Diego MILITO wants Sergio ROMERO at Racing Club


Diego MILITO wants Sergio ROMERO of Manchester United at Racing Club.

Yes, you read that correctly. Inter legend Diego MILITO (who now has a general position at his beloved Racing Club) is looking to add some reinforcements at the club. The star name? Manchester United goalkeeper Sergio ROMERO.

ROMERO is currently playing back-up to David DE GEA in Manchester and MILITO’s hopes are that he can lure the Argentina number 1 to the club for regular playing time ahead of the FIFA World Cup. The two know each other fairly well having been team mates with the Argentina National Team, most notably at the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Chiquito (Sergio’s nickname) has already been linked to a move to River Plate, however, that deal looks to have fallen through.

Another name being mentioned is that of Rodrigo PALACIO, whom MILITO knows well during his time in Italy.


  1. romero is solid…he has never been our problem in the NT..to all you guys thinking bout battaglia and others..i say yes…plz keep adding all of our shit players to our NT…we arent deep enough in the shit already…plz keep discussing the likes of penalba, vietto, lanzini, pastore, gomez, lamela and all the others…we r not mediocre enough already…and by the way…plz keep dreaming about winning the WC…yes we can make it….all the players that let us down for 5 years will all perform at the WC….nothings gonna stop us now

    • Romero has never been a problem for us? I suggest you watch Argentina vs Brazil game in Buenos Aires for example. He was at fault for our conceded goal. Lanzini is a bad player? Even the perpetual denier kidulthood thinks otherwise now. Pochettino likes him too.Everyone is entitled to their opinion but I think you are mostly wrong here.Agree about Pastore and Vietto though.

    • Oh god not this nonsense again, it’s like having 2 kidulthoods. Look Manuel you’re entitled to your opinions but even opinions need to be based on a modicum of facts.
      Battaglis is not a shit player and if you bothered to watch him in anything beyond youtube highlights you’d know that.
      lanzini is an amazing footballer and again if you bothered to actually watch him play you’d know that.
      As for vietto, pastore and Lamela, well I personally never advocated for any of them to be in the national team, especially pastore, however if any of them manage to have a break out second half of the season that I say they deserve a chance.

    • On other news west ham is considering Battaglia for strengthening their midfield in this tranfer window but I dont think they will pay 30mil

    • yeah hope Battaglia decides to play for Argentina and hope Sampaoli picks him.I believe his the best box to box midfielder we have at the moment.

      • Imo Battaglia is not the solution in a possession-based team like Argentina, he’s not good enough with the ball, and even not a good passer. yeah he has some box to box-tendencies, but plays as a pure destroyer. A good box to box is everywhere, score a lot of goals!!! and give a lot of assists!!! That’s not Battaglia. For me Lo Celso one day: versatile, hardworker, secure passer ,creative, good vision, even defends a lot. If he improves like this will be a fantastic midfielder. Thy guy simply got all the skills. Lo Celso vs Caen: youtube.com/watch?v=5ldWnASnNag

        • [he’s not good with the ball, and even not a good passer.]

          Im certain that you haven’t seen Battaglia play at all because if you have you’d realize that his skill with the ball is one of his main attributes. He’s also big and strong and fairly fast and like Gonzalo said he’d make for a good CM even though I look at him as a rather clever DM, he knows how to move around the field i.e. he has a high footballing IQ.

          Lo Celso is talented for sure and if he keeps up his ascend with PSG he could prove to be an important player for argentina in the future but judging but he recent games with argentina he’s still abit raw. Who knows though, maybe that’ll change by the end of the year.

          • When you are in PSG and play in French league all the things seems simple.

            What position we are talking about? Lo Celso can’t replace Battaglia if we are talking at No.5 position. Do we need classic No.5? IMO – yes, we need. We have seen in one of our last matches what happens when we are playing with Enzo, Banega, Lo Celso as 3 CMs and without classic No.5. Theoretically all of them should defend and give enough contribution on this point to counterbalance lack of No.5. But all they were most to blame for our conceeded goals. In decisive moment none of them enough dutiable and diligent on defence.

            Lo Celso may be one day outstanding CM but ATM he is too slow on decision making as for great playmaker. He should play more one-touch football. Needs to improve the things. Hence I would take Lanzini over Lo Celso ATM as CM. Still I see Giovanni on WC.

            Another thing is: on the highest level of tournaments rather players like Lavezzi or Enzo are decisive (remember WC or last Copa final semi with Lavezzi). ENzo is similar to Battaglia. He also is mediocree on the ball and not a good passer, just like Battaglia (but Battaglia better on defence). Lavezzi is type of hardworker as well and he is not that good on the ball too. They were our motors in semi and final of WC and Lavezzi was so vital in last Copa till his injury.

            On the other hand technical skills players, passers are often invisible in tough games of final stages in tournaments because the games are usually war-like.

  2. Romero absolutly realise even he sleep at home..he still keep numero uno argentina goalie…so why should he get headache thinking about his position as reguler or benchwarmer

  3. Romero needs a regular playing time to be well prepared for his national duty, otherwise N/T will be in trouble with goalkeeper at WC as Romero is still the first Sampaoli’s choice .

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