Champions League Review 1: HIGUAIN, AGUERO score


In this week’s Champions League review 1, it’s Gonzalo HIGUAIN with a rollercoaster night while Sergio AGUERO was all smiles.

Two goals by Gonzalo HIGUAIN for Juventus were enough to get them a 2-2 draw against Tottenham. It took Juventus only two minutes for them to take the lead. The second coming shortly after in the 9th minute. HIGUAIN’s first goal was very reminiscent of the one he scored for Argentina against Belgium at the 2014 FIFA World Cup where the team won 1-0 to advance to the quarter finals.

Pipita spun his body around and left the goalkeeper for dead with no time to react as he the ball went into the back of the net. The second goal was a penalty kick as HIGUAIN put one past Hugo LLORIS to double the lead.

With Harry KANE scoring to make it 2-1, Juventus were awarded a second penalty kick right at half time and once more it was the number 9 who stepped up to take it. Not the best of kicks, HIGUAIN sent the ball right down the middle but this time it didn’t go in.

The second half saw POCHETTINO’s men stepping up and drawing level as the match ended 2-2 with the second leg left to play at Wembley.

In Switzerland, Manchester City ran riot in a 4-0 win away to FC Basel. Three of the goals coming in the first half, AGUERO fired one from outside the area in the 23rd minute to make it 3-0 for Pep GUARDIOLA’s men. German GUNDOGAN added the fourth in the second half.

Sergio AGUERO came off a four goal performance from the weekend against Leicester City and now added one against Basel to bring his tally up to five goals for the week.

In Madrid, Giovani LO CELSO was the sole Argentinian who not only started but represented the Ligue 1 champions in their 3-1 loss to Real Madrid. LO CELSO didn’t have the best of matches and received a lot of blame after his foul lead to a Real Madrid penalty. Both Angel DI MARIA and Javier PASTORE remained unused substitutes.

Champions League Review 1 – Gonzalo HIGUAIN’s goals

Champions League Review 1 – Sergio AGUERO’s goal


  1. “LO CELSO didn’t have the best of matches and received a lot of blame after his foul lead to a Real Madrid penalty.”
    I agree with that. I watched the match with English commentary. The commentators were frequently mentioning about the need to him getting substituted in the second half. Lo Celso did not seem comfortable in the midfield due to the intense pressing and physicall battle. Rabiot and Verrati on the other hand were more composed and played naturally. Apart from that he could still show glimpses of his potential. He is able to make passes within no time. He is a good passer. He has got clear vision. He also gave a good pass to Neymar who was inside the box. That nearly ended up in a goal. Lo celso was not comfortable when he was defending just in front of or inside his own box. He seemed panicked then. I think he will be more comfortable in the centre and also in the opponents half. In my opinion he should play the second leg when PSG would be attacking more.

    Big thanks to Unai Emerie because he is doing a favour to us.

    • No with this performance lo Celso is not going to Russia or even selected he will not start he don’t have any passion whatsoever whenever Madrid got the ball he was jogging even in forward passing he was average I remember one loose back pass to verratti was so amateurish and from that Madrid could have scored I don’t think Argentina’s condition is so bad that they can’t find better player Than lo Celso banega di Maria Perez Augusto lanzini paredes all r better even dybala can play attacking mid as he is doing that for juventus this season

      • Certainly he is not the answer for that position wehere he played Yesterday. He made a few poor passes and lost the ball in crucial areas a couple of times cheaply including once to Marcelo. All these (could have) costed a lot. But I think Emerie keeps a lot of faith in him thats why he not only started but also played for 80 plus minutes while neither di maria nor pastore played yesterday. His performance was good in last7 or 8 matches.

        • He only faced 2 good sides Madrid and Lyon he failed in both the games so he is average and sampaoli should forget about him for Russia he will be dead duck against top nt even in more advanced role intensity also very low he rarely press and was jogging all match plus I didn’t see the hype lanzini banega far better right now don’t know about paredes but I believe he is performing good in Russia but frankly I want a defensively stronger dm because defence win tournaments

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