Argentina rumored to play Spain in November


Argentina is strongly being rumored to play a friendly match against Spain in November.

According to reports out of both Argentina and Spain, confirmation for a match between the Albiceleste and the 2010 World Cup champions is very close. The match would take place on November 14 at the Wanda Metropolitano (Home of Diego SIMEONE’s Atletico Madrid) stadium.

This would be the second of two matches for Argentina during November’s international break. As we reported earlier, the team will play Russia on November 11 in their first match.

The last time these two teams played each other was in September 2010 in Buenos Aires where Argentina won 4-1 after the visitors had just won the World Cup.


  1. It’s funny how majority of you people here dismissed this same friendly game against Spain because it was played immediately after the 2010 world cup, and was seen as a meaningless game against the current 2010 FIFA world champions. Remember that same Argentina team went crashing out at the 2010 world cup.

  2. Wow, back then they were young, top form, talented. Now they’re slow and old! Can’t believe with the talent from generation to generation, we couldn’t win a single trophy in the last 24 years!!

  3. I suggest that Messi only a limited minutes in these friendlies. IMO the next 9 months should about the other 22 players to prove that they’re worth their weight in the NT. Since the 2015 COPA loss, competition for places should have been introduced already. Mascherano (squad leader), DiMaria, Aguero, Romero, Otamendi and Biglia are the only Messi generation players worth keeping as a core of the squad. The rest need to be given these games to justify their call ups. 4 games should be enough games for Sampa to analyze and experiment.

  4. What a coincidence!

    Did you notice that Brazil went through in 2002 WC qualifiers the same situation we have gone through during the recent qualifiers?

    First of all, Brazil was guided by three coaches during the 2002 WC qualifiers (Vanderlei Luxemburgo, Emerson Leao, and Luiz Felipe Scolari). What about us? The same thing (Tata, Bauza, and Sampaoli).

    Argentina finished 13 points above Brazil in 2002 WCQ (43 Arg, Brazil 30). The same thing happened to us in recent qualifiers (Brazil 41, Argentina 28).

    Felipe Scolari was appointed in June 2001 (the year before the WC) and he played his first competitive game against Uruguay. Same thing happened to Sampaoli.

    Brazil collected 6 points from their qualifiers after Scolari was appointed. The same thing happened to Argentina (3 draws and one win).

    Maybe Sampa will be the man who will guide Argentina WC glory in 2018. I hope so!

    • Wooow Dadir10
      Wonderful information. That is really amazing. I hope we can pull what Brazilian did back in 2002. We do have players it just we need to work hard and gel them together. Brazil didn’t have whole world class squad back than 2002 WC. Few them were world class. We don’t need world class players in every position jut few of them will do work. If we sort out our midfield than defence and attack will automatic work. We do have good CB just lack of proven Full back and i am sure given chance our young fullback will do WONDER. As far for midfield Sampaoli has to work on this as hard as possible

    • Not only that, Brazil finished second in 1998 before winning the cup in 2002. So, hope this time around the runner-up in 2014 will lift the World Cup in 2018.

    • Also one thing more similar , on 2002 Argentina (Top of WCQ) AND France(1998 champion) were the top two HOT favorites. Like this time its Brazil (top WCQ) and Germany(2014 Champ). What you say ?

    • There is one thing you completely forget. Brazil at that time had 2 world class wingbacks who could run tirelessly up and down the flank to attack and defend. They had shit midfield and defense no doubt. But their attack and wingbacks were second to none. That allowed them to attack through the middle and also through both flanks which made their attack more dynamic and very unpredictable.

      Whereas, Argentina at the moment has world class attack but average/above average midfield and defense plus shit wingbacks. That makes Argentina’s attack very predictable coz the team can only attack through the middle. And because of that the gameplay is quite disjointed and Argentina can’t attack and defense in numbers.

      In the video above, Argentina still had Zanetti and Heinze as wingback/fullback plus Cambiasso as box to box midfielder so, as you all can see the gameplay was smooth and the attack was more dynamic.

  5. Marca will say anything, it is a Real Madrid newspaper…besides anything that involves Messi will negative. Besides, guys the only strong opponent Spain has played was France when won 0-2, a penalty from Silva and a scrappy goal from Deulofeu. Can anyone tell any strong team played during qualification: Italy, Albania, Israel, Macedonia and LLiechensten—and all of you here saying Spain is some German, France or Brazilian team…Let’s talk Spain, player for player: who are the world class forward for Spain (Morata and Cosata vs Icardi, Aguero–I will pick the Argentines first).

