Argentina’s 2018 FIFA World Cup group: Croatia, Iceland and Nigeria


Argentina’s 2018 FIFA World Cup group consists of Croatia, Iceland and Nigeria.

Lionel MESSI and co will start off the 2018 FIFA World Cup against Iceland. The Icelandics had a fantastic Euro 2016 tournament after not only making it out of the group stages but knocking out England in the Round of 16. The Albiceleste will have to start off the World Cup on the right foot and a win here will do just that.

Argentina’s second match at the World Cup will come against Croatia. On paper, possibly Argentina’s most difficult opponent in the group stage. A technically strong team with star player Luka MODRIC being one of the better midfielders of the past few years, Jorge SAMPAOLI will have his work cut out for him in this match.

After that comes Nigeria. Not for the first (second, third or fourth) time in World Cup history, Argentina will play African side Nigeria in the group stages of a World Cup. The two sides were drawn together in the 1994, 2002, 2010, 2014 and now 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Argentina’s 2018 FIFA World Cup group fixtures:

Argentina vs. Iceland: June 16
Argentina vs. Croatia: June 21
Argentina vs. Nigeria: June 26

Coach Jorge SAMPAOLI had this to say after the draw:
“I have a lot of confidence in these Argentine players.”

FIFA World Cup Group Draw:

2018 FIFA World Cup Groups
2018 FIFA World Cup Groups

FIFA World Cup Knockout Stages:

World Cup Knockout Matches
The knockout stages of the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Argentina have played against World Cup debutantes in 2014 (Bosnia-Hezergovina), 2006 (Ivory Coast), 1998 (Japan) and 1994 (Greece). They have won all of those matches. And in 2018, they play Iceland who will also be making their World Cup debut.

What do you think of Argentina’s group?

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  1. Sampoli is very confident about these players there must be reason for that. Rojo,Mori will provide extra edge to the team and most importantly Sergio augreo is not the same he once was.Pep has done some really good work on him.
    But I miss Lanzini, Pastore and Lamela

    • Sampaoli should not play Masche as a starter in any game…he is not fast anymore
      Goal Keepers:
      Romero, Rulli, Andujar
      Otamendi, Rojo, Pizzaro, Pezzella, Fazio, Mercado, Funes Mori, Mascherano
      Lanzini, Perez, Banega, Perotti, Lo Celso, A Gomez, Di Maria, J Correa, Paredes, Acuna, Biglia, Kranevitter, Rigoni
      Salvio, Dyballa, Pavon, Icardi, Aguero, Messi

  2. Well its a tricky group but its not a Group of Death, If we cant beat Iceland or Nigeria or Croatia then how can we expect us to be World Champions? The Group of Death is Which i think surely is Group F.

    One advantage Sampa has is he now knows exactly that what Nigeria can do to us. I think the loss against Nigeria is the best thing happened to us in right time.

    To be frank Argentina had the best chance to win the 2014 World Cup the draw and opponents was very favorable to us, This time well its gonna be tough. Well its world cup so it will be tough. No Matter which player is selected we have to put on a tough fight to win it. Hope for the best may be we can have all the Luck too.

  3. Argentina is not ready for the world cup 2018:
    1) No system in place to battle it out against giant and other promising teams.
    2) No regular starters so far.
    3) No solid or strong subs that equal the value of starters
    4) Old team with no young fresh faces
    5) Banega, Di Maria, Aguero, Biglia, etc. were all tested million times and we all know the final product. Oh wait, Higuaín is back to seal the curse 100% and put the last nail in the coffin.
    6) This is Europe (no South America), since we failed to deliver on next door turf and with the same squad that was younger, do you think they will deliver in Europe against young fast players?

    The Group of Death:

    We are in the group of death: Iceland is strong, Croatia is dangerous and Nigeria is confident now to beat us easily (younger squad playing oldies).

    I expect Croatia to finish first and Argentina second in the group. Argentina will face France in the round of 16 and will be out. I would be fool if I predict that Argentina is able to beat France based on the squad and system we have.

    Argentina will be out from the round of 16 this time. World cup requires years of planning and building with the same coach not a collection of stars one month prior to world cup. Oh, and we don’t have young fast players in all areas. Last world cup winner did it by trooping a junior player for the most crucial mission, and this will continue in Russia as well. Watch out.

