FIFA sanctions Argentina for “misconduct” and “discrimination” in Qualifying matches


FIFA sanctioned the Argentina Football Association this Wednesday for “misconduct,” “discrimination,” and “order and security” in their World Cup Qualifying games vs. Ecuador, Uruguay, and Brazil. As a result, Argentina will have 50% of the stadium’s capacity at their next home game, and they will have to pay a total of CHF 120,000 (Swiss Franc).

In the matches at home vs. Ecuador and Uruguay, Argentina had the following incidents according to FIFA:

Team misconduct (delayed kick-off), discrimination (discriminatory behavior by supporters), and order and security at matches (invasion of the field of play).

In the away game vs. Brazil, Argentina was sanctioned for “order and security at the match (lack of order or discipline in or around the stadium).”

On the other hand, Brazil received a CHF 50,000 fine for the game vs. Argentina due to “failure to ensure that law and order were maintained in and around the stadium and lack of order or discipline in the stadium.”


  1. FIFA still afraid of Brazil. Shameful. I guess a lot of money still comes in from Brazil and their lingering global fanbase in Asian countries who don’t understand football beyond “Brazil famous. Must support Brazil.”

    What even happened against Uruguay and Ecuador? Don’t remember any incidents or complaints.

  2. FIFA is a joke! Brazilian fans should have been banned for 3 to 5 consecutive qualifers from the stadium. When their team plays in an empty stadium only them some sense will come back to their corrupt police force.

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