Friendly match between Argentina and Russia in November


Argentina will play a friendly match against Russia in November.

Now that the Albiceleste have qualified for the 2018 World Cup, the team can breathe a sigh of relief and build for it. Jorge SAMPAOLI’s Argentina will not have to wait until June to play in Russia. As a matter of fact, should Argentina make the final of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, it wouldn’t be the first time they play in that stadium.

On November 11, the Argentina National Team will fly to Russia to play a friendly match at the Luzhniki stadium in Moscow, which also happens to be the venue for the final of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. We first reported about this back in February and it now looks like the match will happen.


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  8. These friendlies should be Sampaolis time to really experiment. Understandably experimenting in the situation Argentina were in would have been very stupid. where do people see Lanzini fitting into this squad. I really like him, He’s young, Creative and can score goals.

  9. I hope all friendly games we get least lose…btw scond national team jerseys quit prety…black…not dark blue

  10. I think we still have the same problems that we had during Tata era and Bozo era – A huge gap between the three lines. It seems like there are three different lines playing with each-other rather than one team with three lines playing together. If we can’t make them cohesive enough, we are going to have the same issue that we had in 2010 and 14.

    – You would find it interesting that most of the times when our midfielders receives the ball, the distance between them and our forwards is almost half a field. Also, you need to keep in mind that, this is a Sampaoli team – who plays a higher line than most coaches, where our defenders are supposed to be close to the half way line when the team is in possession.

    – Our midfielders do not fucking move at all. I saw Mascherano dribbling at least 4/5 times last match because he couldn’t find anyone, to pass to. When a defender has the ball, your midfielders are supposed to move a littlebit sideways or front or back to have a clear path of the ball between him and the player who has the ball. I know everyone is no fucking Redondo, but these guys should at least know this, right????

    – Wingplay is one of the best ways to stretch opponents when they are parking the bus. And that’s the only department I think we are fucking ahead than anybody in this fucking goddamn world! No other teams has a plethora of attacking wingers who could defend as much as Acuna, Salvio, Rigoni and even Di Maria does. And, Bielsa as well as Sampaoli are supposed to be masters at setting up wingplay. So far, I have seen so little wingplay in our team that I had started to doubt Sampaoli a littlebit. I mean…why would you play a left footed winger on the right as a wingback? That’s just basically saying to the opposition that just put a man inside and you will be fine. So far against Uruguay, Venezuela, Peru and Equador, I have only liked Lautaro Accosta’s wingplay.

    The world cup itself is actually a very different tournament than the qualifiers. The things that usually works in the qualifiers are pretty much guaranteed to not work in the main event. There you need to be more technical as well as tactical. As most teams do against us, they will shut down our outlets to Messi, keep 2 markers around him and Bazinga – they will get results unless Messi decides to fuck it! If we don’t change ourselves, it’s going to be same old same old. So forget about the bullshit that Biglia and Masche has creativity and just pray that Sampaoli becomes his usual self, which is to say that he will make this team play with a high defensive line, midfielders will move their ass, and there will be a high amount of wingplay. Because that’s the only way we are fucking winning it. Messi will not be able to do it alone.


  11. From watching our game vs Ecuador, I think Sampaoli found in Di Maria what he’s been looking for in Papu Gomez and Dybala, which also worked out well for Messi.

    Maybe its because Ecuador wasn’t defending as much as Peru or Uruguay did, but I would definitely likely to see Di Maria in the same position again, instead of being a left winger.