    • No offence, but I saw many contradictions in your comments. If I’m not mistaken it was only a week or so ago when you said Argentina can beat any opponent at the WC, and now all of a sudden you are expecting Croatia to top our group and then France will kick us out of the tournment. I respect your views but most of them are negative. Argentina has weaknesses like any other team, but its strengths are way more than its weaknesses. I hope the team will prove you wrong!

  4. Just watched Strasbourg-PSG, Pastore was doing OK: decent defensive contribution, created 2 great opportunities for Mbappe and Di Maria and had 1 opportunity to score with a wonderful control but unfortunately touched the bar. 1st goal came from his action with Neymar and Rabiot. Wonder why Emery replaced him with Lo Celso who seemed to be very slow in his action and made no impact. Not a good match for Di Maria, he missed lots of opportunities and made some wrong decisions in his passing. But not a surprise because he seemed to be pissed off during training this week.

    Before that match, saw Lamela in action as well. Not good neither, he was supposed to keep the ball as Pochettino wanted a draw. Finally he didn’t succeed in any of his dribble and could have even cost his team 3 points as he lost ball closed to his own goalkeeper for a couple of times.

    Now watching Arsenal-United, good to see Rojo back! But he seems to be a bit nervous, caused several dangerous free kicks and a bit dominated by Lacazette. Not an easy one as he just recovered from injuries.

    Hope that Di Maria, Rojo, Lamela and Lo Celso could find back their sensation soon. Also hope that Emery realize that without Pastore, PSG plays as a mess. Javier should be the leader in attack instead of Neymar and Mbappe.

  5. Super eagles, let me tell you a few words.

    First of all, you claim that you are a fan of Nigeria and this is really not a problem to me, as unlike you i respect every other team including yours. I am from Greece but i have been a die hard albiceleste fan for over two decades and i can tell you for sure that noone should underestimate any opponent especially if the opponent is a tradiotional powerhouse such as Argentina.

    Yes you managed to beat us and good for you, but your team was not existent in the first half therefore you won the game from the beginning of the second half until the end of the game. But keep in mind that in the second half the majority of the Argentine players were new comers to the team and also that game was a friendly. I am not underestimating your win on us but a friendly game is completely different than an official one and i am telling you this due to personal experience as there were quite many times in the past that Argentina beat a team in a frendly and we struggled against them in an official game or during a tournament.

    Show some respect, this is Argentina you are talking about.

    You said that you are not afraid of Argentina but still you are posting on an Albiceleste forum as frequently as you would do in a Nigerian forum, therefore it seems to me that whether you are a Brazilian or German fan hidding behind the nickname “super eagles”, fear Argentina much more than you claim or your arrogance hits stupidity!

    • No need for the foul language here. I am a green-white-green through and through and post on numerous forums worldwide.

      Back to the point about Argentina, I notice an arrogance here (I only notice this with Argentina and England fans)in which people think their teams just has to turn up and win. In that friendly, Argentina’s players thought the game was won, not appreciating the fact that football is a 90 minute game.

      I can see there is some respect for Croatia here, which is at least a good thing. However, this is why I believe Argentina will be beaten by Iceland and Nigeria because the players will dismiss them and show no respect.

      Back to the Nigeria friendly, do you know that Nigeria played that match without its main attackers including Victor Moses, Odion Ighalo and Henry Onyekuru? Come the main event, I think you will find Nigeria playing the whole 90 minutes the way the Eagles played in the second half.

      When I watched the draw, Alan Shearer was the commentator and he had the same views as me that Argentina is the weak link in the group. He did not see Albiceleste qualifying from the group.

  6. I have seen here and in some other blogs people saying that Argentina’s group is the toughest one and the “D” is for death, but I don’t agree with them at all.

    If you look at group B there are Morocco and Iran along side Portugal and Spain. Most people predict that this is an easy group and the two European teams can qualify easily, but there is something they forgot. Morocco is tougher and stronger than Nigeria and they didn’t concede a single goal in the Third Round of African qualifiers which led them to top a group that Ivory Coast was part of. Iran on the other hand, was the second team qualified for Russia 2018 and they have a young squad that can cause many troubles to both Spain and Portugal.

