Breaking: Sergio AGUERO in car crash, will miss WCQ


Some breaking news coming out late Thursday night (early Friday morning in Europe) that Sergio AGUERO has gotten into a car accident.

The Manchester City star was involved in a car accident after attending a Maluma concert in Holland. AGUERO has suffered broken ribs and very early reports have him out for two months. Apparently, one thing which really saved AGUERO was the fact that he had his seat belt on.

Sergio AGUERO was posting pictures and videos throughout the day on his Instagram page hanging out with Maluma and in Amsterdam. It goes without saying that AGUERO will miss Argentina’s upcoming World Cup Qualifying matches. Incredibly sad news and well wishes for AGUERO. Get well soon.


  1. Would like our Albiceleste Jersey to be ‘White & mixure of Aquamarine/Turquoise/Teal’ instead of just ‘white & blue’
    would look gorgeous
    i think we had that colour of jersey sometime during early Aimar days or early Lionel days… not sure which tournament was it though…

  2. Seeing all the bullshit from Peru i really want to put them where they belong. This is too much from them and their media. I hope our players blood boil as mine boiling right now for the match.
    #No mercy for Peru

    • Let them say whatever they like. I’m sure Leo will show them no mercy and will tear their defenders apart. Mark my words when we defeat them they will brand their coach a mercenery since he is an Argentine. Poor old Gareca, Leo & Co will end your career as Peru coach!

      • I’ll take a 1 goal win anytime in this crucial match but considering how petty the peruvians are becoming, i hope we will whoop their asses with a big goal margin win. They should just concentrate on their gameplay and not find ways to rectify possible problems on the fringes.

    • Gonzalo, have you watched Stuttgart today? How was Ascacibar’s performance? He was substituted early in the second half as I have seen on Whoscored. Ascacibar is really one of my favorite players and I like to follow him a lot.

      • Today he was not that good but still with some promising moments. Was sub to avoid second yellow and introduce attacking player while Stuttgart was down 0:1. Will back with better performance.

        • I hope he will perform better in the next. Did you notice that this guy is being booked always, is that a lack of discipline or there is something else? I think clean tackling is one of his weak areas and he needs to work on that. When you look at some of the best players who play in the same position as Ascacibar’s they aren’t booked that much.

          • This is his third in the season. I didn’t expect that because in Estudiantes he had very few cards despite to be best tackler in the league.

  3. My team for paru——–

    ————————Heguin ———————–

    Remember dybala and Heguin camistry may be great for us….no need any risk

  4. Without incisive passing from midfield, we will never truly dominate our opponents. Without players who can move without the ball, we will never break an opponent who defends with 10 man.

    One Gago was enough for us in the past. He could always find Messi in dangerous positions, could setup quick counters.

    Banega, apart from Copa 2016 has been used in advanced midfield position where he has less to offer as he lacks speed. But if he was given the freedom to drop a little low, then he could easily dictate the match flow with his incisive passing and off ball movement. Even Xavi said he likes Banega. The irony is Banega plays in advanced position, Messi is forced to drop deep.

    Paredes has more to offer in attack.Apart from passing, he can move forward and take a shot. But unused substitute. But hey give passionless Pastore a chance!

    We win or loose it is time to drop Biglia.

  5. As far as I can understand Peruvians hate Argentina, may be due to 6-0 loss in 1978, I don’t know just assuming. Last time when we went to Peru to play a match with them, under Sabella, stone was thrown to Argentina bus.Peru was playing with a mission to break the legs of Argentinian players. Luckily we had a Guinazu and Lavezzi who did not give up, specially Guinazu gave them the taste of their own medicine. We earned a draw.

    5 of their starters can’t play.So what?I have seen them play, rest of them know how to move without the ball, they know how launch a counter attack, their wingers know how to combine with fullbacks and other players in support, they also know when to crowd opponent D-box with 4/5 players. Expect 4/5 long shots at goals from their midfielders and strikers. Expect frequent long ball from the midfield to strikers who are ready to beat our defenders with pace to catch that long ball and score a goal.

