Sergio AGUERO becomes Manchester City all time scorer


It was a memorable day for Sergio Aguero as he became the all time (joint) leading goalscorer for Manchester City.

Two Argentinian players for Pep GUARDIOLA’s Manchester City on Saturday meant two Argentinian goalscorers. Both Sergio AGUERO and Nicolas OTAMENDI (who also made Argentina’s latest squad) were in the starting eleven and scored in City’s 3-0 win against Burnley. AGUERO’s record tying goal was a penalty kick, a well placed shot into the bottom corner of the goal. Kun had previously missed 5 of his last 14 penalty kicks for City. With his goal, AGUERO became City’s joint all time leading goalscorer along with club legend Eric BROOK, as both stand on 177 goals.

Nicolas OTAMENDI scored the second goal of the match, a towering, thunderous header into the corner of the goal.

Speaking on Manchester City’s official website, coach Pep GUARDIOLA had this to say about Sergio AGUERO’s milestone performance:

Manchester City coach GUARDIOLA on AGUERO

“He was out for three games. He played minutes today and maybe he will on Tuesday. It was important for him to equal the record as soon as possible. When he breaks it, it will be something special.

“He should pay a tribute to us! He should invite us to dinner maybe! One more goal… it’s going to happen sooner or later. It is so important for him and the Club. We are so happy to be in this moment with him”


  1. Kun, Higuain,Banega and Di Maria could not delivered when time most needed. Better to bring the non super star players but have powerful fighting spirit and determination. What the team needed is a cohesive and a fit players

  2. Augreo is a great player.
    He will be in the list.
    He has evolved under Guardiola.As Thiery Henery said recently “he is the only world class player in premiere league”

  3. Aguero – tried and tested for NT along with Higuain and Banega. Why waste our time by bringing them back again??
    Icardi & Alario for the striker role.

  4. in 2014 auguro not fully fit… 2015 copa america… he win game against uruguay.. and that system not suited and he never get single ball in the box… that is were he was best… and gonzalo higuain played many games… gonzalo missed open goal in 2014 yes we can forgive it happen some time… 2015 again… in the final some of them saying levezzi put wide delivery we can forgive him for that also… and 2016 he come with syntelizing form scored record in seria a goals 36.. auguero accepted he wont start because higuain had wonderful season… he started scored goal against venezuela that one world class goal.. and against usa tap in … but again in the final that pressure and fear he had.. on any other day he would chip the ball… but he had two mind… his mentality… is not good in final…. on the other hand aguero never played full 90 minutes.. and never get ball in the box… the coach were poor… their tactics wont suit aguero… sampolli is a attacking coach.. aguero can do better with his tactics.. aguero gets knock he will take two or three game to get form back,… i think sampolli knows well he wont win the ball in the air like icardi and benetteto… but he is better finisher than the both… we need to have a option like him.. he is world class player.. it is coach job… how to get best out of him…. if he wont fit to the sampolli system… he wont be there for sure…. but my three choice… for the striker… aguero icardi,, benetteto.. they will make the world cup for sure…

    • As for me the list should be Aguero, Higuain, Banega – no more in NT. Now people want Aguero again just because he shines in club. The case reminds me Huguain’s case. All the Mundo were claiming long ago ‘no more Higuain’, but then he scored 36 goals in club, came back to NT and gave shit. With Aguero most likely will be the same. Mundo has not enough good memory. We are repeating the same blunders.

  5. He plays for argentina like he doesn’t give a damn.i would take choker higuain over this fool.
    by far the laziest player in the team.

      • x 2 I also don’t get it as when he plays for us he just ambles about hardly breaking a sweat but for man c he runs like a young colt.

        he has a poor record for the n/t that is 82 caps 33 goals that at a glance his 33 goals look ok but if we break down them exactly half of those goals are in friendlies alone and best is the amount of goals he has at world cups for us being …..0, nil, narda, zilch….0

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