Dario Pipa BENEDETTO out for 6-8 months


Dario Pipa BENEDETTO has suffered a long term injury.

Argentina and Boca Juniors forward Dario BENEDETTO has suffered an injury while playing for Boca. BENEDETTO suffered an injury during Boca’s 2-1 loss against Racing. With Racing up 1-0, Dario scored a penalty kick to draw his team level. However, BENEDETTO was substituted off in the 37th minute of the second half.

Dario Pipa BENEDETTO out for 6-8 months

Initial reports are stating that he has suffered a ruptured ligament and initial reports have him out for 6 to 8 months. Should that be the case, he would be fully discarded from World Cup contention for Argentina.

This could open the door for Gonzalo HIGUAIN to get back into the Argentina team.


  1. Beneditto is a solid player and i feel sorry for his injury but it’s no loss for Argentina, especially when the team boasts the likes of Icardi and Aguero not to mention other potential hopefuls like Alario, Chucky, A. Correa, papu (plays as a forward for Atalanta) and lautaro martinez.

  2. sry for him…but i am not concered in any way…he is very average to say the least…no national team material in my opinion …and most of all…we have plenty of forwards to choose from….and noone of them will score a single goal for us so its just not important at all who will be selected…its messi and messi alone to beware us from a few serious trashings..may heaven help him!

    • When the last time any striker was scoring so many goals in the league? How he is average? Yes, he didn’t scored as far in NT but everyone who saw him in club may admit he probably could offer much more with thr time. Complete player. He was not just top goalscorer recently in the league. He was doing that so convincingly.

      • No I agree with Manuel, the guy is below average, not a national team material, not to mention we haven’t dozens of strikers lined up. I don’t get the fuss about him on here.
        Also no Higuain (lazy fat) please. Icardi should get the call or even Correa.

      • scoring in a very average argentine league…very average to say the least…it means nothing atm…we have a handfull of strikers that score on a regualr Basis in the top leagues…yet nobody scores when with argentina and ist no other with him…and he by far hasnt got the class of our strikers playing in europe…not even Close…ist wishful thinking that a 27 year old with 3 international caps will become our saviour…the same for perotti 29 years with i think 2 caps…fazio 29 years 6 caps…the list goes on and on…to many guys called up who never played a role…same for Alejandro Gomez…bossing with Atalanta what the fuck…pathetic…look at all those Players in the national Team…it cant any more average than right now

        • Of course Messi alone will save us. Just wait and see. That’ not going to happen on WC. Nowhere far than in group stages.
          Benedetto had something none of Aguero, Higuain, Icardi, Alario has. He was most hardworking of the group. If you think Aguero is hardworking you should wait and see how he will fare on tournament. Despite many people wishfull thinking Guardiola didn’t make of him hardworker. We need one striker in Benedetto/Pratto type.

  3. Shame, hope that he will come back stronger. Who knows maybe he can come back in time. To be fair, Higuain deserves a chance to prove himself during a friendly game, if he’s not good, then Icardi or someone else.

    • Higuaín doesn’t need to prove anything, and that is exactly what Sampaoli said earlier. The guys who needed to prove their worth was the likes of Benedetto etc. What did Higuaín need to prove against Russia and Nigeria when he already has five world cup goals and is 6th on the Argentina all-time top goal scorer chart?

      • Agreed. Higuain should be in the squad, but behind Kun > Icardi > Higuain. Still though, its a LUXURY to have him as a sub. Hate on him all you want, but if he is in form, he should be on the list. We dont want the likes of a Palacio in his place if Kun and Icardi end up hurt.. which is a big possibility one of them will..

  4. Is Bennedetto better than Lautaro Martinez? I have never seen Martinez in action. Because to be honest as much as Higuain is a choker, I believe he could have finished off at least a few of those many chances Bennedetto got in the last few matches easily. I like his work rate but I doubt he’s ready for the NT.

    • To be fair Benedetto deserves to be in the squad ife he recovers in time and becomes ready for the WC because of his hard work and willingness to help Argentina win the WC. Pavon is already part of the team and they played week in week out which is in favour of the NT. The national team needs desperately players who have good chemistry like Benedetto and Pavon. On the other hand, Lautaro is very talented but I think it could be too early for him to be in the senior side although his talent can be beyond our expectations like nobody thought Pavon would earn the heart of Sampaoli and all Argentina fans in just two games.

  5. I’m not beneditto biggest fan but I also did not dislike the guy, its a shame he did not get another chance to prove him self as he did have potential but my concern is he did not look like scoring a goal and that is what we need is strikers to actually score goals.
    atm next would properly be Alario but id also recall Pratto, this guy has not at all let the n/t down and has actually scored a goal and worked his ass off for the team, he does not hold back and gives his all.

    As for hig getting a recall no no and no he has had his time and even in the very very average Italian lge is now in very very average form and is not worthy of a recall.

  6. Higuain should be called.
    It will create strong bench strength. He is electric fast on running and could be the man for counter attack.His goal ratio for juventus is better than Dybla.His experience will favor Argentina.

  7. So that leaves Icardi vs Higuain for the Number 9 second spot for the WC. Aguero already secured 1, I Would choose Icardi he will get better for us with time. Just need to score 1 goal then to take the Monkey off the back to score the first goal for the NT. Then he can show more of his lethal side.

  8. Oh no! I have just started to like him with Argentina. Really sad to hear it.
    Btw, if Benedetto don’t recover in time, Pratto’s return would be a good idea. I don’t see any other alternative here.

      • Yes my friend…Lucas Pratto

        If I remember correctly, he has two goals to his name during qualifiers which I don’t think even Icardi has done. To be fair, he does deserve a chance.
        The only thing that goes against him is Bauza believed in him. I can’t trust Bauza will make a sane desicion.

        • You guys need to chill out when it comes to that guy Pratto… Alright? Do not compare Icardi and Pratto… Don’t even mention them in the same comment/text… Do you also remember correctly that during these qualifiers Pratto played 5 matches for Arg,while Icardi played only two? Do you also rememeber correctly that Pratto has scored only seven goals in 35 matches he played for Sao Paulo this season? Is that good enough yo be called in for the National Team? Hell no… We have far more dangerous strikers out there. Pratto needs to get back together with Bauza, and watch Arg National Team on TV… That’s the closest point I would let them be with the Arg NT.

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