    People also think that Brazil can qualify easily for the Round of 16 but that is also very far from reality. Switzerland is a counter attacking team with very good defence and midfield. Serbia also has good players who are plying their trade in some of the European best leagues. IMO, Costa Rica could be the weakest team in this group but we all know what they did at the 2014 WC.

    Germany are also in a tough group but they seem overconfident and surely they will pay the price.

    Although Argentina is in a tricky group but it will be a good test for the the players and we can estimate how far Argentina can go after the first two games. Vamos Argentina!!!

  7. @SuperEagles
    Don’t fly so high g for over hyping friendly win. Let the time comes and watch how we shoot you down. This time 2-0 won’t be 2-4. It will be 4-0 to us. Don’t get overhyped over some bullshit pundits says. It is Argentina you talking about. Show some respect

    • Yes, you are Albiceleste but you must admit that you are not the same team that the whole world has come to know. The Argentina of 2017 does not scare anyone.

      By the way, in that friendly, you only went two up because the coach Rohr was too stubborn and started with that useless keeper Akpeyi and two wingbacks not up to the job. As soon as he changed things at half time, see how the game altered.

      If Nigeria and Cameroon were to play today, we would not start with a weakened team, so when you tire and our young guns start firing, it will be 4-0 not 4-2. I still do not see how Argentina can cope with the pace of Moses, Iheanacho, Iwobi, Onyekuru, etc.

      I take it you know we also put four past Cameroon, the African champions during qualification. Watch this:

      • SuperEagles, What is new about this Nigeria team? Nigeria and Argentina went in the same group four times before this group and Argentina won all the four previous clashes.

        Is the friendly match what is making you overconfident? Friendly games are nothing but a test, so you better not to get a head of yourself.

        I respect Nigeria a lot and they are one of the best African teams but don’t give them a bigger weight than theirs. Keep in mind that Argentina is a football powerhouse.

        • In Nigeria, everyone loves Argentine football. Nigerian football fans idolise the likes of Kempes, Maradona, Batistuta, Caniggia, Buruchaga, Valdano, Samuel, Messi, etc but this time around, everyone is amazed at how low Albiceleste have fallen.

          It is not just the scoreline but the way the match was so one-sided in the second half that excites everyone. it could have been six or seven if the Eagles wanted to score that many.

          Be honest and ask yourself when was the last time a Nigerian nutmegged Mascherano and dumped him on the seat of his arse the way Iwobi did? Please tell me what will prevent that being done to Mascherano again come the World Cup?

        • Do you know Hungary were also once a footballing powerhouse? Today, does anyone rate them?

          Uruguay have also won the World Cup twice. Can you see them wining it again in our lifetime. I think there is a consensus that Argentina is yesterday’s team, living off past glory!

          • I think you only watched the second half. In the first half it was a complete one sided game and Argentine players looked like they were on a training session. Nigerian players were out of the game in the first half and they couldn’t even pull two passes together.

            It is laughable how you are comparing Argentina to Hungary and it tells me that you don’t want to face the reality.

            I know what Argentina is and you really know what Nigeria is, so without argument let us see what the time is holding for you.

          • I hope you are on this site as much as you are now after June 26th, 2018…. matter fact give me the Nigeria football forum so I can make sure no Nigerian ever tries to compare us to Hungry again…remember my friend, God still wears #10 for Argentina …

      • We will see brother. We will play you with our bench team g. Stay here till June. @ROY please don’t block this bloke. I hope you don’t hide in your nest eagle. You flying away your comfort zone. You seeing a elephant but from distance you thinking it’s a ant. Go prepare Messi g

        • Last time I checked, football was a 90 minute game. What happened in the first half of that friendly was that the coach started with B team players. You all saw that silly goalkeeper (Not among Nigeria’s top 10 in my opinion) gift Argentina the first goal.

          Nigeria is fully capable of playing the full game the way it played the second half. That is what I believe we will see at the World Cup and I will be here in June to remind you all about that after the match.

  8. KidultHood

    please do not start once again with these over-optimistic tournament campaign (your attitude reminds me always Maradona coach state of mind before quarterfinal of 2010 WC). Everytime when you do that I start to be fearad that somewhere at the end of all that campaign is not quite happy for us last match of a tournament.

