Ezequiel GARAY to be called for Argentina


Valencia defender Ezequiel GARAY is expected to be called-up to the Argentina team.

The World Cup finalist is going to receive his first shout back to the Argentina National Team in two years. Per a report by TyC Sport, GARAY will make the list later today when Jorge SAMPAOLI releases it. As we reported yesterday, Alejandro GOMEZ of Atalanta is also expected to make it after receiving his first call-up against Brazil and Singapore back in June but being dropped for the last round of World Cup Qualifiers.

Long time Argentina number 9 Gonzalo HIGUAIN will reportedly miss out on the team once more with Mauro ICARDI retaining his spot on the team. Augusto FERNANDEZ (out with an injury) and Guido PIZARRO (picked up a knock against Liverpool earlier this week) will both miss out on the list. However, Angel DI MARIA, who was substituted off in the first half against Venezuela, should make the team.

The list for the two matches will be out later today.


  1. Garay was our best defender in 2014. His form has had it’s ups and downs since then but I certainly believe he can still contribute. One of the few players of the old guard that I wouldn’t mind seeing again.

  2. Jorge Wilstermann destroyed River Plate yesterday with the former Boca midfielder Cristian Manuel Chavez and an other argentine Bergese. Imo River was the only real argentine contender fot the Libertadores title, i feel San Lorenzo or Lanus not strong enough

    • I see you are suddenly Argentina clubs follower – only when they are losing 😉 Nothing new from your mean Hun character.

      Bu that was typical performance of Argentines on high altitude in Bolivia. They still may score few on Monumental and back to the game.

      • Nothing new from your mean Hun character. What? Thats tell me a polish from Italy? From where comes your elemental hate, frustrations, anger that always find its subject: Messi, me everyone else who think otherwise. Maybe because you betrayed your home for the money,the ecstasy of gold, but in your new country you’ll never be a real italian, only a migrant, a polish in sufferance. Not a polish anymore, and never be an italian, lost, and you feel it deep inside. Get a psychologist. Btw Brexit was mainly due to the big exodus of polish migrants. Polish people never know whare is the limit?

        • Hey man, Italy is my second home but I live in Poland.

          Don’t be ridiculous. “Me” – you, as my object? Don’t flatter yourself. Am I the one who always is waiting to find a fault in your statements or it’s just exactly opposite. Everyone who is here for some time may see you have a special “personal” problem and rancor with me and my passion to Argentina football, especially of local league (everyone know, the news about River it’s just sarcastic hint to me). Always ambuscate to make another assault. Don’t deny it. This is the malicious trait of your person.

          If I were you and if I were Messi hater I would jump in here with joy passion everytime when he is not going well. But I criticize him only when I have objection to his performances for NT. Idon’t care about Barcelona. I never said for him a word of critic when he lost something with Barcelona (as in CL last season) or when his main rival Ronaldo prevailed.

          And yes, you should stop pretend for Argentina fan. I see your admiration to European football, especially for France. No one is a fan when he is reporting only about bad news (as River lost) – that is ill will and trolling. When you are not rushing in here when River is winning (they won a lot in last years) but only when Argentina club is defeated you are just troll. Did you here to inform us when they won Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamerican in last years? No. So don’t do report about defeating just to revel and celebrate your own revenge.

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