    Why I am mentioning this? Our midfielders pass and watch, I can’t remember when was the last time we successfully launched a counter attack let alone score from one, I can’t remember when was that last time our midfielders did anything for our strikers. These are basic football,right?

    I don’t blame Sampaoli. You pass, then you move to a position where it will be easier to pass you back. This is common sense, why do any coach have to teach you that?

    I have zero expectation.

    • “You pass, then you move to a position where it will be easier to pass you back” – that is exact description of players like Nacho Fernandez. That’s why I consider him potentially so usefull while his stats might not be impressive.

      • Yup box to box players who tend to move around unpredictably are the players that we most notably need. Anyway we should all keep our heads high cause it ain’t over till the fat lady sings. Vamos Argentina !

        • No matter whom we discuss when they wear the Argentina shirt they become average players who has forgotten to do basic football. Even Messi nowadays tries to dribble like a fool. Look at dybala, he has no clue what he is doing, may be just watching Messi. Even a dynamic midfielder like Pizarro becomes a static brick when playing for us…And there is biglia, oh I passed the ball? now my rest begins.

          And there is one or two faults from Sampaoli. You want possession football? then why there is still some players in the team who are afraid of tight spaces and opponent pressing? why there are still some players who need more than one touch to release the ball?

          May be we need a magic touch. Sometimes no matter how hard and best you try nothing works, sometimes whatever you touch turns into gold.

  6. Jefferson Farfan from Lokomotiv Moscow was injured during his game in the europa league on thursday. Peru will have 5 players who wont be featuring against us now.

      • Why so pessimistic Mafioso? Im CONFIDENT that we’ll win. Please be logged on mundo after the match cause i would love to see your reaction then. tq

      • Mafioso, don’t be afraid of Peruvians to that extent! You know this is a do or die game and Argentina is very good at such situations. I am optimistic about the result and nervous will never get the better of me. Guys, have smiles ☺ on your face. Luck will be on our side this time!

        • No I am not afraid of Peruvians. They are mediocre team with mediocre players. I am afraid of ourselves. Argentina is the biggest enemy of itself. Look at the venezuela match? Icardi/ Dybala could not connect with the ball which could be a easy tap in.

          • Mafioso, you are right. Icardi and Dybala wasted some very good and easy chances, but bear in mind this game will be totally different from the previous ones coz it’s a decisive game and every player on the field will give 110%, so be confident enough. High time for a hero no time to make a mistake!!!

  7. Gago, Benedetto and Acosta – they’ll be called up. There’s also chance for one of Pablo Perez, Enzo, Nacho, Pity Martinez, J.Correa.
    Bustos is out because of injury.

  8. It’s always a knee jerk reaction from the Mundo members on this website every time a new/recycle name comes up. All club players (whether they deserve it or not) should immediate be in consideration for the Argentina national team because they could be the ‘’missing link’’ that is keeping Argentina from scoring goals left right and center. The throw everything against the wall approach and see what sticks will never work. Argentina as a team have been disjointed and disoriented throughout the entire 2018 CONMEBOL WCQ’s process. The constant changing of coaches and changing of players was never going to fix the team problems in the long run which now leaves Argentina barely hanging on to a world cup qualifying spot.

    It has been said here before that all Argentina need was Icardi and Dybala in the team and this will bring the goals. ‘’Icardi is the best number nine in the world’’ and ‘’Icardi with the lack of service at Inter Milan still manage to score goals.’’ So shouldn’t Icardi be scoring for Argentina just like how he did with Inter Milan (according to some folks here) despite the ‘’lack of service’’ from the Argentina midfielders? We read all the time how Dybala was much better than Aguero yet his impact on the national team thus far is yet to be seen. Apart from Dybala cameo against Colombia away coming off the bench, he hasn’t look convincing for Argentina against Paraguay, Venezuela, Uruguay and Brazil twice. Argentina have had two and a half games with Messi, Dybala and Icardi under Sampaoli and the front three still haven’t made a goal or create a goal. Messi, Dybala and Icardi combination against Venezuela, Uruguay and Brazil so far has been underwhelming at best. If Sampaoli stubbornly stick with this combination against Peru, then Argentina might find itself in some deep debacle on the pitch.

