Mauro ICARDI linked to shocking Real Madrid move


Mauro ICARDI is being linked in a shock move to Real Madrid.

The Inter captain posted a cryptic message on social media which then sparked controversy over the number 9’s future at the club. The Argentina number 9 tweeted “Bye Bye” while also posting on Instagram a picture saying “Growing up means being able to say goodbye”.

Inter director Piero AUSILIO spoke to Sky Sport and here’s what he had to say:


“ICARDI? I am not interested in things that I don’t have to response to.”

The Inter hitman is no stranger to Spain, having previously played for Barcelona’s B team prior to going to Italy. With only two days remaining until the end of the transfer window, should a move take place, it would have to be finalized very quickly. Jorge SAMPAOLI met with the former Sampdoria man while on a recent trip in Europe.


  1. As a huge Icardi fan, i would like him to go to barca than RM. He will have greater chance of success in Barca than Real. Suarez will probably sold in next summer, so they have vacant in that position. If he goes to RM and Ronaldo is still there, i cannot see it working. ROnaldo forced lesser player like Morata to be sold because he was scoring more goals than Ronaldo. Also Icardi was former barca youth, that will also excite fans and barca fans have more patience compare to RM fans.

    Also one thing to complain i have about Messi is he did not force current barca board to buy more Argentinians. when Maschanero and Messi were there, they usually used to be two best argentina players. So that means they talk about argentina in training ground and understand and respect the badge. That could happen if barca were to buy icardi or dybala. Instead Messi make them buy paulinho who is improving dalily playing next to messi and probably thinking of how to stop messi if they meet in World Cup. Messi should have forced Di mari transfer last summer. Such a Shame but i hope Icardi goes to barca, he would score as much as Suarez since Messi take 3 players with him. At last, Mighty god will help argentina win world cup 2018.

  2. Her Highness’ days at RM are numbered and They as in RM’s management are looking for anybody they could grab to fill the foreseeable void by their front 3……. from the Chicken-head, to Dybala, to Kane, to Mickey Mouse, to Jimmy Hoffa (LOL), to now Icardi.

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