    • argentina fan vs messi fan… stop your imagination … your imagination not going to reality… i dont need messi to win champions league or another ballon dr and laliga… he won many trophies… then the top club like city chlesea united bayern liverpool… in his 30… that kind of player he is…. everyone in the world will accept he is the GOAT… BUT half of the argentina fans still consider maradona.. and messi is a spanish player… not argentinean… it hurts every messi fan… i am personally want messi win a world cup… because he deserved it.. if argentina dont have the quality players then messi fails i wont hurt… but this team have top class player dybala icardi aguero higuain dimaria banega pastore macherano otamendi list goes on and on…. when we fail in 2014 it hurts lot… then i think this team can easily win copa but failed again and agian … its not messi or players fault… players everybody has talent… to make a strong team… and team balance is important to win a trophy… i know and messi fans know single man cannot win you a tournment… single man can win you for a match… in world cup he performed 4 matches… he needs just little support… not stong team …. even small medicore team…. but argentina has strong team without him also… that hurts even more… because… he shoul have won three copa and two world cup before… thats coach mistake… he wont win champions league every year…. barca failed 2016 2017 2013 2012 2014 also… strong team can win you a tournment…. we are not fools… to make a team around him then only is possible to win a worldcup… when i started following messsi… i want to messi win every trophy is possible.. when he critised for argentina i dont get it… he gives everything while playing for argentina.. when he was failed with 2010 worldcup i started follwing argentina players… i fall love with aguero higuian dimaria macherano… and then i supported mancity beacause of augero and zableta and psg for levezzi pastore( now i wont like psg… because they dont get playing time….) i suppport inter in seria a and i watch juve beacuse of tevez before and now dybala.. i want inter or juve to win seria a because i not a fan of inter or juve… i want argentina players.. have a good season… and they can help messi… then only messi can win world cup… with out team… he wont… if we was failed against equador i never watch football…( you think messi fans goes enjoy watching barca… hell no).. if messi gives football some dimension… if football give most prestigious trophy to messi …. i wont watch football again….) control your imagination… we are not like that…. i dont know about others… this is me… if football dont give messi to worldcup…. its not his fault… yes i know equadar game won by messi… just enjoy the moment…sampalli have a time if he change chille into worldclass team … and sevilla they why not argentina…. i beleive sampalli and messi… wait and see ganzalo… with out messi argentina team can be formed thats want messi fans also wanted

      • You are absolutely right. As a messi fan, if Argentina didn’t qualify for the world cup, it was bye bye to football for me. He has done it all at barca. I enjoy watching him more in albiceleste colours

        • yes … i never had a proper sleep those two weeks…. if you think messi fans will be watching barcelona and feel happy thats is absolutely not.. then i never made single cmt … here i dont care about your cmt also… why i make cmt… here because some argentina fans dont understand messi… i want to make them to know about messi.. and messi respected all.. world love messi but some argentinian hates messi… thats hurts lot.. as a messi fan… if single undeserved cmt about messi.. w will be here for them

        • if you were not read my cmt… you would’t cmt here… i know you read my cmt.. if i hurt you im sorry… but if you make unfare cmt about and put negative cmt..and about sampolli caoching decision …. i will there for you.. if you put good cmt… i welcomed before.. and i will appreciate… hope your negative cmt about this team will be reduced by sampolli… i know you are reading..

  12. After watching yesterday’s game and the post match celebration, I’m pretty convinced we can win the world cup, no, we will win the world cup

    In Messi, Sampaoli & Tapia finally Argentina have three right candidates for the right psoitions. Messi has been there for sometime, but other two crucial roles were handled by wrong persons, especially the role of AFA president. We must remember that the first decision Tapia took when he became the AFA president in March this year was sacking Bauza who was the main culprit why we got almost eliminated from WCQ.

    We all know Sampaoli is a great coach. The biggest virtue of Sampaoli was knowing Messi is much more effective when he’s close to the final third which other coaches who preceded him couldn’t realize somehow. Maradona was the biggest culprit. In 2010 when Messi had just peaked, he played Messi as an AM instead of being a false 9. As a result Messi could only create a lot of goals, he couldn’t score much himself. Other coaches followed also followed the suit. As a result Messi was playing mostly like a 6 or 8 rather than a false 9 or even a 10.