    It’s always easy to blame the Argentina midfielders when it’s the forwards who keep on missing easy chances after easy chances. 21 shots on goal against Venezuela for Argentina playing at home and yet the team could only manage to score one goal. How is this even acceptable? Why is it that Uruguay scored more goals than Argentina while playing the most negative football at times? Does Uruguay have at their disposal the world greatest midfielders? Why is it that Peru, Ecuador, and Venezuela scored more goals throughout the CONMEBOL world cup qualifiers than Argentina? So, does Peru, Ecuador and Venezuela have the world’s greatest midfielders? The whole midfield talk is pure gibberish, what’s the sense of having the midfielders and defenders doing their part of the plan if the strikers are not capable of putting the ball in the back of the net? Salomón Rondón still manage to score goals for a limited Venezuelan team despite not having a good midfield behind him. Paolo Guerrero manages to score goals for Peru without a recognizable midfield behind. So what’s stopping Argentina great forwards and talented midfielders from scoring goals? Spain with the best midfielders at the 2010 world cup struggle to score goals, so the whole midfield argument pertaining to the Argentina national team does not whole water. There is no excuse here, Argentina attack should be blowing away majority of the teams in CONMEBOL. Against Bolivia over two legs Argentina only manage to score two goals. Against Paraguay over two legs, Argentina have managed to score ZERO goals. Against Venezuela over two legs, Argentina have only managed to score 3 goals and against Ecuador at home Argentina did not score a single goal. Argentina outplayed Dunga Brazilian team and should have easily win the game yet the team had to content with a 1-1 score line at home.

    Sampaoli have two games remaining in these qualifiers, the objective right now is to get a direct qualification spot for the 2018 world cup. We have seen that all the changes and new faces haven’t improve Argentina situation because there is not enough time to gel these players for such crucial games. Bringing in more new faces for two crucial world cup qualifying games won’t make a difference for Argentina. An Argentinean player can score five goals on Mars this coming Sunday, but this doesn’t mean selecting this same player for the games against Peru and Ecuador will result in a net positive for Argentina. What you guys don’t get is that Peru is an experience team with a solid coach in Ricardo Gareca who has been with this Peruvian team for quite some time now. And while Argentina is reshuffling their team for every other game, Peru on the other hand has stability and continuity. Argentina have better players than Peru, but for most part, these two remaining games will come down to experience and inexperience of both the Argentinean and Peruvian players. Peru will show true commitment; Argentina will need to be patient in order to break them down. The Argentinean players don’t need to panic, the chances will come, the strikers/midfielders just need to make best out of the chances Argentina will create throughout the game. Peru will definitely be ok with a draw score line while Argentina is in a must win situation. If Argentina get one or two goal before the 35th minute the team will be ok. I feel if the game is scoreless after 35th minute, the players will become more desperate leaving counter attacking opportunity for Peru. So it’s a must Argentina score one or two goals before the 35th minute against Peru.

    I hope the day will come when Messi, Mashe, Di Maria, Romero and even Garay lift the world cup trophy with Argentina. These players have been the back bone of this Argentina team for many years. Some of my favorite players, and my favorite Argentina football generation will most likely bow out without a world cup winners medal. Loyal national team servants like Zabaleta and Lavezzi should be sitting at home right now with a world cup winners medal hidden under their pillows. Messi generation is the only reason I even support Argentina right now despite watching several world cups. The new players/young players have never look convincing to me. If Argentina should qualify, Russia 2018 will be the last legitimate shot at a world cup winners medal. I haven’t seen any youth consistency that leads me to believe that Argentina will make another world cup final post 2018.

    • “If Argentina get one or two goal before the 35th minute the team will be ok. I feel if the game is scoreless after 35th minute, the players will become more desperate leaving counter attacking opportunity for Peru. So it’s a must Argentina score one or two goals before the 35th minute against Peru”.

      Yup, if Argentina will score early goal thay may win even by 2-4 goals, if not Peru may even score one and win it. It will be depend upon luck and nerves most.