    Fullbacks: carvajal vs Mercedo, yes Carvajal is a world class but Mercedo is not a fluke either–he is playing in a top league and his position is secured.

    I believe the only weakness right is left back but if Sampaoli does his homework and Acuna is willing to adjust that may work…many players such as Jordi Alba was turned into a left back.

    I can go on and match player for player…all this negativity needs to stop…Argentina has plenty of players…Sampaoli needs to just do his home work and fix things…any country including even Spain would want the kinds of players Argentina has…

    • How about the midfield?

      Please don’t compare;

      We have the best forwards; that’s it. On the pitch, we are a group of individuals; They are well functioning as a team.

      Sampaoli has a job at hands; so many issues to fix; Apart from Messi there is no goal threat; Shut down messi, no goals for ARG;

      • @Nuli, “Besides Messi you don’t have a single player to match with Spanish squad team”

        Icardi? Aguero? Di Maria? Otamendi? I think you are kidding. How can you say something like that when we have the above mentioned players and Spain doesn’t? Even Acuna can be on Jordi Alba level if he gets much playing time. We need COLLECTIVE play more than we need individual briliance. Give me an AM like Modric and a high quality RB and we will show the world how strong our team is.

        • @dadir10.if you want compare players you got to get out the fan zone to be realistic,while the names you mention here are good ones.they are not better than a dozen of Spanish players.i am not gonna start throwing names here because the list would be long and doesn’t give me any sort of satisfaction,but I am gonna tell you this,there are gonna be a bunch of Spanish players which aren’t going to get called up for the World Cup that we would make a good use of them.we have been calling new players lately which is good but you whats not good is the coach at least doesn’t seem impressed with them.that tells me they are not as the old guard and that’s sucks.we don’t compare whith the depth of players that Spain,France and Germans have we all just got to get real and hope Sampaoli is going to make good things happen

  6. According to Spanish sports newspaper Marca Argentina is going to the WC with their worst squad in decades:

    Although, we have the best player in the world and top scorers in the Italian and English league our current side doesn’t have the class in midfield and defense as earlier teams. Sampaoli has a lot of work to do to make sure we can compete with the likes of Germany and Belgium. The latter has just as much firepower upfront (Lukaku, Mertens, Hazard) as us and better players in midfield, defense and between the posts.

    • I like the fact that for once we’re not expected to be contenders. In 1985, not even the Argentines believed in the team becoming champions because there was only one star player in the name of Diego Maradona. There was even resentment in some sectors when Billardo said Diego was the only guaranteed starter. Ironically, Argentina couldn’t beat Peru in 85. 1-0 away loss and 2-2 at home that sealed the qualification in the 2 point era.

      2001, Argentina fininshed with 45 points, while Brazil qualified on the last day.
      Everyone was just asking if anyone could stop us. Fast forward to 2017. Brazil finished with 40, looking like a strong contender again, while Argentina just look to go make up the numbers. I don’t believe in omens, but I can testify to these patterns of scenarios in my life. Somehow I have a good feeling for our chances, provided that Sampa creates a team like he did with Chile after he took over a messed up team from Borghi.

      Yes we’re in very bad shape right now. A lot can happen in 6 months let alone 9 in football. Of course it’s up to Sampaoli to implement a non Messi dependent system. I doubt we’ll be the in the same shape as now next summer.

      • You forget that Chile went through their football renaissance during the era of Marcelo Bielsa not Sampaoli.

        Bielsa had laid down the solid foundation for Chilean football to become a power to be reckoned. Sampaoli was just continuing the work of Bielsa.

        Meanwhile, the situation with Argentina currently is totally different. For the last 20 years Argentina NT has gone through different playing philosophies from Bilardista to Bielsista to Menottista and back to Bilardista. There is no identity currently with Argentina football.

        I’m not being a pessimist rather I like to be objective. Argentina’s supporters need to be realistic with their expectation of the team. Do not burden the team with unnecessary pressure. Let the coach and the players work their way to build a competitive team come WC next year.

        Pressure is something this team don’t need. Argentina has gone to 3 major finals and lost all of them. Why? I believe pressure was the main cause. In Copa 2016 Argentina was able to defeat Chile without trouble in the early stage but came the final the team lost their nerve and crumbled. Same thing happened in the other 2 finals, WC2014 and CA 2015, where Argentina time and again failed in the last hurdle. I swear that I believe Argentina could’ve won both finals had the players were able to play their normal game.

