Dario BENEDETTO, Fernando GAGO, more to make Argentina team


Dario BENEDETTO, Fernando GAGO and a few others from the Argentine Super Liga are expected to make the Argentina National Team.

News coming out of Argentina the last few days is that there will be several players from the domestic league which will make the squad. The most popular names being thrown around are that of Dario BENEDETTO, Fernando GAGO and Lautaro ACOSTA. However, it is possible that two more names be added.

One of Pablo PEREZ and Enzo PEREZ could make the team while one of Ignacio FERNANDEZ and Gonzalo MARTINEZ could make it as well.

Argentina National Team coach Jorge SAMPAOLI will announce the final list on Sunday, following the Argentine Super Liga matches.


  1. Sampaoli just named 6 more players. They all play in Argentina. Gago, Pablo Perez, Enzo Perez, Acosta (I like what he gave against Venezuela), Benedetto and Milton Casco. Who do you guys think should start the game to allow Argentina to win the game?

  2. Guys, have you seen what Leo did to Chichizola? loooooool…..that really was an amazing goal in every sense of the word. I want Leo to kick the Peruvians in the ass and show them where they belong. Vamos Argentina!!!

  3. Apparently the match between Barca and las palmas might be suspended due to the violence that erupted over catalonia’s referendum. If this is true, it would be good news for us as messi and mascherano will be getting good rest and would be able to leave earlier for our crucial match.

  4. Messi as a right winger scenario enrages me most. Messi must be close to the D-box. Messi must be scorer first not a provider.

    It is the duty of midfielders to provide passes to forwards. Messi must not drop deep to collect the ball even if we are loosing 6-0. Because it never works and painful to watch.

    • Correct, and I think we may make use of players like Paredes only if Messi will be “expelled” as far as possible from middle area. Paredes weapon is long, precised pass but if Messi will drop deep Paredes may become just another Messi’s attendant only handing him the ball by 2-5 meters long passes. Every our young player say something like “my dream is one time to play along Messi” – it’s normall. But it has also dark side for us when the youngsters are paying to much attention for him instead just pass to player at best position. Messi is magnetic on the pitch. Too much magnetic hence we are often schematic.

      • True. Imagine Messi is near D-box, paredes gives him a vertical pass, suddenly he has just 2 player to beat?may be 1 out of 2 such pass will fail, but even if one reaches it will be a very dangerous moment for the opponent.

        Another problem has been Banega as advanced attacking midfielder. His main strength is movement and distribution, but he lacks pace or the trickery. So when he is near the D-box, his distributive passing becomes useless. He is not isco or James. He can’t beat defenders and score goals.

        Then again we have Biglia in deep who has no distribution or forward runs in him. So it is a mess. No to mention Biglia disappear in big games, whether it is for country or club. He missed 2 penalties. One against Colombia’15, one against Chile’16 I believe. He has passion but it is time for change.

        • Yup, Messi having 1-2 opponents to dribble against is quite differet situation than Messi against 3-4 defenders.

          If Argentina will qualify I would like to see in friendlies DMs duo Paredes – Battaglia. They are quite different types and might (?) complement each other. I don’t want to say that one to passing and the other to running but there’s a bit of characteristic in this simplification

  5. In one of the new links they said…Sampaoli will go for 4-2-3-1 format..with Messi in the middle no 10 position and dimaria and salvio the two wingers and icardi the no 9..Mascherano also to be accompanying Otamendi in defense..

    • Masche in defence would be a mistake in 4 man defence. Peru definitely gonna play alot long ball and set pieces. It will be a suicide. I hope it just a only romour plus we don’t have any proper full back to play that formation in the squad

      • What you say about Mascarano ‘s position of Barcelona’…Our all previous coach taken mistakes about Mascaranos position…believe Mascarano is one of the best central Defender in the world …so he must be partnering with otamendi..

        • Yes he might be good in Barca system where they keep possession in almost 75% of time but for us and in this situation it will be tough.

  6. 3 days to go……

    Its like semifinal match…

    Peru is strong team but Argentina is a Giant of Football….nobody gave up ..nobody written off……

    Performance in recent past was bad …..

    In any day Argentina can score many goals against Peru ….

    But the first goal is not coming or the opposition scores the first goal …that make us frustrated…. If we can score one then we may score many goals…
    Defense will provide solidity

    Midfield will provide toughness..
    Attacking Argentine forwards will score many goals……

    Messi will assist and score …..

    Hope any one of messi Icardi dybala will score hatrick…..

    Hope also DiMaria is match-fit…..

    Bcoz I think di Maria is the player can make difference after Messi in the team……

    Hope peru may not park the Bus….
    Hope referee will be neutralized by mind …….

    Argentine support from outside Argentina is more strong ….don’t hope more from this team which is under pressure ..a win .. any how it comes Does not matter….

    Messi will surely find a way of success as it is his challenge for country towards the whole world….

    Hope rest of the 10 player will give 200% and support Messi…

    Argentina will win surely

  7. many discussion sites and football pages and also sports journalists have written off Argentina for the World Cup 2018… many of them stating that we won’t be there at the world cup… my friends (fans of other countries) here have given up on Argentina.
    But when we all realize and acknowledge our frailties and shortcomings of our human strength… then The Grace of God works beyonds measure… more than we think and imagine… and lifts us up above and provides the needed victory.
    Argentina needs only The Grace of God… then everything (all players) will perform and function beautifully and we will be on the victorious side sooner…
    By The Grace of God, Argentina & Lionel will lift The World Cup 2018 … and that is my faith too.

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