non-European player as he surpassed Dwight Yorke. Sergio is now on 124 goals scored in 185 matches, with second place Dwight Yorke who has scored 104 goals in 375 matches.

Sergio AGUERO goal

Sergio AGUERO assist


  1. Just for argument sake! Do you guys think we can do good with 3-4-3 scheme? Or shall we switch something else? After seen all the game today so far i feel like we should do something different maybe. Everyone scoring goals for theirs club like it’s not a big deal but for NT it is really hard to score even half goal! All criticism and mock aside there has to be a problem to solve. Please DO NOT take this bad way and i know it is only two games but i am just interested in you guys opinion. Do you think we better play 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1? I feel like Messi far away from box not helping us and when we attack from wing opposition block it with 1 v 2. If you noticed on Venezuela game their coach was instructed players to double up Acuna in the game. Still he did good. If only someone their was making run behind those defender it would’ve been something else. I have funny feelings about that scheme but i hope we adapt it soon.

    • IMO, we will suffer defensively. One good ball over the top and our defence was laid bare in the last match.
      From an attacking point of view, I think 3-4-3 will work. Icardi gives us a good focal point. Goals will be scored from late runs from midfield. If the combination is right, there should be space on the edge of box. Messi and Dybala can take advantage of that. If we put Messi too close to the box, our midfield lacks creativity.

  2. great at club level shit at n/t level, because of kun, hig ete we are in the crap today we are in for the quafs.

    why do we expect new players to come in and be machines from day 1 and if they don’t they are “insert disparaging comment”, even messi was send off in his 1st match.

    no one should be deluded to realize the mess the n/t is in is down to tata and bozo, samp and his team have little time nor room for error because of the bungling’s of the past managers and players.

  3. Btw, I wish he showed the same unselfish attitude in the Copa America Centenario Final when Mercado made a fantastic run and was free on the right hand corner of the box!

  4. If I am not mistaken he is going to break the record of Eric Brook to be the all time leading scorer for Manchester City in all competitions. Brook had scored 177 goals. I think Aguero has scored 172 with this.
    He has played against 32 teams in EPL and scored against 31 among them (excepting Bolton).

    Both Sampaoli and Pep are not great fans of him!

    To me Aguero’s best for the NT was in 2010,11, and 12. Not after that!
    I am very happy to see Higuain and Aguero selected alternatively giving Icardi and Dybala the first choice but am wondoring why this doesnt happen in Di Maria’s case!

      • How many goals in last NT matches Higuain and Aguero have scored to think about them again. Still there’s at least one reasonable explanation for Icardi-Dybala lack of goals (there are just beginning with NT) while there’s no for Higuain-Aguero.

      • I think Aguero will come good eventually for the NT. He is a good option off the bench, with his experience and ability to score crucial goals at club level. Playing in a 3-5-2 under Guardiola is improving him. For Higuain, I pray to never see him again in a skyblue jersey.

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