Jorge SAMPAOLI: “I don’t like the way Germany play”


Argentina coach Jorge SAMPAOLI is not a fan of current World champions Germany.

Speaking to students at the Tea Y Deportea school, current Argentina National Team coach gave his thoughts on Gonzalo HIGUAIN, favorites for the World Cup and much more. Here’s what he had to say.

World Cup and Germany

“I think Brazil, Spain and France are one step ahead of us due to their time working together. I don’t mention Germany not because I forgot them, but because I don’t like the way they play.”


“In the short term, the HIGUAIN issue was complicated for us. In the medium term I think he can be an important player.”


“I spoke with him, now his priority has to be to return. Unfortunately, he will not be able to compete in the same conditions as the other attackers.”

The Argentina National Team

“They called me from Argentina just as I had started working with Sevilla. And at the time, I couldn’t (leave Sevilla to join Argentina).

“We started losing very early against Ecuador and it was complicated but never did it change our plan to go out there to win and qualify.

“The style of the team, which is not the system, is to attack with 6 players and defend with 4 players. It could be a variable system. You could play a 2-3-2-3, at times, it depends on the opponent.

“The team I was in which got the most emotions out of me was Universidad de Chile. And out of the team I was not part of, the one that marked me the most was GUARDIOLA’s Barcelona. And also BIELSA’s Argentina.”

With Dario BENEDETTO out injured and Jorge SAMPAOLI’s comments on HIGUAIN, it would not be much of a surprise to see Gonzalo back on the team.


  1. Never under-estimate Germany even though their main attacking midfielders are not at their best, they can still transform into beast when they wear the jersey. True that their quality of play not impressive during confederation cup this year but they played with team B, like during most of their matches of qualifiers.

    For the rest, I agree with Sampaoli, the current team of Spain, France and Brazil is a class over others. Their current team is probably the best one of the past decade. Even for Spain, I think the current one is at least as good as the 2010 version, with more pace and variation in attack. For France, their main force is counter attack with fast players able to play in 1 touch, supported by very powerful midfielders. To me, Brazil must have the most balanced team of this competition. Except Neymar, not necessary the best at their position but together amazingly competitive.

    The level will be very high next year, maybe the most competitive one since long time! Even though on the paper they seem stronger, but I am very sure they are always afraid of Argentina. Hope that the reconstruction will be done in time. Faith on Sampaoli and his players!

    • don’t get me wrong brother.I recon sampaoli hinted their recent playing style but found no hint of under-estimation.

  2. Independiente won 3:1 over Libertad and make the final of Copa Sudamericana. This time Barco stand to burden of resposibility and scored one from penalty.

    Still both fullbacks of Independiente are players for trial in NT.

    Agree Atlanta United is not good direction for Barco.

  3. I just hope Sampaoli doesn’t try to hard to emulate Bielsa’ Argentina. His Sevilla team’s attacking football will suit the current crop of NT players better.

  4. i believe that’s a clear threat .this squad’s going to rip the germans apart.Now joachim got a true tactician in the form of sampaoli.

  5. Group A : Russia, Switzerland, Egypt, Australia
    Group B : Brazil, Costa Rica, Croatia, Japan
    Group C : Poland, Colombia, Serbia, Iran
    Group D : Portugal, Korea, Spain, Senegal
    Group E : Belgium, Iceland, Peru, Panama
    Group F : Germany, Denmark, Uruguay, Nigeria
    Group G : Argentina, Morocco, Mexico, Sweden
    Group H : France, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, England

    fifA Simulates world cup draw… decent draw if we get these teams… but.. quater final will against big teams… i dont want it… argentina must avoid big teams untill semi final…

  6. So, Now the World Cup in Russia will have 5 teams coached by Argentines.
    Sampaoli, Gareca (Peru), Pekerman (Colombia), Cuper (Egypt), and now add Pizzi to that list (Saudi Arabia). There are interesting development, Australia are seriously considering Bielsa, who is currently suspended by his club Lille. If he goes, it will be an unprecedented achievment, with 6 coach from Argentina at the World Cup.

    We have Argentine colonies in Serie A, La Liga, EPL, Zenit, and we might have one in Germany. Stuttgart have Insua and Ascacibar, and now are in hot pursuit of Maxi Romero of Velez. They have offered 10 million.

    • Bosnia & Herzegovina is in the second place with three coaches, although one of them is a caretaker. Serbia, Japan, and Switzerland are the teams coached by the Bosnians.

      Argentina was always a big source of good coaches and will remain so. I hope at least three of the six Argentines, if Bielsa is apponted Australia coach, qualify for the Round of 16.

  7. Argentina can beat all teams easily expect Germany in knock out stage Sampaoli knows it very well just a mind game not liking playing styles or lack of superstar probably 2014 world cup final will be repeated in 2018 Russia

    • we arent beating anyone easily…we get beaten easily thats the fact. teams park the bus and counter attack our quite weak defense. as happened in 18 wc qualifying matches. we are very easy to analyse and beat. give us the ball and sit deep. we r passing the ball very slowly with nearly no movement. win the ball, pass it to the your wingers and counter attack us over the wings…et voila…we r 1-0 down….3 man back with no wing backs is suicide…when we have bad luck with the draw on friday we might not see the second stage of the tournament…reaching the final is a dream but nothing more…unless messi drags us on his own…hard to see that happening because any Opponent will mark him with 3 Players or even more

      • 3 man defense means 3 CB with 2winger total 5man contributing in defending where 4 man back line 2CB and 2 fullback Argentina don’t have full back so 3man back best also suit sampa styles. After the arrival of speedy and fast defender Rojo n F.mori Argentina defense again look solid only concerns is midfield

  8. Erik Lamela is back from a long term injury. He could be on the bench for Tottenham’s tonight game vs Leiceter City. On the other hand, Funes Mori is expected to return in action in early January.

    I think both players could be good additions to the NT if they stay fit and play regularly for their clubs till the end of the season.

  9. sampaoli is very strong minded.looks like he never give up.anybody remembered that michael lumb played a mind game before final,he sayed that germany will destroy argentine defence,and sabella got frightened.another worst thing sabella did that was he declared his leaving before cost argentine mental strength.and look sampaoli what he did before last qualify,he sayed argentina definetly in’s proven that sampaoli is fighter.

  10. Sampa talked about Juan sanchez miño how is he, If i remember he was hot during the Sabella era, But how is he now??,Is int he plays in the same place where Acuna has locked his position for us??

    Sampa is monitoring all possibilities, one thing sure Messi & Di Maria will be the combo behind the Striker (Just like the match vs Equador. I don’t think Dybala -Messi combo can happen with only 2 matches left Dybala can be super sub only i guess. So its most probably Aguero-Messi-Dimaria combo at top.

  11. Barcelona Sporting Director, Robert Fernandez was at the monumental to follow three of River’s young defenders. Alexander Barboza, Gonzalo Montiel, and the Uruguayan Marcelo Saracchi were the ones Fernandez was watching in the game River played against Newells.

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