Emanuel MAMMANA comes in for injured MERCADO


Gabriel  MERCADO will not take part in Argentina’s upcoming tour of Russia after suffering an injury to his right hamstring.

His club, Sevilla have just confirmed this stating that he will not take part in the weekend’s clash against Barcelona. Jorge SAMPAOLI has decided to call upon Emanuel MAMMANA of Zenit St. Petersburg as the replacement. MAMMANA was initially named as one of the reserves when the squad’s was announced last week. His last appearance for Argentina was in the 6-0 win over Singapore back in June.

For MAMMANA, it means little travelling as he is based in Russia and both friendly matches will be held in that country.


  1. Important games for Mammana, he need to be good on these 2 games because only 6 places for the defenders. Except injuries, it’s almost sure that Otamendi, Mercado, Maschereno and Fazio will be in the team. So only 2 places left. Rojo hasn’t played for long while, Garay turned down the recent invitation, there is a chance that he may join. I was quite disappointed by his performance with Lyon in the past, I found that L1 was too physical for him. Hopefully he’s getting better.

    I saw lot of people talking about Pizzaro. Not quite sure if he’s really the same kind of player as Busquets that many fans are expecting. To me, he’s much more a box 2 box player. In his club Sevilla, the guy playing in Busquet’s role is NZonzi, who is absolutely fantastic and he’s exactly the type of player that Sampaoli needs for his 3-4-2-1.

    I continue to say that 3-4-2-1 is not the right system for players that we have. We do not have NZonzi or Busquets type player and our fullbacks are the wingers in their club, we should go back to 4-3-2-1: Romero-Mercado, Otamendi, Fazio, Rojo-Enzo Perez, Paredes, Di Maria-Messi,Perotti-Aguero/Dybala. This is a much more balanced team. I believe in the partnership Enzo-Angel, will make a huge difference.

  2. What a tackle from… Pizzaro… Why he left out… I thought he was injured… He is the I looking far… Better defending and better passing (always forward pass… He find serabia and banega… And he tackled messi was… Incridible… And look easy… I think he should be in the Mai 11 instead of biglia… Pizzaro-paredas. Or pizzaro -lanzini will work for us…

    • He is better than biglia in aerial duel and passing as well as defending… He should replace biglia I midfield… He can be Argentina busguets… Sampolli pick him in the world cup squad… And put in the main 11.. Other position between lanzini and paredas or anyone

  3. Ronaldo will not like to see this article.

    I have read this article on a webtise and it is very interesting one. Stats speak for Messi and tell us who the most popular player is at this time. I have used Google Translator for this so have a good read.

    “Lionel Messi, the star of Barcelona, ​​beat his Portuguese rival Cristiano Ronaldo on Wednesday in new figures about the famous search engine Google.

    Cristiano Ronaldo, the historic Real Madrid scorer, said after losing to Tottenham Hotspur on Wednesday that everyone knows his worth and ability to search the Google site for his achievements and his goals.

    The Spanish newspaper ” Sport ” was concerned by the statements of the Madeira missile and published a report on Saturday morning, in which it confirmed that Lionel Messi, Barcelona’s historic scorer, outperforms Cristiano Ronaldo’s most famous search engine.

    The newspaper said that the results of the search for Messi exceed Ronaldo stages and that the number of those who have searched for Portuguese goals since 2013 so far in Spain and the world is much lower than the Argentine.

    In the past year, the search for Ronaldo’s goals in Spain has averaged 590 times and internationally reached 1000 times, while the search for Messi’s goals came at an average of 2900 times in Spain and 12,100 times worldwide”

    • My friend I am sorry to say that but comparing Messi to C. Ronaldo is disrespectful to Messi. Messi is in the debat to be considered as the GOAT, C. Ronaldo is not even close. I respect C. Ronaldo for his hardworking and determination but we can’t do that to Messi. PLEASE STOP…

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  5. Independiente in semis of Copa Sudamericana.

    Too bad Fabrizio Bustos for injury is out both of Independiente and NT currently (sure he would be on Sampaoli’s list). Will back soon.

    • Bustos got injured two times in the space of less than two months, does that mean he is a Thomas Vermaelen-like player? I liked to see him in the qualifiers but Sampa opted not to give him playing time. He has the pace and dribbling skills to become a world class full back soon.

  6. Mammana is a versatile Defender,Its always good to have players who can play in multiple positions. Mercado is always been a very good performer for us, under appreciated player. He has always given his best for us. Even has a knack of scoring goals too.

  7. Hope insua will grab this opportunity to convince sampaoli.sad thing is bustos is injured otherwise he would have been picked and tested too…
    With Mercado/bustos insua/acuna it looks better and more flexible.add macherano otamendi and Best two from
    rojo mori fazio mammana pezzella garay musachio will complete the defense list for Russia…

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