Oscar USTARI: “We have the best in the world”


Argentina international Oscar USTARI gave his thoughts on Lionel MESSI, Argentina and more.

The 2008 Olympic gold medalist with Argentina gave an interview with La Oral Deportiva. USTARI was one of the brightest prospects and one which was touted as the future long term goalkeeper of the Argentina National Team. Here’s what he had to say:

“We have the best in the world, you always have to give Argentina a chance. MESSI was always very noble with me. My son asks me for a photo with MESSI every day. Those of us who had the luck of playing with MESSI are priviledged. At first, MESSI was a little rebellious, he would get angry if things wouldn’t go on as planned.”

“It’s the last World Cup for a lot of these guys. The goalkeeping (position) is well covered. It’s not a coincidence that ROMERO‘s been there for a while now.”

“I don’t know SAMPAOLI but I wish him the best. We all wish that things go well for Argentina because we need it. People have to be a little more patient because there are things that they don’t know about and that take time.”

USTARI was part of the 23 man squad which Jose PEKERMAN picked for the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany. A young goalkeeper at the time, USTARI was the starting goalkeeper for his country at the 2008 Olympic games in Beijing however an injury during the tournament forced him out with Sergio ROMERO ultimately playing the last few matches when the team won gold.

Now 31 and at Atlas, USTARI represented his country twice at senior level with both matches ending in losses. The first was a 2-1 friendly match loss to Norway in 2007 shortly after the Copa America and the second against Brazil in 2012 in a match which consisted only of domestic based players.


  1. I do believe we do need a genuine number 5 in our starting XI.

    I sometimes think Mammana should be a number 5.His good on the ball,passing is great and obviously very good defensively. It probably won’t happen, but I think he could be a great number 5.

    Of the current number fives I wouldn’t take Mascherano as a squad player, but as part of the coaching staff, the guy has so much knowledge and experience he could pass onto other defensive midfielders and defenders.

    I would take Lo Celso and Paredes as more attacking central midfielders,these guys are becoming true complete midfielders, but I wouldn’t have these guys as our midfield destroyer , I would give that role to Ascacibar. The guy has been great in the Bundesliga this season.

    • I have watched Celtic – Zenit yesterday and still have real doubts about Paredes as player who can hold in defence best opponents on the world. I’m not talking about his attacking abilities here. Only defensive regard. He is intelligent but often too lazy.

      We must realize what happens after Macherano era in midfield. He was immanent part of the team almost 15 years. Masche was ultimate destroyer and we easy forgot how massive works he was doing for us defensively. Now there’s big gap in central midfield and to be honest I’m not sure there’s currently any player in our NT that may not even replace him as makes things working properly.

      There are obvious ideas that we don’t need that classic No.5 as Mache anymore: we may take 3 universal central midfielders who will do the Mascherano’s former defensive tasks together and yet will give us more in attack. But we saw what happend with Enzo, Banega, Lo Celso in one of last friendlies. Finally none of them was enough diligent defensively to stop opponents. I doubt also Paredes himself may make crucial difference here. Defensively too lazy. I see him rather as partner for No.5

      It seems like our midfield is upset now. We don’t know which players will play. Actually the problems is more general as in whole team only Messi, Otamendi and maybe Di Maria are automatic starters. We will start to build the team only in second half of March. Saballa had definite team long before WC. I’m not sure it’s possible to find a shape and chemistry within this short time between March and June.

    • Lucho I agree with you. IMO we need still real No.5

      Ascacibar – yes. But Battaglia would be even better.


      And I agree – Mammna seems to be potential for superb No.5 With his pace…

    • Mascherano still best for defensive midfield job and he should start and he will be fresh for wc and he will give 200% I would start mascherano or biglia in dm position with ascacibar and battaglia possible backup

  2. If I had to field a Team today:

    Tagla…Ota…. Masch ….Mercado

    If a tall CB is in form bench Masch or stick him for Locelso. We need a fast, tall CB like a Garay or Rojo to pair Ota. Especially if Kun is our #9. If Icardi plays we csn afford two short CBs for set plays if icardi always drops to help.

    • Why sampaoli glanced to schelotto…bcoz he is tall flank (187)..your formation only gk and otamendi (183) taller..muz be risk..iceland..croasia…will crash them much at aerial clash

    • For me Maria is a supersub who comes in at the last 25 or so minutes and terrorize a tired defense.
      LoCelso is still too raw, I’d put Paredes instead.
      Mascherano has no business being in defense, he’s a sub DM at most.




      • Hi Brother 🙂

        DiMaria is not my ideal choice, but he still is one of the better players we have at linking up with Messi and he does hustle defensively and can take the pressure off messi on his own holding the bsll, dribbling, etc. The key is him being central and close to Messi, sorta like he did against Germany in the friendly afyer the WC and vs Equadoe recently.. we all know he is hopeless upfront and as he ages his wing play is not the samw, Acuña is much better there.. but when looking at Papu, etc competing for that spot, I still think Dimaria has the edge.

        As for Masch, I agree.. I stuck him there only because I am not convinced by any other CB and Masch always performs when things get serious in tournaments. A fit Rojo or Funes Mori would be better, but they are all coming off injury.. Facio, Mussachio, etc dont really inspire me. But I agree Masch is less thsn ideal in defense. I originally wanted him in Midfield, but not in a 433, in that system all 3 mids need to be balanced offensively amd defensively amd Masch is too classic a #5. Masch main weskness in CB is his height, but with Otamendi back there, who is excellent, and Mercado who is ok, its doable. Also, Sampoali is planning a high line and pocession defense, which is where Masch does well, both him and Ota hsving experience under Pep.

  3. i ma a romero fan but—ROMERO has very little playing time and this is very bad news for 4 yrs..romero doesnt want to change this bench warming team……RULLI may have good chance to start soon…..

    marcado masche otamendi

    pavon–Enzo–Banega- -acuna


    sub;Rulli,tagliafico,mammana,,rojo,,biglia,,lanzini,,dybala,,lo celso,,L.Martinez,,aguero,,rigoni,paredes

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