    Sampaoli knew what he wanted from Messi. Be more close to the opposition penalty area. Instead of creating chances which the team mates miss more often than not, score them yourself. As its only ideal for teams to want their best goal scorer kick more shots. So what did he do? He finally found a half fix. In a move which surprised everybody, he played Beneditto as CF instead of Icardi or Higuain and played DiMaria through centre rather than on the wing.

    Beneditto had two clear instructions. 1) be the target man. Score headers from crosses and long balls also pounce on the through balls which Messi (primarily) & co create. 2) Create space for Messi through your movements. He didn’t really do the first task well enough, but he was great in the second task. Icing on the cake was he is a hard working forward who press well and help the defence when needed (not only in defending dead ball situations but also coming deep to defend when they are attacking).

    DiMaria playing through centre working really well, his partnership with Messi since 2007 u21 wc, helped him there. Messi finally got some return passes. Although he wasn’t perfect always, we should be thankful to him for returning the ball where Messi wanted for our first goal. His pass in the second goal was a bit wayward but Messi attacked and stealed it from the to of the defender and within a few seconds boom, GOAL. Although DiMaria worked in that role to an extent, I would like Dybala in that role. I think that’s what Sampaoli was also trying, but Dybala’s inexperience or lack of flexibility didn’t let it work. I hope he can form a terrifying partnership with Messi by the time world cup arrives. He will rock in that role DiMaria played in the last match. He should return the ball where Messi wants and then bury the chances that Messi create which DiMaria couldn’t do against Ecuador. DiMaria misses a lot more chances than he scores.

    So Sampaoli has found half the fix. Messi will now thrive in the national team just like he does for Barca. I’m pretty sure Sampaoli will find a solution for each and every problem this team posses.

    We can now dream a world cup. Vamos Argentina.

    Note: I’m from India, but I’m an Argentinian as far as Football is concerned. It’s almost like a second home for many people like me who are from Kerala, southern States of Kerala. Not many people outside would be knowing the tremendous support both Argentina and Brazil have in Kerala and in India in general. The rivalry is second to none. You just have to visit our state during the world cup (such a poor suggestion, if anyone has money he would go where the world cup is being played to watch our beloved team.) you will be amazed to see the passion, emotion and spirit of the football fans here. Although almost all countries have support, 90% support either Brazil or Argentina.

    Note 2: I’m an Argentinian fan, but the same time I’m also a Messi fan. May be I’m a fan of Messi a bit more than Argentinian team. But what I can confess is I was an Argentinian football team fan before I was a Messi fan. And I wouldn’t be loving Messi as much as I love him now if he wasn’t an Argentinian.

    Cheers! It’s good to talk with and listen to the people who have the same feeling as you about something.

  13. Messi Dybala partnership is the key for Argentina along with the No 9 and fullbacks…rest of the players we will manage..I would take Enzo Perez to WC and he should be given confidence so that he works hard with his fitness and form to be there in WC with good shape..

  14. Argentina already organized a friendly with Cameroon not too long ago. I think the games will be Russia and Cameroon. As long as Argentina don’t play against Germany in a friendly before the 2018 World Cup then I’m all good.

    As for seeded teams, as long as Argentina avoid Spain in the group stage I’ll be alright ( not afraid of Spain, but it will be too early to face a top contender). I don’t think Italy and England are as formidable as people here are making them out to be. Italy have been average for a very long time and England is not in Argentina league, you’ll know this if you watch their last two World Cup qualifiers , and there most recent performance at the last two FIFA tournaments, both the World Cup and UEFA were not convincing. After what I have witnessed Argentina went through in qualifiers, I’m not worried about who they might get in the group stage. Sampaoli made Sevilla the best team in Spain from August 2016 – January/February 2017, he will do the same for Argentina on the international stage. 🇦🇷🔛🇷🇺

    • We have history with England and You never can rule out Italy from a tournament. They always play good in big tournament. Bytheway Italy has to qualify first

  15. I think the most important thing is to figure out the Dybala Messi chemistry. He is one player that we have aside from
    Messi that can and will take over a game. If teams have to worry about both these guys playing at their peak on our team then we can win many games as two players of that quality are impossible to defend at all times.

