Mauro ICARDI hat trick for Inter in derby win


A Mauro ICARDI hat trick for Inter sealed a 3-2 derby win.

Three points in the bag thanks to three goals from Mauro ICARDI. A captain’s performance from the Inter man who scored once in the first half and twice in the second half, his third, a 90th minute penalty.

The first goal came off a cross coming in from ICARDI’s right hand side as he swooped the ball into the back of the net. The second though was the real beauty. Lucas BIGLIA of AC Milan had the ball in midfield but ICARDI pick-pocketed it off him and made a run, passing it to the left to PERISIC who sent in a bouncing pass into the area and a half volley by Inter’s number 9 as the ball went in, hitting the side netting.

ICARDI sealed his hattrick in the 90th minute off a penalty kick. He has now scored 9 goals in 8 matches this season, and four goals in his last two Derby Della Madonnina.

Mauro Icardi Inter shirt
Mauro Icardi holds up his shirt following his third goal. Photo via BT Sport.

If you missed it, another Argentina number 9 found the back of the net as Lucas ALARIO scored for Bayer Leverkusen.

Mauro ICARDI first goal:

Mauro ICARDI second goal:

Mauro ICARDI third goal:


  1. Comment…Argentina have strong and fast midfielders.they can track back and defend.Di maria,lanzini,pity Martinez, nacho all young and fast.they will give creativity to midfield and attack too

  2. Comment…I think on world cup Argentina should go with 3-4-3 formation.
    Argentina’s midfield needs major boost so four midfielder are required.On midfield we can use do maria, pity martinez,lanzini,biglia and nacho Fernandez.On substitute we can use lo celso ,enzo perez ,parades.
    On defence Marcus dojo,otamendi and mascherano will be perfect.on substitute we can use mercado,funes mori.
    On attack center forward icardi,messi on right and augreo on left and substitutes are dybala,Benedetto and someone.

    • Argentina has neither the pace in defence nor the pace and stamina in midfield to play a 3-4-3. Sampaoli must realize this and will (has already)worked on a more hybrid system with a back 4.

  3. biglia is good player.. and good dm… he is best on his own way… but argentina midfield need more than him…. we need midfielder who moves the ball forward.. and put decesive pass to forwards.. he is only trying sideways.. and close the space verywell… if we dont have a better midfielder.. then we should take biglia… if we have he is not the answer… in my personal view.. banega is too slow… parades is slow… let give parades chance.. because he is young he can develop.. but biglia.. same he not going to improve.. lanzini-parades pair should be tried…. if wont workout…. enzo/augusto one of them is must… they like vidal they can give extra then biglia…. we lost augusto in semis copa 2016… if he played different result happened… if we want use dybala-messi player like augusto or enzo in the midfield must.. they can handle any pysical and agression in the midfield…

  4. @ Mik,

    Do not lose hope on Pastore…It is now Sampaoli’s headache to get the group play together..He now knows the strength and weakness of most of the players..He has to come up with the best team..

    I do accept, each player have unique skills and being a star player for their get all stars to play together is no easy task..but Sampaoli accepted it and so he is obligated to do it..

    • Well really dont know, Pastore was once on fire, Some even said he is one of the best in the world, Had really good hope that he can control our Midfield. But somehow injuries, may be lack of playing time or less dedication. no idea. Atleast if Banega was gud we could have some hope, He too is way inconsistent. Sampaoli will fix somehow.Have to.

  5. Our best striker by a distant. Clinical, pacey,his physicality, aeriel ability, two footed and is undeniably hardworking on the pitch. Oh and has leadership qualities as well. Easily one of the top 3 centre forwards in the world currently.

    A MUST in our starting lineup next year.

  6. Really dont know how Sampaoli can make Messi & Dybala play together, They both plays in exact same way in the same place of the pitch, Playing Dybala in the Left side (Same place where Di Maria played vs Equador may not work, Dybala too like Messi likes to cut inside.) Otherwise move Dybala to the Midfield will be an option too. Another similar player who plays in the same position as Messi is Gonzalo pity martinez. May be thats why he is not selected too till now. After all how many players can we select at the same spot. And all r Left footed too. Lamela too used to play there, but he can play deeper like in Copa 2016.He has become a hard tackling hard pressing guy under Pochettino. He can be useful under sampaoli. interesting 8 months ahead, I don’t think there will be too much reshuffling s,Logically speaking,never know.

    I really think there is some need for Right footed creative players, Papu Gomez is good, Salvio, Banega, Biglia, Pastore(Had huge hopes from him but wasted till now) Belluschi, Lavezzi? Roberto Pereyra, Lanzini & Paredes are apt i guess(both are young too).But generally Most of our current best Creative players are left footed(Messi, Dimaria, Dybala, Pity, Lamela, Lo Celso or even Nacho too,2 footed players(who can play on both sides) are even more rare, Perotti? Gaitan?they both favors left foot i guess.).Its strange isn’t it,(May be i am wrong)

    Icardi can be added easily to our set up because he plays as a center forward, he just need some matches only to prove his worth for us, He should have already got 1 or 2 goals for us. Unlucky. He will be fine,He will start scoring for us.

  7. very well done mr Icardi, this is our number 9 we have been searching for.

    icardi and dybala, so far have had the worst luck in front of goal for the blue and white, its not been bad finishing but bad luck and i for one cant wait for both of these players to get some serious time in the n/t to show us all what they can and i hope will do for the blue and white on a regular basis.

  8. Well lucky for us Sampaoli is our manager otherwise messi & masch syndicate would have kept this gem of a player out for flops like aguero and higuain!!

    • it must me mash who does not like icardi as a quick search of pics will show plenty of messi and icardi smiling, talking and loking very happy in training.
      their is a great photo of messi and icardi hugging after the last win.

      as for the cross for the 1st goal, once-pre 14 that was exactly what d.m use to be able to do for the n.t, its been a long while since we seen him cross like that for us sadly.

      • And you didn’t see Icardi was celebrating after the game right next to Masche. Where does all those news and speculation comes from? Sampaoli is a great tactician and he did his job very well. Playing word game with press,motivating players and sometimes by not playing Icardi aswell.

        • mmh: myself i don’t believe their is a problem and never have, its just some one some where in the media trying to sell space, I was wondering the same, were does this come from that some players pick the team and who is in or out and if we look at who took the photo of messi and icardi hugging it was masc.

  9. What would Biglia say now. I guess he will double down on his earlier comment since Icardi destroy Ac Milan. Even for ACM, Biligia seems to perform mediocre.

    • I don’t know what you expect from Biglia, but I think he is the second most important player for argentina. Now Mascherano is aging, he is the only one who always play with his full potential. Although I can’t prevent you from writing whatever you want but since his inclusion in the team in the WC2014, he is always very good. He deserves respect. We all witnessed what a player like Pizarro can produce…. close to nothing.

      • Biligia is not answer to Argentina. If you look at way he plays, he would rather pass ball backwards rather than creating chances. He looked clueless on Icardi’s second goal which was supposed to his strength. I don’t think he would get into any top teams in Europe and AC Milan made mistake by buying this guy. Otamendi is better ball passer than Biligia, it is fact.

      • I agree, Biglia is an excellent DM. What we are in need of is box to box players like Simeone and Maxi.R that could score, create and boss the midfield. Biglia cant do that, but what he does is crusial, smart and consistant. Him and Masch dragged us to more than one final with pure heart and steel. He was immense last two important games for the NT. People wear playstation googles and cant see what he offers.

      • Nailed it. Biglia is not the flashiest player but has been consistent and an important shield to the back line. There is a reason he plays at Milan.

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