  9. All that money and you are driving a piece of shit PT Cruiser? Basically, a tin foil car that got discontinued in the USA because even Chrysler realized it was garbage. Too funny.

  10. The accident was very close to my workplace. If Aguero was on his way to the airport the driver took a strange route because the highway is just 400 metres away. I guess the driver came from Peru or Chile…

    Too bad because Aguero was in great form and I wanted to see a 3-4-1-2 formation with Aguero and Icardi heading the attack and Messi behind them. According to Ole that was Sampaoli’s plan too.

    Is Sampaoli gonna call local players at all? Just 6 days to go and still no names. Weird. Hopefully it is not a sign of doubt. He got to have a game plan and back up plan by now.

  11. Very sad news…he is in great form…kun Aguero is my fav player in man city…..

    J.Correa is my favorite option to be taken in squad from abroad players….
    Plz no more Higuain pls….don’t need his experience which cost us many goals in worldcup….

    Rather sampaoli can decide on many others like j.correa ..p.piatti…gaitan…a.correa….etc

  12. Yesterday Paredes game was his far best in this season. All the game creative, wide passes. Probably best I saw from Argentine since Veron times. But he must do such things every game to be worth for us to play midfielder who is weak (sic!) in defence. We may use him in NT but he really needs good defensive support of other DM – ,strong, physicall one, runner, warrior, hardworker (Battaglia?, Ascacibar?, Augusto?) because Paredes doesn’t look like player who may match on this point physicall midfields teams like Brazil.

    So I said he must keep the outstanding passing every game to be worth of the price and compensate his defensive deficiences. There’s a reason I say he must keep because I saw so many Paredes games and noticed one game he is real master of passes and worth the price while another game his passing is just regular mediocree with 1-2 really markabele at best (watch the videos below of his games for Zenit).

    Yesterday game was his best in this season. And best thing he was so good against La Liga team – so to argue our Zenit players may shine only against Russia teams is not valid more.

    • Seriously this guys is? Did you even watch that goal? It was blunder for GK, even i would have saved it. I cannot believe that you change your opinion every one minute. You think you are brilliant football analysis but be consistent. According to you, all local players are great and other players are bad.

      • Seriously this guy is. Probably you didn’t saw more his goals.

        The rest of your post is full of absurd, nonsense and beside the point…Papu is not local player.

        “According to you, all local players are great and other players are bad”

        – You can’t even read with understanding. I just suggested Papu is great while he is not local player 🙂

  13. Woo No very big sad news for us..Now we need Gonzalo Heguin for his Replacement because of his experience ..No need any Unexpreience player like Correa.i like him but we more needed Heguin right now.. there are no room for any mistakes .we need united….

  14. Wooooaah, well, glad he’s ok but the game must go on.

    I was looking forward to seeing him play and maybe JUST maybe this will be extra motivation for the boys to WIN and win they must.

      • Agree EnganChe about Correa but everytime when I think of Correa as No.9 I see his massive potentiall wasted. As No.9 he will most of time just wait for the ball while he is so good when on possesion. We really should use his height, physical strength, pace, dribling in midfield. We will never see nothing of the kind of runs as in CL this week playing him as striker. Still in dreams I see him box-to-box a bit like Lucho, or RM,LM, maybe kind of more talented, versatile player like Thomas Muller (sometimes false No.9)

        • I want to see J. Correa alway in the team but rather not as No.9

          I think Pratto was good one. We give up on him without any important reason except that he was Bauza man. But he did so well, better than Higuain or Aguero. He scored 2 goals in qualifiers despite so little games. With his hardworking style right player for teams like Peru.

        • I hear you but I think he would be a different type of a forward, more of a false #9 if you will, who can drop deeper to get the ball and move defenders out of position. Also, agree about Pratto he worked hard. How has been doing lately though? Is Pratto in good enough shape to deserve a call? Just wondering…

          • Yup,false No.9 is the only one Correa may fit.

            Pratto for few reasons in not that good in this season her all whole his team but still I see him hastily and unfair dropped. His recent games for club were good.

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