  16. Just saw the tweet from Roy Nemer that Argentina v/s Spain on November 14 is close to be finalised.Wow that would be some game!Its good to face very strong side in friendlies and Know the things we can improve upon.
    Vamos Argentina:)

  17. Really ,we are happy that Argeintia qulified to Russia 2018 , but I think this squad can’t win the cup .Messi can’t be always the salving the team .

      • Guys, Messi won’t win World Cup alone. As far we only beat weak Ecuador. Ecuador is inferior to Peru, Venezuela or Uruguay – we didn’t do it against the teams in recent games. Forget about Messi leading us to final of WC alone. He saved us in group stages in Brazil, to some degree in 1/8 but not far. But since last WC many more teams learned how to play against Argentina with Messi. Football seccess is depending now more on collective work while our team is so schematic. At the moment we can’t even play one-touch footbal (that is very, very rarely).

        I don’t see ground as far to spread superoptimism after 1 win over that Ecuador team. Try to realize what if not Messi in the game? I’m sure If not Messi’s phenomenal moments people would name the game just ‘horrible’. Sometimes only goal makes difference between good game and poor game.

        Most people had seen ‘so much improvement’ in freindly against Brazil (1:0). I absolutely didn’t noticed that. They were auto-suggestioned by Sampaoli’s presence. Sampaoli took the team so we must play better immediately. We scored 1 goal against Brazil that played without few crucial players and we lucky didn’t conceeded but people were seen things that there were not. Critics of Biglia were talking about how great he was. But then, in next qualifiers game, the same people were estimating him as hopeless. Too much auto-suggestion, emotions.

        Wait for strong opponent that plays for points, unlike that Brazil and that Ecuador – that is the only games we won under Sampaoli (except Singapour). Sampaoli has long way to go.

        • Some people may disagree but I’m absoultely convinced that we will very very disappointed on WC if Sampaoli will not find a way to build real team instead team waiting for Messi descending as ‘Deus Ex Machina’.

          No need to disagree here with me. I know opinion of poeple about that. Just mark my words.

  18. I guess in theory it would make sense to include Russia based players for this friendly since they already play there, although not sure if Kranevitter is good enough to deserve a call-up at this point. I’d like to see Paredes, Rigoni and Mammana given at least 70 minutes to showcase what they are capable of. Maybe start Pezzella too. We pretty much know what to expect from our core players but their back-ups, not to much yet. A friendly, after we qualified, is the time to experiment.

    • And most importantly Sampa has to find fullbacks that fit in his coaching style. Before the start of the WC the team must have fullbacks that can be relied on in both offense and defense.These friendlies are very, very important for the team.

      • Yeah but where are those fullbacks are going to come from? Right-backs first: Jose Luis Gomez just recovered from injury recently I think, Bustos too young and inexperienced (although Sampaoli likes him), Di Placido, Salazar are all still raw, but maybe they are worth a try. As for left-backs, for don’t have any, Tagliafico has been playing as a central defender for a while now, Jonathan Silva has been pretty average, Casco not a good option in my opinion.

        My point is, that Sampaoli is likely to use 3 at the back and asks wingers like Salvio and Rigoni to play as wing-backs again.

        • To play with left winger as left back is good idea IMO. Acuna was pretty good in that position. The only names that somes to mind of our regular LBs that would be brings quality are IMO Dubarbier (Estudiantes), Angileri (Godoy Cruz) and maybe Jonathan Silva. Or use Mammana as LB.

          On RB we have many good options: Bustos, Di Placido, Gomez, Peruzzi, Salazar, Buffarini. With preference for Bustos.

  19. @Kitty, Maybe the second has to be decided later. The AFA will consult with the coach and his staff and based on that they will decide who is to be played with. I hope the second will be a strong nation like France, Spain, or England, though England doesn’t have the courage to face Argentina😊

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