Eduardo SALVIO of Benfica undergoes knee surgery


Eduardo SALVIO has undergone knee surgery, according to a report from Portugal.

Benfica’s Eduardo SALVIO underwent surgery on his right knee, this via A Bola. SALVIO left Benfica’s match against Rio Ave on February 3 injured and according to the report, the surgery was a success. While the length of his injured is yet to be confirmed, it is being rumored that he could be back at the end of March.

The former Lanus and Atletico Madrid man would miss Argentina’s friendly matches against Italy on March 23 in Basel as well as the match against Spain on March 27 in Madrid.

While in Europe last month, Argentina coach Jorge SAMPAOLI met with Toto as well as Sporting’s Marcos ACUNA. The former U20 player was also a starter in Argentina’s crucial final World Cup Qualifying match against Ecuador in which they won 3-1 thanks to a Lionel MESSI hattrick.


  1. Higuain did good job against Tottenham.He got 8 ratings out of penalty miss does not make him villain. His first goal was spectacular,we needed that kind of striker in qualifier who can convert chances created by Messi.Higuain is ahead of Icardi.

    • Thank you for pointing out that quality finish. That type of quality is what was lacking in the last 4 qualifiers. So keyboard coaches here who don’t understand the difficulty of pulling off such a volley, were talking about his penalty miss costing Juve. For fuck’s sake, how is it Higuain’s fault that Juve defenders allowed 2 goals lead slip away? Icardi, Benedetto, Dybala, Papu Gomez all fail to convert easier chances in the qualifiers. Like I said before, we need Aguero and Higuain in the squad for experience; And Icardi and Dybala for youthful energy and depth up front.

  2. Lo Celso will have learned so much from Yesterdays Match vs RM far better than the praises he get while playing Great at comparatively lesser competent League. Its a great lesson for him. Now he have to work even harder… We cant count out a player like Lo Celso after a bad performance. All are humans some good days some bad days. Lets see how he reacts in the next match vs RM

  3. Emery is a shit coach I don’t get why don’t he play dimaria atall not even a sub and mbappe is overrated was a big letdown today so was cavani even neymar should have played better

  4. With this shit performance lo Celso makes sure he is not going to Russia I was hopeful he mayb the answer but he has 0 positioning sense very lethargic kroos was easily bamboozing him he should be kept 2000 km away from national team and he can’t handle pressure we have far better options like banega lamela lanzini paredes di maria(if Sampa plays him in mid)Perez etc

  5. Sevilla’s Éver Banega has completed the most successful passes in the final third of the pitch in the #ChampionsLeague this season, averaging over 34 per game, with an accuracy of 80.8%. Isco is 2nd, averaging 32 per game (81.48% accuracy).

    • And that is the only place I think he shoulf play, final third, as a creative mid #10. He is a liability in midfield if not surrounded by atleast 3 other hard working and defending players. He also doesnt keep things simple, which is what a DM or CM should do 99% of the time. For me, he should be a wonder sub, who can be a Messi sub (playmaker) or in a pinch mid. So long Samp plays a 3 man mid, I dont see a place for him.

  6. How many of these keyboard coaches have actually played the game of football. Talming about pressure, foot ball is not fucking cricket. Sorry no offense intended but anyone who has actually played football here, will know that Higuain’s open play goal is worth more discussion than his penalty miss. Yes, Pipita might not need to be our starting striker but to anyone who can’t recognize the quality of skill it took to excute that volley to perfection is just a mere keyboard commentator.

    • If the score was 1-0 we can ntalk about that…. That goal is not deciding factor… If he scores that penalty… Tie will be favour to juve…. Wining goal is important… There is always different between final goal. And first goal… I’m not proposenal player… But I know football… Every sports has presure…

  7. Higuain screws up again. Fair enough he scored twice, but he was should have had a good 4 yesterday. Spurs completely outplayed Juventus at their own turf…not good at all for the Italian giants. At 2-0, under relentless pressure from Spurs, Juve counter, Higuain does everything right but finish off the move, he could have touched the ball to the front and finished with his right foot, but he choose to cut to his left, which wasn’t a bad move, and with the defender taken out and Lloris rooted to the centre, the goal was at his mercy, but he couldn’t hit the target, from then it was Spurs game. And with his penalty miss, Higuain completed another mission of his. He has just kicked Juve out of the CL. On the other hand, kudos to Pochettino. How well his team pressed and dominated. He has the best Centre forward in the world in Kane, and one of the best Playmakers in Eriksen.