        So, this time around I hope that the team will be give time and space to work together without any pressure. Unnecessary pressure can make players choke and unable to perform at their best.

  7. It looks like even the ‘supposed’ Away Jersey pic has been leaked.
    Black for an away… looks strange… but hopefully it will look goody good.
    Hope you guys like it.

  8. Can’t wait to see how Sampoli is going to prepare our squad for Russia, especially now with “time” is in his side. But does he has that much “time”?
    It will be hardly a 2/3 International breaks,No! So i guess he is going to stick with his “current list”.
    The squad is looking not so good, we all know, it lacks depth. We don’t have players whom we can confidently call Full Backs. We don’t have a play maker in midfield. All we have is Lionel Messi.

    But is it really that bad? I don’t think so. If i compare our current squad with that of Sabella’s Team in 2013 October, i will say this team is much better. At least we don’t have the likes of Federico Fernandez,Demichellis or the likes of Sosas.
    We have average or above average standard players in almost all positions, except in FB positions. So i hope Sampoli will work with what he got, instead of trying to find Full backs from pathetic South American leagues.

    IMO he should stick with a 3_4_3 kind as the first option. With Mori/Otamendi/Musacchio/Mercado/Rojo in 3 CB roles.
    And Accuna/Perez in RW.
    Dimaria in Left. Mache/Biglia/Parades as CMs
    In front Aguero/Messi/Dybala.
    (Pipita,Icardi in bench).. we need our bests in team to win in Russia, calling the likes of Beneditos when an experienced World class player like Higuain at his prime, watching them playing on TV, is not very clever. Hope Sampoli will stop experiments in front. Its true, this “World Class” forwards didn’t worked for us always, especially in those 3 finals. But that is no good reason enough to keep them out in their prime. Unfortunately we don’t have much talents like Kun & Pipita, in Queue.
    I trust in Sampoli,if he can do as much as Sabella could,and the luck in our side, we can play in Luzhniki Stadium,and hopefully a different result this time.
    Vamos Argentina.

  9. If u watch the highlights, u can see how much Cambaisso use to add to offensive play. Whenever there was a attack going on, he was very close or inside of D box. There is no one like him today.

    Cambiasso used to score, Maxi used to score…so there was a goal threat from the midfield. We miss that.

    If you look at the organization of Spaniard or Argentine players, you can see that every player was contributing to build up play…little distance between midfielders and defence, attack… I do not know why past Argentina managers have been so blind.

    • Actually your thought is close to mine that we are concentrated too much on our superforwards. Forward line is our fetish. We think only by potentiall of our forwarss we will beat every team but that’s not happend.

      As you’ve said we need midfielders that will score as it is in Germany, Brazil, Spain. Spain or Gemany teams, that won World Cups were rather ‘ascetic’ in forward line’.

      “Cambiasso used to score, Maxi used to score…so there was a goal threat from the midfield. We miss that” – we really miss that.

    • Agree. Even win over Ecuador is making radical change in most people’s general estimations of our team while it’s only Messi factor made difference in comparison to previous games. I believe in Sampaoli, he is my coach, but, to be honest, as far I don’t see markable difference in plus between his team and Martino/Bauza teams (results confirmed that). For me still our best game in qualifers was against Brazil in home under Martino.

      • I don’t really blame him though. Because he had to win within these 4 matches and quallify.

        We also need to give him credit for all the new players he introduced to the team, whi IMO should have been introduced to the camp at least 4 years ago. Thats a huge plus.

        And also he realizes we have no fullbacks etc.

        • Yup, finally someone dared to introduce new players, as you’ve said, what should have been done long time ago. Such changes always involves difficulties and shock. He must survive tough period. Hope he will back to testing names that already called up but too little minutes. Like Lanzini, J. Correa or Nacho Fernandez.

          He also realised us that you needn’t necesarrily natural fullbacks to find someone interesting on the position – you may use winger. As I said before – Sampaoli is so flexible minded, always looking for new, surprising, unobvious solutions.

  10. Definitely good opportunity for Sampaoli..It would be nice to play against good teams who missed the worldcup like Netherlands, Chile as well…

    • It is always good to play teams of equal stature in preparation for an important tournament and nothing is bigger than the WC.

      No offense petro, FUCK the Chileans……their conniving and weaseling ways got them exactly what they deserve.

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