Angel CORREA rocket shot, Federico FERNANDEZ scores for Swansea


An Angel CORREA rocket and a rare Federico FERNANDEZ goal continue our tally of Argentine strikes this weekend.

A Giovani LO CELSO chipped goal for PSG and a Gonzalo HIGUAIN hattrick for Juventus and now two more Argentinians added their names on the scoresheets. Beginning in Spain, a rocket shot by Atletico Madrid’s Angel CORREA was the difference as Diego SIMEONE’s men picked up a 1-0 victory against Valencia.

Per Opta, CORREA has now scored six goals in La Liga this season which is more than he has scored in any other of his seasons with Atletico. Furthermore, he has scored the opening goal in the six games in which he has scored this season in La Liga.

A starter at the 2014 FIFA World Cup with Argentina, Federico FERNANDEZ scored a rare goal for his club side Swansea as they drew 1-1 against Leicester City. The home team were up 1-0 up until the 57th minute when Federico FERNANDEZ scored a header to draw level.

Angel CORREA rocket shot goal

Federico FERNANDEZ goal


  1. My team for World Cup……


    ——————Peredes ———————-

    -pavon——lo Celso—María——-Acuna
    ——-—Messi ———-Aguaro———

  2. Actually not much difference between 4-4-2 and 3-4-3 because it really depends on Samapoli if he use Acuna or a more defensive profile like Tagliafico on the left or eventually both. For the rest, I think it’s the same set of players. If Di Maria plays on the right, then probably Acuna+Tagliafico or Acuna+Papu or Acuna+Correa, if Di Maria on the left, then Sampaoli will probably use Acuna as left fullback and Pavon or Salvio on the right. The idea behind is to have multiple wingers that are fast and agile to combine with Messi because he likes to play in small space and that’s how we can bring the best of him.

    • The Wingers will be the key for us in 3-4-3 Formation.

      Its gonna be like this:
      Messi-Aguero-Di Maria

      If its 3-3-3-1 Then Acuna may be dropped for a Midfielder

      Something like this:
      Enzo-Biglia-Lo Celso
      Salvio-Messi-Di Maria

      I think Di Maria-Messi Combo is gonna be the Key for us, they have to do the creative works. Acuna & Salvio has to stay fit because they have to do a lot of running,Salvio has a history with injuries, Rigoni is a player who havent yet convinced us yet,Pavon & Angel Correa r basically Right sided Forwards i am not sure whether they can do the defending work, DAMN Lavezzi would have been great for us now a tireless warrior.

    • Consider the quality of opposition vs Juventus in that game. Also, are you conveniently ignoring all the wasted chances in three consecutive finals?

    • He should start in a 3-4-3 and a 4-4-2… he is our fastest player and can support Messi on overlaps and is fast enough to get back on defense after … he might be the key that argentina has been looking for to help support Messi on the right with dimaria supporting from the left ..

      • I for one cannot see a 3-4-3 working no matter what, it’s a faulty system that rarely produces results hence why no major NT uses it.

        I agree with you regarding Correa overlapping with Messi on the right and another player who can probably do that is Pavon, although he playes as a RF at Boca and I’ve never seen him put in the defensive effort, which is essential in a 4-4-2.

        • Chile won 2 Copas with similar formation, plus Chelsea, Juventus a lot of times, Italy was great with Conte on Euro 2016, but imo Sampaoli rather want to use 3-3-1-3, not 3-4-3.

          • Copa is a COMPLETELY different beast than the WC, which is the only thing I’m talking about here.
            Club football is again a completely different thing and when exactly was the last time Juve and Chelsea won with a 3-4-3?

            Italy with Conte were great but also were the first Italian team to lose to Germany in a competitive tournament game.

            3-4-3 or 3-3-1-3 same difference, both require fast, ball playing defenders with a high level of awareness, which Argentina (and most other NT) lack sadly.

  3. On another topic, Montella left out Banega,Pizarro,Correa and Mercado out of starting lineup against Eibar. They got smashed 5 -1. I don’t know why they got rid of Berizzo. He got them into champions league knockout stage, they were struggling in La Liga but they were still a champions league spot contender. Montella is an absolute joke of a coach.

    • Mercado was suspended, Banega and Correa rested before the most important cup match, Pizzaro atm only Nzonzi’s sub for Montella, Franco Vazquez wins his starting place.

    • I watched the 1st half, they played so bad, especially in defense. It’s not the first time I saw that without Mercado, their defense is really terrible. Mercado is the kind of defensive player you won’t recognize much when he plays but you can see immediately the difference when he is not on the pitch.

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