  8. Higuain proves it again. I think Arjun pointed out rightly. Its not about skill and is about taking pressure. Every time I see an Argentine player taking a penalty it looks they are going to miss. Look at Ronaldo, his eyes light up when taking a penalty. Whereas most of our folks are nervous. Higuain was sure to miss. His first penalty was bad too. He is good at scoring goals when he does not have time to think, like the first goal. Its very similar to the one he scored against Belgium in last world cup.

    I also think there is something about skill too. The way Higuain stood and then went for the second penalty, it was indicative enough for Hugo Lloris that he is going straight. Its skill and technique here. He was easily read by the GK.

    Why does Messi miss so many penalties: He hardly looks at the GK. So where does the GK look? At the ball and the feet of Messi and can predict. The technique has to change. People who keep eye contact with GK and lets the feet do something different misses less.

    • “Why does Messi miss so many penalties”

      I think Messi is a very good penalty taker but coaches of opponent teams heavily analyze his penalty taking techniques and that could be one of the factors that enable the opponent’s GK to save the penalty.

      About Higuain, as I said a few times, this guy has a very big problem dealing with pressure. When pressure piles on him nervous gets the better of him and he can’t control himself. Argentina need Icardi, Aguero, and Martinez more than Higuan.

      Lastly, I think Argentina’s best penalty taker for the time being is D.Perroti although he missed two penalties not long ago.

      • “I think Messi is a very good penalty taker but coaches of opponent teams heavily analyze his penalty taking techniques and that could be one of the factors that enable the opponent’s GK to save the penalty.”

        What will you say about Cristiano Ronaldo. After all he is the official Penaldo. Opponent coaches sure analyzes him more?

        • “What will you say about Cristiano Ronaldo. After all he is the official Penaldo. Opponent coaches sure analyzes him more?”

          Messi took 101 PKs in his career till now; he successfully converted 78 and missed 23. On the other hand, CR7 took 121 PKs in his career till today; he converted 102 and missed 19.

          Ronaldo took 20 more pks than Messi and Messi missed 4 more pks than Ronaldo did, so
          I will leave the conclusion for you.

          • You stats basically says Christiano is a better penalty taker, not sure what your point is? Messi has already missed 4 more, taking less penalties than Ronaldo. So chances are he will miss some more when he takes 20 more penalties. Not sure why you pointed that out.

            Anyway, stats aside, I think Ronaldo is much more reliable penalty taker than anyone else. There is no bigger Messi fan than me and I hate Ronaldo a lot, but I think he is mentally much stronger in tough situations. It almost feels like he enjoys such moments, whereas someone like Higuain clearly looked nervous. Or may be I get nervous when an Argentine player goes up to take a penalty.

            Anyway, I think you will notice Argentina is not very good at penalty shootouts.

  9. Argentina has quite a few options on the right side including Rodrigo Depaul who is at his best when playing RM, Fede Cartabia is another fantastic option if you need a hard working, fast and skillful RM/RW type player and recently Angel Correa’s been stepping it up on the right side with Atletico.
    Let’s also not forget that Enzo Perez can play quite effectively on the right side like he did for Sabella and Dimaria could also be tried on the right side and playing him as a RM might help him combine with Lio more effectively.
    Salvio is a solid player who I wouldn’t mind seeing in Russia but he’s not the only or even the best option in RM.

    • True, At most Hugain needs to be in bench. No way he can start important match for Argentina. what is most irritating about him is he seem not too bothered about it. No matter the performance, he is still cocky. today he was constantly whining.

    • Yes Higuain missed a penalty. But if you were a coach, is this how you judge players, would you just overlook the quality of his finishing of the first goal because of a penalty miss? If Yes, I have nothing to say. Is that not the type of finishing Argentina was struggling with in the last few WCQ, How many Messi passes went to waste? I’m just saying. Higuain has never been a penalty specialist anyway.

      • world cup matches decided by penalties… argentina team decided by penalties… in 2015,2016 copa america…. even i feel his face says it all before he taking a penalty… he going to miss definitely… its not about the quality… it is about adopt the presure on big occasion… he never and ever going to do this… he is world class player.. on simple match… in big match… he will be the last one… big match its about aerial duel long pass some time he never win a single aerial duel… if i am the coach… pls give him holiday in this summar… take martinez… or any other striker… or just leave him… pick another midfielder… sampolli…

  10. DAMIT, Knee injuries are horrible to deal with, Wish he gets well soon he has the tendency to get injured a lot, He may need to run a lot for us, He is supposed to be a Key player on the Right side for us, Somehow Rigoni has not convinced me(He hasn’t started a lot by the way) Pavon i m not sure can contribute well defensively. Angel Correa havent been tested either. Right Side Wingers are rare for us is int it?? Whoever it is the Wingers will have a very tuff task in 3-4-3, how are they supposed to last full 90 Minutes its gonna be tuff?

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