  9. Croatia have one big problem. By the time the World Cup starts, this will be the ages of Croatia’s star players:

    Luca Modric -32
    Ivan Rakitić – 30
    Mario Mandžukić – 32
    Nikola Kalinić – 30
    Ivan Perišić – 29

    They will not be able to deal with pace! By the time they attack, opponents will have had defenders back in place.

    Croatia are vulnerable to young and quick teams. Watch Croatia get torn apart on the counter-attack

  10. This group is good/bad at the same time. It all depends on Argentina. Let’s face it: this team is ATM far from Sabella’s level before WC. We couldn’t win in qualifiers in home against teams we were sure must win. With Argentina playing so lacklustre and incoherent football as since last year not only Iceland but every team might make us struggling. Sampaoli must improve and advance at least one level higher with preparing cohesive team. If it happens this group may be even quite comfort for us. Even Sabella team struggled on WC so much while we are ATM nowhere near to state of Argentina before WC 2014.

  11. Apparently not only Nigeria is our forever destination but somehow also usually one of Balkanian teams. Greece- 1994, Croatia -1998, Serbia – 2006, Bosnia – 2014, Greece- 2010, Croatia – 2018.

  12. Argentina have a great attack but the problems with Albiceleste is that the defence is too slow. A lot of pundits are writing Argentina off because of the problems at the back.

    Sampoli has no choice other than to defend deep and hit teams on the counter-attack, relying on the briliance of Messi and Aguero. Look at what the Nigerian fans are saying:

    Dear Fifa,

    This is to remind you that Nigeria’s Super Eagles have only two matches to play because we had already played and beat Argentina 4-2 in Krasnodar, Russia.

    Therefore, we have only Iceland and Croatia matches left.

    Thanks for your understanding.

    • Why are you so optimistic? 1994 Argentina-Nigeria 2:1 2002 Argentina-Nigeria 1:0 (2006 Argentina-Cote divoire 2:1) 2010 Argentina-Nigeria 1:0 2014 Argentina-Nigeria 3:2, Nigeria maybe the favourite opponent of Argentina, Nigeria can only beat them in friendlies, where Argentina are always experimenting, WC is a whole different story. In 2011 Nigeria-Argentina 4:1 and what happened in the group? Easy Arg win with 50% effort, this will happen next year too. Most of the nigerian teams were much stronger than this current one without real superstars. A lot of core players are bencwarmers in big clubs, or too old (Obi Mikel) Ahmed Musa, Moses, Iwobi, Iheanacho (hardly play nowadays)

      • So you think the results of past World Cups will count in 2018? The players who will tear Argentina apart with pace are Victor Moses, Henry Onyekuru and Odion Ighalo.

        No need to boast now. We will meet at the World Cup and see who is the better side.

          • Football is a team sport, big names do not win matches. Portugal failed to win the Euros with its “golden generation” but did so in 2016 with a much weaker team.

            Talking about 94, Argentina had a much stronger squad. I put it to you that if you look at the current Albiceleste squad, only Messi would get into the 94 team. Even Aguero would not be able to displace Batistuta and Cannigia.

            Reputations do not win you games. There is nothing to this current Argentina team. Everybody outside Argentina appears to agree on this.

  13. Hi guys. I am from croatia and i am very glad that arg is along side croatia in the group. I am big fan of arg and i hope that we can beat croatia. But it wont be easy. Croatia is very strong. Just think of names like modric, rakitic, mandzukic, kalinic, perisic. All of them, and others too, playing in europe top clubs. Why i dont like my country nt? Long story but have something with my football club hajduk split and our battle against the system. I am so nervous to finnaly see messi wins wc and argentina on thron. So best wishes and come on argentina!

    • Croatia have good players but one thing you lack is pace and legs. Your build-ups are too slow. Modric at 33 cannot initiate quick attacks, which will be a problem because teams can get back and defence.

      This will be a very fascinating group.

    • Iceland can be the surprise, I strongly believe that. This team is supported by their own people who travel for supporting their team and those players have been playing for years, there is kind of friendships and affinity between players and fans, which is very rare today and which plays a very important role in this kind of competition. I mean a very average player can be transformed into a world class player during a match with this kind of fans.

