Nicolas TAGLIAFICO named Man of the Match in Ajax debut


It didn’t take Nicolas TAGLIAFICO long to make a name for himself at Ajax.

The former Independiente skipper made his debut for Ajax in the biggest match of the season, in De Klassieker between Ajax and Feyenoord. An assist with a stellar performance to boot was enough to be named the Man of the Match.

With the number 31 shirt on his back, TAGLIFICO assisted the first goal on Donny VAN DE BEEK’s finish. The €4M man received a pass from Justin KLUIVERT and the Argentinian sent in a a low pass from the left for the goal.

He was substituted with minutes left in the match to a standing ovation by the home fans who saw their team pick up the 2-0 win.

Nicolas TAGLIAFICO’s debut for Ajax

1 assist
44 passes
84% pass accuracy
2 key passes
1 dribble won
4 tackles won
6 interceptions
3 aerials won
4 clearances

Nicolas TAGLIAFICO’s assist

Ajax fans give TAGLIAFICO a standing ovation

As we reported earlier in the week, Argentina National Team coach Jorge SAMPAOLI met with TAGLIAFICO despite the meeting not being in his original plans. Should Nicolas keep up these types of performances, he could easily find himself in the Argentina squad.


  1. Ahhh

    Finally an Argentine player who made a good career move.

    And this also brings him into the fold and make his case a whole lot stronger to start for us. Given that we dont have any leftback at all, he shoyld be that guy to ply as our LB.
    As we have decent options for RB, this is a perfect opportunity for Sampaoli to test a proper 4-3-3.

    Gomez Otamendi Rojo Tagliafico
    Banega Mascherano Enzo
    Pavon Messi Lanzini

    Mercado Otamendi Rojo Tagliafico
    Salvio Mascherano Banega Acuna
    Messi Aguero

    At least It gives us options.

  2. He lacks that top player ability which is the ball control. Not being biased. But fortunately he made the right choice ant the right time. i think at ajax his positioning ball control and passing will only get better. Hope to see this guy donning the nt jersey soon.

  3. Good news for Argentina, Sampaoli may use him as Acuna’s backup, especially when he need to secure the score.

    Watched Lyon-PSG, finally Lo Celso show his limit in the holding midfielder position, he was dominated physically by the Lyon midfielders. Besides he played too safe and never took risk. But it’s good for him to play more often against this kind of teams.

    On the other hand, Di Maria was doing ok, until Dani Alves sent off. I think soon he will get back to his top level.

    • How lo celso played?? Was he poor??? It was his 1st big game and he failed to deliver what a shame we don’t have player to support messi specially who can create chances

      • Well yes, a bit disappointed to see the Lyon pair Ndombele-Tousart gave him such a hard time, they are around the same age as him … The role of holding midfielder is not so simple and Lo Celso is still learning. Don’t forget this guy was a playmaker initially, his previous performance and his recent progress is already over expectation.

        Lo Celso’s added value is his long passing for counter-attack and his ability to keep the ball under pressure. I would say his contribution will be important but not sufficient. Messi is more comfortable when he has agile and fast players around him. Sampaoli has already found the right players for him like Acuna, Salvio, Pavon, …etc.

  4. Was Messi last night answering all those who feel he is past his prime?

    Goals, Assist, Acceleration,Incredible Dribbles and finally Ovation from opposition crowd..may be not against a top team.. But still as some people say he has passed his prime and at 30 he produces this

    Question is will he be able to maintain this form and consistency till WC or exhaust

    • He was playing mediocre until the first goal came whatever you guys think this is not the prime messi and yes velverde playing him too much and he mayb exhausted that’s why I want barca to win early then messi may get some rest at least in league games

      • In my personal opinion Leo has spoilt us by being so consistent for ages. There are players who play like that twice or thrice in their entire career at top level. And we are complaining that he was mediocre in first half:))
        However nothing wrong about voicing your opinion brother

        Any which ways whether in his prime or not Messi can’t win WC alone. We have seen in form Leo for years and years. But Arg didn’t win anything. He needs big time support as this could possibly be his last opportunity

      • @Anuparno,Messi past his prime? Haven’t you seen Barca’s fifth goal? He wasn’t running very fast but he made some great run which can show you he is fast enough to terrorize defenders.

        Messi is the third fastest player in Argentina squad after Di Maria and Cristian Pavon. Sometimes you don’t need Messi to run fast but you only need his killer passes and vision.

        One of Argentina’s recent best midfielders is Roman Requelme. Everybody knows he was slow but whenever the ball was at his feet the opponents used to fear of his killer passes. Football isn’t all about running!

        • I think he is not giving his 100% for Barcelona he is preserving for world cup he knows its vital for his legacy it will depend he can join the likes of pele or maradona or regarded as underachievers like cruyff de stefano

  5. I’m not surprised by his performance, he has shown that time and time again for Independiente. Some of us here who identify as children (if you know what I mean) have dismissed Tagliafico as an average player, even called him “poor man’s Lucas Orban”….

  6. Great performance from Tagliafico! If he keep it up, we may see a Messi-Alba type duo in WC. But the question remains for everyone, Which formation Argentina are going to play under Sampaoli?

    Btw, i just want our players keep performing like this till the end of Russia WC.

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