Lionel MESSI 5 star performance in Barcelona win


A Lionel MESSI 5 star performance stole the show for FC Barcelona in their.

Two goals, one assist and a chance created for the Barcelona captain and all of them wonderful. After Girona had taken a shock lead minutes into the match, Luis SUAREZ responded following a lovely through ball pass from MESSI. The second goal for the league leaders came from MESSI after he dribble across a handful of Girona players before slotting the ball into the back of the net.

The third goal, which was MESSI’s second, was the goal of the night. With a free kick around the edge of the area, the wall jumped and MESSI slid the ball under the wall and into the net to make it 3-1 with a ridiculous trick shot. It wasn’t the first time Leo had scored that type of free kick as the first time he pulled it off was for Argentina back in 2012 in a World Cup Qualifying match against Uruguay.

Goal number four came once more from the Uruguayan. A lovely dribble by MESSI as he slid in COUTINHO who passed it across to SUAREZ who had an open net.

MESSI has now scored 36 free kick goals in his career, 30 of them for Barcelona and 6 of them coming for Argentina.

Lionel MESSI 5 star performance


  1. KUN with a nice goal to open up the scoring, this SOB needs to play like that in the world cup along with the rest of the slackers and then ARG wont have any issues scoring against anybody!

  2. messi is messi
    love to see him in national team
    world cup is coming towards quickly
    hope all argentinian players will be safe from injury
    hope Sampaoli has made an outstanding tactics for WC 2018




    attack- j.correa-A.correa-Icardi-L.martinez-LMessi-dimaria—Aguero

    • Messi is not maradona he needs support from his teammates need a functional team to support him he can’t win Argentina single handedly the world cup

      • So u still believe Maradona single handily won the world cup. It is pure lie and no body can win football single handily not even god. This is the kind of negativity that is affecting Arg. N. Team.

        • Agreed. However Maradona was as close to that statement being true as anyone in history, he was monstruous. Messi, as a forward does need a functioning midfield.

      • Very stupid comment.Burruchaga, Valdano, Ruggeri, Batista, Pumpido and Brown were unknowns who lit up the 1986 tournament. They just recognized and chose to play to Diego’s strength for the team’s benefit. This is what Sabella did with the NT but the idiots afterwards bar Sampaoli were too dumb and stupid to recognize that .

    • You team selection all most good about G.K And. Central Defender but midfielder can be good if it was pavon,,Lamela,,peruzzi and batigolia instead of lanzini,,Banega,biglia,,pereyra..

      Attacker should be Heguin,,Dybala instead of j,Corria and Martinez..
      Because both are excellent at juventus..

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