  14. Argentina-Nigeria love story continues…

    Tough group. No easy match for Argentina, nor in the knock out stage. Of all the WCs this Argentina is the least hopeful team. I really don’t have much expectations from this team. I just don’t want an embarrassing exit from the WC, like the way Sampaoli’s mentor Bielsa or Maradona’s Argentina had.

  15. The five opponents I fear standing between us and the glory.

    1. Croatia.
    2. Nigeria.
    3. Portugal.
    4. England.
    5. Brazil.

    We should take only one game at a time like last finals. Ours is a really tricky group. In 2002 we totally failed to think about Sweden in the beginning itself. We must avoid that and do lot of homework on Iceland. Even a draw against both Croatia n Nigeria is a good one. We must not lose the concentration. Our friendly loss against Nigeria should be the best thing happened to us after qualification. I fear the group phase, quarter n final. Hope n pray for the best.

  16. The war of mind games between Argentina and Germany started already! After Sampaoli’s speech about Germany, this is the response from the Krauts!!

    “Sampaoli said Germany have no superstars? Argentina have the best player in the world and couldn’t win the World Cup. Teamwork wins you the trophy rather than individuals. I think Sampaoli had drunk a few glasses of red wine”

    ________Jupp Heynckes

  17. Before yesterday draw, I said to myself 2 teams to avoid: Iceland and obviously Spain.

    To me, Iceland can be the surprise again for the world cup 2018, same as 2016. They did well during qualifiers and they play with what they got. They can knock out either any big team during the 1st stage. I won’t be surprised to see Iceland top the group and Argentina finish 2nd. Of course I prefer to see Argentina finish 1st.

  18. A very balanced world cup draw. No easy route for any team. There will definitely be a number of surprises in the group stage. Hopefully, the Nigeria defeat will keep our team alert from the off. Vamos Argentina!

    * For those who are worried about facing Germany in the semis, that’s the stage the Germans are most vulnerable at. They have lost more Semis than probably anyone else. Bar any exception, they are usually guaranteed a semi-spot and get kicked out from there simultaneously.

  19. If Sampaoli is very adamant on sticking to his 3 man defense then i would love to see
    ++Funes Mori++Otamandi++Garay++
    Playing Mercado and Mascherano is like playing with our world cup hopes.
    Praying that Garay will change his mind and start playing for his country once again.
    @msi, is there a particular reason why Garay doesn’t want to play?

    • Nobody should turn down the national team especially when the team is in trouble, so even though Garay wants to come back, if I were Sampaoli, I will never take this guy back. Me as an Argentine fan for more than 30y, I’ve never seen that. I don’t know what’s wrong with him but I will never forgive that kind of behavior.

  20. It looks like ‘Misser’ Higuain is getting back into the team… will not be the No.9 and nor a starter but definitely flying to Gog Magog for the world cup.
    Sampaoli’s No.9 and starter will be Aguero… Icardi will be the No.7
    Higuain might not get a chance to play on the field but definitely will be there on the bench.
    Hope Funes Mori and Rojo and Lanzini and Agusto Fernandez make it to the world cup
    Argentina need a surprise factor like Bustos.
    Metal of strength like Battaglia
    Players like Banega and Gago need to give their places to young fresh legs

  21. If somehow Portugal can top their group we can avoid spain. And have relatively simple route up to until the semis, after which it’s just the matter of holding the nerve.

    • Spain’s attack is is average and their biggest strength Midfield is not the magical midfield of 2010.. i wouldn’t be surprised if Portugal topped the group.. It the semi against Germany that we need to worry about!!

      • Spain is still dangerous, Xavi-Iniesta is now replaced by Silva-Isco, there is more variation and pace in attack, before they relied solely on Villa to score. I think they are as good as 2010, less Barca style but more versatile.

        Portugal is even stronger than 2016 with some new young players who bring lot of added value. They belong to dark horses class like Argentina, Belgium and Uruguay.

        To me it makes no difference to play either of them, I actually prefer to take Spain.

  22. I think it’s a fair group as it could’ve been worse for us. The glaring advantage we have is our fairly strong and organised opponents that we will be facing who could prepare us well for the more crucial knockout games.

    Sampaoli would be able to further rectify and tweak his tactics( if there is ) before we face tougher opponents. I just hope we could hold our nerves and not receive too many cautions to avoid suspensions before our crucial games.

