Leandro PAREDES set to start over Lucas BIGLIA for Argentina


Leandro PAREDES could start for Argentina ahead of Lucas BIGLIA.

Some big news coming out of Argentina as Martin AREVALO has tweeted stating that Jorge SAMPAOLI has divided the group into two teams. One would be the starters and the other group as the substitutes. The news is that Leandro PAREDES was part of the team of starters while Lucas BIGLIA (who was originally set to be in the starting eleven for Argentina) was part of the group of substitutes.

The Zenit man was not included in any of the rumored starting eleven’s put out by Jorge SAMPAOLI. As we reported yesterday, Lucas BIGLIA was in three of the four eleven’s which were tried by the coach. Here was the last team which trained yesterday:



  1. Is the real kick off is 10 hours left to strat from now?

    Mundolabiceleste site shows 10 hours left

    Other site shows more than 24 hrs left

  2. i have seen improvement every match after sampoli incharge… not only with play and also with the lineup…. i hope we are going to give tremendous performance…. and this presure matches will help us lot in the world cup also… so only improvement until the final… i hope… messsi will deliver and sampolli also… they will prove the doubters here….. and maradona…

    • Yes, I can see improvement in passing and possession to what bauza left us..the next level is killer passes and opening up the defense…which I think Sampaoli will achieve with sometime..

  3. Didn’t I assure you guys that parades would give our current midfielders a run for their money and make it into our starting eleven. He’s gonna be our MAIN midfield engine mark my words.

  4. Not only Paredes there is but also Papu and Benedetto. That may be crucial changes. Also both Acuna and Di Maria though Acuna shpuld take left side.

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