Argentina starting eleven, Lionel Messi and Valentín Carboni start, Nicolás González as left back


The Argentina starting eleven has been announced with Lionel Messi and Valentín Carboni starting while Nicolás González is at left back against Guatemala.

Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni stated on Thursday that Lionel Messi will be in the starting eleven. Messi does start and as does Valentín Carboni, who is in the starting eleven for the first time.

Nicolás González also starts but as left back. Here is the starting eleven:

Emiliano Martínez; Molina, Otamendi, Lisandro Martínez and Nicolás González; Carboni, Alexis Mac Allister, Enzo Fernández, Lo Celso; Messi and Lautaro Martínez


  1. whoever is dumb enough in this forum to take positives from this game? Remember back in the days we used to defeat small teams convincingly and then flop when it mattered most….It was a friendly against a very small team and they did not need to play great….

  2. Logged in after a long time.. same old complaints from the mundo friends.. they think bringing in all the new players every now and then would make the team perfect.. but thankfully scaloni and co. does not think like that. They believe in the system and slow integration of players. It was the last friendly before the copa and in case anybody forgot:
    1. We won 4-1. The only goal was an own goal.
    3. A lot of players got playing time.
    4. Lautaro got 2 goals which will boost his confidence.

    Be happy guys, and for Garnacho, please read what scaloni says in the press conference, it is quite clear he does not see him ready yet. Be calm and enjoy the tournament without too much pressure. This is a privilege.

  3. Messi doesn’t have the pace to out run a defender from the middle of the field, he should have chipped the ball instead, but may be the keeper didn’t comeout far enough!

  4. Valentin Barco, Carboni, Garnacho should all make the team. Soulé instead of LoCelso. Equi and Varela need to be here too instead of Guido. Valentini instead of Otamendi. Ota needs to go. We bash on Pezzella but my God why the fuck are LoCelso, Ota on this team. LoCelso is rotting somewhere on some clubs bench and he starts for us? These fucking loyalties will be our undoing. The best play. End of story.

  5. Guys relax……remember we played bad against Saudis too, in some other qualifiers too, against bosnia too in 2014,……clearly ARG are not taking this game seriously……when it is time to deliver, they will deliver…..

  6. Soule should have been there SHM. I have nothing against Garnacho however I agree with Scaloni he needs to take more one n one. I wasn’t impressed that much with his season with ManU tbh. Hope he proves me wrong. Soule is more craftier than Garnacho. He take on defenders more .

    • Soule, Varela, Equi should be our mid. Get rid of the old, worthless players from a past age. Messi hasn’t done anything either. Put in Echeverri as our number 10.

  7. Carboni is a fantastic player and he should stay for Copa no matter what.

    ‪Lo Celso and Nicolas Gonzales should be excluded for Copa and they can retire now. I will never want to see them again. ‬

  8. Locelso, Nico Gonzalez, Lautaro are playing bad and a dumb foul by otamendi that lead to the free kick own goal!!
    Bring in Garnacho, Alvarez, palacios.
    Of course they are trying Nico in place of acuña but Tagliafico and acuña are fixtures for Argentina‘s left back position.

    Carboni playing well but just a lot of errant passes from everyone and lazy
    performances across the board in the first half

  9. i think like most champions, our biggest risk to defend Copa is complacency.
    Nico G as LB is a failed experiment as it was all backpasses. In final third unable to string passes . We are lucky with an easier draw in Copa & hopefully will settle

  10. Not a good game from us… Against Guatemala, we should be playing much better but its not happening… disappointed 😔

  11. Why scaloni doesn’t give any chance to Garnacho,palacios,belardi?otamendi,locelso,loutaro martinez and gonzalez must dropped

  12. Otamendi, LoCelso, Nico and Lautaro are all lost on this team. Lautaro being the biggest disappointment basically a ghost of a player. It would also be nice if these guys decided to run instead of stand and kick the ball around like training.

  13. Its not at all a surprise as carboni is well suited for Argentina. He is great with the ball and good passing sense unlike nico and garnacho. I liked his 10 minutes with the NT than the one of Garnacho. If he performs well he can replace di Maria.

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