Giovani LO CELSO starts for Argentina versus Russia


The Argentina line-up is out and Giovani LO CELSO starts.

Argentina National Team coach has announced his line-up for the match against Russia. Two players will be making their National Team debuts as German PEZZELLA and Giovani LO CELSO will both be receiving their first caps. Here’s the starting eleven:


Argentina Russia Giovani Lo Celso
Argentina line-up against Russia

Here’s the Argentina bench:
Federico FAZIO
Emiliano INSUA
Alejandro GOMEZ
Emiliano RIGONI
Cristian PAVON

The team will be debuting their World Cup kits.


  1. I see the below reasons why we are not able to score goals..

    1. The opposition Goal Keeper is too good

    2. Argetina midfield is not able to create chances

    3. Forwards not converting.

    I think the team needs more chemistry and playing time to make some impact..

  2. 1. Otamendi, Masche and Messi is our best midfielders.Yes none of them are midfielders, but they do MF job more than our actual midfielders.

    2. Wingers have no support. Di Maria and Salvio was always alone. This is the main drawback of this system.

    3. We can do lot better than our current midfield.

    4. No counter attacks.

    5. No Paredes, Dybala only 7 min. Di Maria was very quiet the whole match, perotti and pavon could be brought a lot earlier.

    6. Aguero’s one of the best display with Argentina. Masche, Otamendi is massive for us. But in term of game playing much have not improved since peru game.

  3. .70 % possesion 9 shots off target 7 shots on target… 757 passess… team played great… this only starting.. personally i feel pizzaro do well in place of kranevitter… and those who all are critiszing aguero… he proved.. he is not failure.. the coaches were failure.. enzo played great… and team improving every aspect…. remember.. bauza era… we never passed four passes together… whole match we got 2 or 3 chance.. and which is came from messi otherwise.. we lost everymatch.. before critsise sampolli.. go and watch bauza.. team. more over this is first start for auguero…. everyone can improve under sampolli even dimaria ( but not higuain he dont have mental strenth) coach is important for players performance..

  4. Possession-wise only Spain and Germany can be so dominant against a Russia-caliber team. This is positive. negative the lot of wasted chances. Vs Nigeria Benedetto, Dybala, Pavon,Perotti,Paredes must start.

    • sampolli will start pavon dybala paredes in the next match… we can improve many areas… we have pace in the back line mache otamendi have decent pace as well pizzella… for those argueing back four… we dont have single attacking right back( so we can play back 3) this formation will create space for messi

  5. Sergio aguero played really well in the 2nd half as a false 9. Pezella and perez played a solid game. Otamendi was our best player imo. What a fantastic ball playing defender he has become all thanks to pep.

      • Oh yes especially after the disappointing game against Ecuador he bounced back and played his usual game today. His intelligence on the ball was impressive. One thing for sure is we’re starting to click. Bravo sampaoli

    • stop the critise… he will get full match … against nigiria.. everyone get chance.. if they utilize that opportunity… they will be in the main 11… he is not bauza… he is sampolli.. parades and dybala will start next match i am sure…. and team played great.. dominate the match… and get few chances.. its positive thing… hope lot of improve ment in the next match and goals as well

        • i understand u want messi dybala partnership… we need to solve the midfield problem first… then we can find place for dybala… even if messi injured… he is his replacement… the problem is messi dybala partnership… dybala is not winger he is no 10.. dimaria can play various role.. dimaria can play left side… but dybala dont like to play in the left side… and sampolli want messi in the middle….

          only thing we can do to play messi and dybala is messi false 9 dybala behind messi… but we have world class no 9… icardi aguero benetteto.. (and long ball is option when we play icardi and benedetto) if we dont have world class no 9.. sampolli will play dybala along with messi../ its too dificult for sampolli i think.. and one more option dybala in middle messi at wide… but if we have world class right back… we dont have that… then messi will have to defend in out box most of the time… so 4-2-3-1 is also difficult… let wait and see what sampolli going to do..

        • Dybala can’t play in the formation that argentina played today… 3-3-1-3… he fits in as the #9 or #10… he subbed in at the #9 for aguero… and Messi isn’t coming out but against Nigeria dybala might play the #10… he is too slow for a winger in a 3-3-1-3 formation..

  6. Not too great, but we’re trying players…

    Pezzela okay, not much of him has been really needed..

    Krane and lo celso shaky, got a little better towards end.. krane gave up some dangerous balls in the middle (2 or 3) ..

    I really like salvio and enzo.. playing well

    Aguero two good shots, great saves by keep.

    Di maria, even though is not so hot when shooting (missed one from the side almost 1v1) is doing great. His passing and defensive hustle is outstanding.. plus not sure if anyone has noticed, but he doesnt run all crazy with ball anymore.

    Messi not his best game.. more relaxed, hasnt found a partnership with lo celso or krane.. doing well with salvio…

    Romero – awful passes

    I think with a few morr games lo celso can be a great addition.. hoping to see dybala, paredes and rigoni

    • You really didn’t like the movement and speed of Salvio (rigoni), the passing and tackling of kranevitter (percedes),the movement and shooting of aguero (Benedetto ) ? Lo celso was ok (belluschi), but Gomez was a lot better and more fluid. I was happy with the three that play in those other 3 places…

  7. Pezzella is okay . . . i don’t see our defense is playing comfortably. Again, there is no creativity in midfield. It seem that Lo Celso is not gel with the team yet, he can’t make good pass at the moment. The overall problem is transition from defense to attack is too slow. IMO, it is the typical argentina you have seen against peru or venezuela in last couple of months ago.

    • Absolutely agree. Perez-Kranevitter-Lo-Celso trio is providing zero creativity. Too many back & lateral passes. Poor forward ball movement. Things haven’t changed. Sampa needs to bring on the changes in the 2nd half. We gotta see Paredes, Dybala, Rigoni/Pavon, perotti etc.

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