Manuel LANZINI scores for West Ham against Liverpool


One of West Ham’s best players on the pitch (if not the best player), Manuel LANZINI scored for West Ham against Liverpool.

A match to forget for the hammers but a solid performance from the former River Plate man as he scored in West Ham’s 4-1 loss to Liverpool. With Liverpool up 2-0, West Ham’s number 10 scored his first goal of the season. However, only 55 seconds after the Argentine international found the back of the net, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain scored for Liverpool.

Manuel LANZINI goal

While not in the latest Argentina squad, he will surely give coach Jorge SAMPAOLI a lot of problems while putting together the list next time.


  1. Too many fucking injuries for european players. I cant believe they always injure whenever come to argentina. Biglia is injured, icardi is injured, Augero out of form, always injure in crucial stage of the tournments. These players need to think about argentina before injuring always. Fuck, these losers are always injured. Only Messi seems to care, that is why he usually play shit for Barcelona just before Argentina game. Hopefully Augero’s shit form in MC will punch him to play better for Argentina.

  2. Today Augero was pretty poor for MC. Usually he is good for MC and Shit for Arg, hopefully that will reverse in WC though. We need all players firing cylinders if were to win WC.

  3. Talking about Battaglia: he still have a chancee to be on WC. With Sampaoli calling up suddenly new players like Insua, Pavon, Lo Celso everything is possible.

  4. Not long after U-20 WC Zaracho from Racing Club grew into one of most interesting youngsters in Argentina league. I bet within a year he will be in Europe as well as Lautaro Martinez. Yesterday Zaracho pretty well against Talleres.

    • Rhaelyn,

      I think Barboza is best young CB in league and it’s matter of time when he will make starting eleven of River, go to Europe and called up byt our coach. Especially after last poor performances of Maidana and Pinola in River he must emerge.

      have a great superclasico.

    • Just watched PSG game, a bit disappointed by Pastore but normal, he hasn’t played for a while. Same for Lo Celso. Tough situation for all Argentine players in this club: Pastore and Di Maria are behind Neymar and Mbappe, Lo Celso is behind Draxler, Rabiot and Verratti. I think whatever happens, Di Maria will still be in the NT but not sure for Pastore and Lo Celso if they sit on the bench for the rest of the year. Same thing for Lamela, Joaquim Correa and Gaitan. Hard to win his place in those clubs.

      That’s why I agree with Mamoun that it’s important for Lanzini to stay. Perotti is another example, he’s in the right place in the right time. His partnership with Kolarov is almost perfect. We need our players to be fit during the World Cup.

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