    Also i advise most of you who deduced that brazil would get past belgium fairly easily in the q-finals to reevaluate it. Belgians are definitely the dark horses this time as their golden generation have matured and gel-ed hence will surely be a tough nut to crack in the tournament. A good performance from them could send the mighty brazilians out early.

  23. For me its a moderate group.. i dont think that any of the 3 matches will be too hard for us… BUT defense and messi dybala combo… which we have to work… and for me we are facing same old germans in the semi finals.. this time result will be differnt… and we will be the WORLD CHAMPIONS…. VAMOS ARGENTINA..

  24. Argentina vs Nigeria (first world cup 1994) = W

    Argentina vs Croatia, Japan, Jamaica (all world cup new comer, 1998) = W,W,W

    Argentina vs Serbia (first world cup 2006) = W

    Argentina vs Bosnia Herz (first world cup 2014) = W

    Iceland won’t be any different.

  25. First match is crucial to us. If we beat Iceland in the first match, it will be acceptable to draw against Croatia.

    The good thing is – Iceland is a new comer and they will definitely not park the bus. They are the team that is always with a great passion to attack and show off. After Euro16 and qualifiers, They are over confident in my opinion.

    The other good thing is – the three opponents in our group are all expecting to go to next round. That will result in a psychological effect that they will save their energy against us and try to beat the others!

    Overall, I am very happy with this group stage draw.

    HOWEVER, I am not too optimistic about our knock out stage.

    The round of 16 will be no surprise and magic as you can see from the group stage draw. The stronger team will go through round of 16 fairly easy.

    After that, Spain or Germany are too strong for us. We need some luck.

  26. Nigerian predictions:

    Group stages
    June 16: Nigeria 2-0 Croatia
    June 22: Nigeria 4-1 Iceland
    June 26: Nigeria 2-1 Argentina

    Round of 16
    July 1: Nigeria 2-0 Peru

    Quarter finals
    July 7: Nigeria 1-1 Spain (Nigeria wins on penalties)

    Semi finals
    July 11: Nigeria 0-1 Germany

    Third place game
    July 14: Nigeria 1-0 France

    We will come back with the bronze medal!

  27. Nigerian fans believer the Super Eagles can get nine points from this group:

    Argentina – We just proved we can beat them, albeit without Messi. However, coming from two down to score four shows they can be beaten

    Croatia – They have some good players like Modric and Rakatic but they are an ageing side and will struggle to cope with our pace

    Iceland – They had a great Euro 2016 and are very hardworking but I believe they will always struggle against guile, flair and pace

    June 16: Nigeria 2-0 Croatia
    June 22: Nigeria 4-1 Iceland
    June 26: Nigeria 2-1 Argentina

  28. Europe Qualification 2018 Group E

    1 Island 10 Games 22 Points
    2 Croatia 10 Games 20 Points

    Croatia vs Island 2:0
    Ilsand vs Croatia 1:0

    Afrika Qualification 2018

    1 Nigiria 6 Games 14 Points
    3 Cameron 6 Games 7 Points

    Our Group ist a very very difficult Group.

    • How many of the teams you mention had to face opponents like Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia, Chile, Peru over two legs in WCQ? You’re compare apples and Oranges.

  29. Iceland is a new comer to the WC and they will do against Argentina what Ivory Coast and Bosnia did when they were in the WC for the first time. I am sure they will park the bus and play a counter attacking football with Argentina.

    Croatia is a regular WC participant and they somehow can play an attacking game with Argentina which could be an entertaining game to watch. This game is the one Aegentina can qualify for the round of 16 if Argentina beats Iceland, so it is a very important game in all aspects. Croatia isn’t as good as they were in the past but all possibilities are open once you are at the WC.

    Nigeria has a balanced team and their forwards are tough and physical but their defence is a shaky one at times which could allow Messi,Aguero, and Di Maria to score against them.

    This is a tricky group but Argentina will qualify for the Round of 16 with nine or seven pts.

  30. Group A

    1. Russia
    2. Uruguay

    Group B

    1. Spain
    2. Portugal

    Group C

    1. France
    2. Peru

    Group D

    1. Argentina
    2. Iceland

    Group E

    1. Brazil
    2. Switzerland

    Group F

    1. Germany
    2. Mexico

    Group G


    Group F

    1. Colombia
    2. Senegal

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