Italian National Team want to call Sebastian DRIUSSI


The Italian National Team reportedly want to call up Argentinian Sebastian DRIUSSI.

With the Italian FA looking to rebuild after failing to qualify for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, Zenit’s Sebastian DRIUSSI is apparently in their sights. The player’s agent has come out and added fuel to the fire stating that DRIUSI would be open to a call-up for Italy should he not receive one from Argentina. Gustavo PEDROZO, Sebastian DRIUSSI’s agent, spoke to Calciomercato and had this to say:

“Having played for all their youth teams, he’s still hopeful of being called up and giving his all to Argentina. If this isn’t the case, obviously wearing Italy’s jersey would be an incredible experience for him.

“We’re sad about what’s happening to a national team (Italy) that deserves nothing but praise.

“He’s a lad who adapts quickly enough to new situations. He’s feeling very good at Zenit and for now, he’s only thinking about improving and breaking new ground.”


  1. With all my respect to Italian, they should have invested more on the training program for teenagers instead of stealing players from other countries like what they did with Cameronesi in the past.

  2. I have said it. If dybala wants to be better player or best player in world someday, he has to move away from bus parking teams like Juventus. He needs better players who make him better not make him big fish in small pond. I would like him to go to Barca or RM, where pressure to perform excellent and it will only help him. Playing with Hugain, Khedira or others make him stand out but he needs to move. As always, Huigain is having stinker against better bigger teams. He cant pass a fucking ball. Shame some people are advocating for him in WC but big no from me.

  3. Banega is an enigma.

    One day he is world class but the next day you will be pulling your hair at his stipidity. Today he played like a maestro against Liverpool. If anybody saw him for the first time he would have wondered that what he is doing playing for Sevilla?

    If he was consistent, than we didn’t need any box to box or attacking midfielder. But he isn’t and Sampaoli is hoping he would. Also, he is the only midfielder we got who’s got the “Pause” in his game.

    Sigh…He’s a donkey too. That doesn’t help.

      • Sampaoli only played banega as a DM against Nigeria. Every other times he played as a controlling central midfielder.

        P.S. Not all central midfielders are defensive midfielders. If you only follow Argentine national team and nothing else you might have this idea –

        “Central Midfielders are defensive midfielders
        Centerbacks and fullbacks are the same thing.”

        Neither is true.

        So, no…Sampaoli didn’t always played Banega as a pivot, he played Banega in the exact same position as he played today and was tasked to do the exact same job he did today. He failed for us.

        If you are still confused – Banega was tasked to dictate play from the back where Nzonzi and pizzaro were tasked to defend more and circulate the ball quickly. And I am putting a heatmap for you of both Banega and Pizzaro which looks very very similar. That also doesn’t mean that Banega played as a DM. Here is the heatmap –

        • Excellent clarification… I am hoping that Samp and his coaching staff realize that we don’t have a creative midfield therefore a midfield with 3 like Biglia, mascherano and Paredes would allow players like Messi and Dybala to play as attacking midfielders and be more dangerous because both are coming to the box.

      • Although Di Maria is inconsistent at times but he can defend when he isn’t contributing much to the attack unlike Banega who can’t even defend when the team is in trouble (I am not talking a single tackle in every 100 games like he did last night). If there was a Ballon D’or for inconsistency I am sure Banega would have won it every year. He is a symbol for inconsistency like Messi is a symbol for consistency.

    • Exactly my thoughts , I just have a feeling playing Banega along with other 2 Midfielder (Not 1 but 2) may work for us. Like Biglia – Enzo – Banega combo may work.He needs to be in more attacking position than in a defensive position let Biglia & Enzo do the defensive duties, He may click(Not sure though)

      But as u said he is one of our very few current generation mid fielders with the “Pause” in his game. Other one is Paredes i feel.

  4. Aguero is our starting #9…but having icardi and dybala coming in off the bench is dangerous!! I like kranevitter coming in with speed in the midfield for one of the older biglia or banega in minute 70…

  5. Agree with both of you guys. Both sides are pathetic.

    My congratulations to Argentina u15 who beat our rivals and became south american champions! This is a reminder that Argentina will always produce young talents.

    I watched inter vs atalanta last night and once again Icardi proved at least to me that he is a world class striker already, clinical in front of the goal and he is only 23 years old. And speaking about young players, i can’t find another youngster from another powerhouse being so clinical in front of the goal like him and if everyone knows someone please name one to me!

    • Icardi is better than Higuain now. …
      In the absence of Benedetto pls don’t call Higuain
      Icardi is first choice
      Look goals from Icardi all seasons he played for inter…Icardi’s recent form. ..Everything is so much attractive. ……

      If you want you can call Driussi…..
      But I don’t think he will be called because Argentina doesn’t need such players who wants to play for other country as second choice

      • @Waveride, I think the only other young player from a football powerhouse who is very sharp and clinical infront of goal is Kylian Mbappe although he is a bit different to Icardi in terms of playing positions but he can play as a center-forward.
        Last week there was a rumour that Bayern are preparing $100m for Icardi in the January transfer window. Both of Icardi’s goals vs Atalanta were amazing but what Argentina lacks is crosses coming from the flanks in order Icardi to score his amazing header goals. The only player who delivers crosses is Di Maria and most of his crosses end up easily in the hands of the opposition goalkeeper or hit a defender. Maybe Pavon and Perotti could be the solution but Di Maria will always remain a starter no matter how bad he plays (he is one of my favourite players but he is inconsistent).

  6. “Having played for all their youth teams, he’s still hopeful of being called up and giving his all to Argentina. If this isn’t the case, obviously wearing Italy’s jersey would be an incredible experience for him”.

    Pathetic. National teams are not just clubs…

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