Diego MARADONA comments on Lionel MESSI, attacks DI MARIA, BIGLIA


Diego MARADONA comments on Lionel MESSI while attacking the likes of Angel DI MARIA and Lucas BIGLIA.

Speaking with Diario Popular in Dubai, Diego MARADONA had strong words to say about coach Jorge SAMPAOLI, while heaping praise on Lionel MESSI, Gonzalo HIGUAIN and Carlos TEVEZ. Here’s what the 1986 World Cup winner had to say:


“Pipa (Gonzalo HIGUAIN) is 10 times better and for me deserves another chance. But this guy (Argentina coach Jorge SAMPAOLI) knows nothing. What he does know is to go eat at his friend’s houses, that he knows perfectly. He goes even without a GPS.”

Diego MARADONA on Lionel MESSI

Diego Maradona stated that Argentina coach Jorge SAMPAOLI is “lucky” because Argentina “has a 60% chance of being champions in Russia” as long as “the little guy MESSI is lighting it up. The others can sing in the choir but no one can replace him (MESSI) when he sings. The only one that can sing is him, the others can’t.”


MARADONA also talked about some of the setbacks in the National Team as well as the lack of midfielders who are able to recover the ball: “I say this without wanting to offend, BIGLIA (Lucas BIGLIA), would you have ever imagined him wearing the shirt of the National Team?”

Diego MARADONA on the Argentina National Team

“What bothers me is that it’s cost us a lot to respect us, that people are afraid of Argentina. Today, except for MESSI, they have lost respect for the shirt. In the last match against Nigeria (in a 4-2 loss), we could have gotten eight scored on us, please…”

On the possible inclusion of River Plate’s Leonardo PONZIO (now 36 in the Argentina team)

“Don’t fuck around, if PONZIO is the savior of Argentina’s midfield, we’re talking about a team like Honduras.”

Diego MARADONA on Carlos TEVEZ

MARADONA stated that “he deserves a chance”. “It’s not a debate. We have no one else. We’re rubbing two rocks together to get a number nine, one that can perform. Carlitos is cold blooded, it’s contagious.”


“The other day, they asked DI MARIA what his dream was. “Winning the Champions League” he said. And the World Cup with the National Team? That’s how they think.”

On Argentina coach Jorge SAMPAOLI:

“We had a project with SAMPAOLI in Sevilla. He called me when I was watching the final of the Davis Cup in Croatia, he was desperate. “Call me when you’re in Dubai and we’ll talk” I told him. He said “No Diego, Sevilla wants to pay tribute to you. “How? Don’t fuck with me, I played three matches with Sevilla.” It didn’t make sense to me. What happened there is that he had everything setup with the National Team and he wanted to use me for the picture. He wanted me to be his shield.”


  1. Watched Toulouse-PSG last night, quite good game for Di Maria and Lo Celso. For once, Lo Celso was used as deep-lying playmaker position instead of holding, he played simple and clean, as usual. Di Maria always tried to create dangerous situation with his run, unfortunately his efforts was not compensated. He was the origin of the action that led to Neymar’s goal.

    • Agree. Biglia is terrible. we definitely need creative monster if we play biligia in that DM position. I really hope Sampaoli teach him how to pass in tight space and be more offensive minded than just do the safe, which is defend the ball.

  2. To tell you the truth I’m not too convincing about Samp style of play all the other team have to to is play defense and counter like they say often win games defense win championships I’m more convincing about SIMEONE type of play.

    • Difference between the two is this:

      One has showed NO INTEREST in managing HIS country’s NT and the other left a secure job that probably paid him MORE and with faaaaaarrrr Less stress and expectations when his country came knocking, on their knees begging for him to accept and the man did JUST THAT.

      I personally don’t know if Sampaoli is the best fit for ARG but I do know that one was desperately needed within a ridiculous short period of time.

      Simeone is only interested in fame and fortune, nm not even giving ARGENTINE’s talent a chance unlike Sampaoli and others.
      Sure, he said I would love to coach Argentina one day, when? 10 years from now!? besides, his coaching style is borderline rough/dirty play on both sides of the game which might fly in La Liga but not in the WC.

      • Well said Dfox. Sampa took the job when no one wanted to get in the mess. He deserves his chance and probably want that job more than any other

    • Menotti vs Billardo.

      Even though we looked bleek under Sampa, i think we need his style moreso than Simeone. Attacking futbol has been our issue for years and Sampa aims to address that.

  3. erm ok diego ..maybe it’s time now for you to rest up and start a new hobby of some sort because you do talk out of your behind!

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