Sergio AGUERO hattrick, Lucas ALARIO double for Leverkusen


A Sergio AGUERO hattrick and a Lucas ALARIO double is what we have for you on Saturday!

Manchester City were looking to rebound from their first league loss of the season following their 4-3 defeat to Liverpool last week. They bounced back in fashion in a 3-1 win against Newcastle United with Sergio AGUERO scoring all three goals for Pep GUARDIOLA’s men.

The first goal came from the feintest of touches off his head to make it 1-0 for the Citizens. AGUERO double his tally in the second half with a well placed penalty kick. Newcastle scored shortly after and then came Sergio AGUERO who found the back of the net for the third time that match.

AGUERO’s hattrick was the first perfect Premier League hattrick since he himself scored one against Newcastle back in October 2015. The perfect hattrick consists of a goal scored with the head (which was the first goal), a goal with his right foot (the penalty) and a goal with his left foot (the third goal).

Kun reached 200 Premier League matches for Manchester City in the game against Newcastle, placing him in 4th place all time among Argentinians in the English Premier League.

Sergio Aguero Manchester City matches
Sergio Aguero among top 4 Argentinians with most matches in EPL. Via SportsCenter.

Shifting from England to Germany, AGUERO wasn’t the only Argentinian to score more than one goal on Saturday as former River Plate man Lucas ALARIO had a double himself. Leverkusen were away to Hoffenheim in the Bundesliga.

With the score 2-0 in favor of Leverkusen, Lucas ALARIO scored the third and fourth goal in Bayer’s 4-1 win against Hoffenheim. The win takes the into second place in the Bundesliga.

Sergio AGUERO hattrick

Lucas ALARIO double

It’ll be interesting to see if Lucas ALARIO (who has been considered by Argentina National Team coach Jorge SAMPAOLI in the past) will make the upcoming Argentina squad for the matches in March.


  1. N.Taglialfico made his european debut for Ajax…..didnt saw the match but as per he got 8.2 very good considering this is his first european match.

  2. Like the 1970s and 80s supercars….. looked great, ton of speed and sex appeal, but GOD forbid you took it for a long drive or dare drove it more than twice a month.

    Get my drift Kun, but strangely I have a feeling that he just might and I stress might deliver this summer, but then again I have been wrong many times.

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