Gonzalo HIGUAIN wins it for Juventus versus Napoli


Gonzalo HIGUAIN’s form has slowly started picking up, this time scoring the winning goal against Napoli.

Playing with a broken hand didn’t stop Gonzalo HIGUAIN from scoring against his old club as Juventus picked up a 1-0 victory. Pipita had surgery on his hand on Monday and was playing with it wrapped up and he ended up stepping up to the plate and scoring the winner.

Napoli have not won the league since 1990 and started off the season in excellent form but that loss marks their first Serie A loss at home this season. Speaking after the match, HIGUAIN was full of praise for his former coach SARRI but not so much for their president. Here’s what he had to say:

Gonzalo HIGUAIN on Napoli coach SARRI:

“I’m very fond of SARRI. He made me improve a lot and I will always be grateful to him. I love him as a person and as a coach. I wish him the best. We will keep in touch with one another and maybe we will find ourselves together in another team. It would be a great pleasure for me.”

Gonzalo HIGUAIN on president DE LAURENTIIS:

“I couldn’t find DE LAURENTIIS after my goal… Maybe he was hiding.”

Argentina national team coach Jorge SAMPAOLI hinted earlier this week that Gonzalo HIGUAIN could be an important player for Argentina.


  1. Excellent performance for Rulli, he made something like 8-10 saves against Atletico Madrid. Same for Javier Pastore. I hope Sampaoli can at least try the midfield Enzo Perez-Pizarro-Pastore.

  2. Berizzo played with a midfield three of Pizarro Banega and Vazquez for Sevilla. They had a good win.

    Is Vazquez still able to play for Argentina? I think he should be picked ahead of Lo Celso. This isn’t hating on Lo Celso. It’s just Lo Celso doesn’t get much game time and integrating an all Sevilla midfield might be the way to go with very limited time to prepare before the world cup

    • Vasquez seemed to have played for Italian NT already in the past. Otherwise yes, will be an added value. But I personally prefer Pastore and Lanzini for the similar style. Lo Celso will have a bright future but for the moment he’s still very green.

  3. http://www.beinsports.com/us/world-cup/news/opta-statistics-make-brazil-world-cup-favorit/723809

    Stats don’t mean shit, bottom line is this……ARGENTINA has the best striking force ever assembled since The inception of the game, Messi, Kun, Dybala, Icardi, Papu, Dimaria, Higuian plus others that could be called upon, more so than the last world cup.
    They play their game and no one will have a chance to match them but getting them to play as one is what it comes down to.
    Imagine if Kun picks up his game, nevermind the others on the list plus Messi of course! We get ManCity version of kun and things will open up for all The rest.

    • Except defense gets you to finals and team work wins it. Forwards with no service and no control of pocession and no security in the back ain’t gonna do shit. Especially since you can at most play 3 of them simultaneously. I would trade everyone of our forwards, except Messi, for just two world class midfielders who can break open a parked bus and put in hard work.

      Our hopes to win this cup is not on our offense, its in Sampaoli making a backline and a productive midfield. We otherwise will score the least goals of any team, just like in the qualifiers..

    • I watched it, not his night. He wasted many opportunities and not good in passing even though he was used as right winger, his favorite position. Seems that he had some altitude problem during the training this week. So no surprise that he was not fit during the match.

      I think he wanted to join Barca during the summer but the transfer was cancelled in the last minutes.

  4. I think the rumoured friendly match between Argentina and Morocco in March has now high chances because of Nigeria being in the group with Argentina. Will France accept to play a friendly match against Argentina since there is a posibility that one of the two can be the winner of their group and the other the runner-up of their group so that they could face each other in the Round of 16?

    I hope one of Argentina’s two friendlies in March be against Belgium.

    • Morocco will be a great exercise too. To me Morocco and Senegal are the best African teams. Morocco has an excellent defense, good technically. Will like to see our NT playing against them.

      • They didn’t concede a single goal in the Third Round of African WC Qualifiers. I also believe that they are stronger than Nigeria. Morocco and Belgium friendlies will be good IMO.

  5. Rojo playing and i swear he turning into a beast. There is NO way Masche should play ahead of him in 3 men defence. This guy will be huge for us. Great to see Mou putting his trust in him.

    • Well, Rojo was one of the best player at the last world cup hence the reason why he was name in the tournament best team. Moreover, Rojo was immature back in 2014, right now he is more matured, and at the same time being guided under the leadership of Jose Mourinho tenure at United…Argentine players always excel under Mourinho leadership; from his days coaching Argentinean players at Inter Milan, coaching Di Maria at Real Madrid, and now help improving Rojo and Romero game at Manchester United.

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