Willy CABALLERO and more in, ICARDI, DYBALA out for Argentina


Willy CABALLERO, Ramiro FUNES MORI and a few other names are expected to make the Argentina National Team squad on Thursday with Mauro ICARDI and Paulo DYBALA both missing out.

It’s going to be an eventful Thursday for a number of Argentinian players and uneventful for two others, if the latest reports are to be believed. According to TyC Sports, Chelsea goalkeeper Willy CABALLERO is expected to make the Argentina squad. CABALLERO won’t be the only London based or even English based player to make the team with Ramiro FUNES MORI, Marcos ROJO and Manuel LANZINI all rumored to be making the list.

CABALLERO, an U20 World Cup winner back in 2001 with Argentina, has yet to play for his country at senior level. Ramiro FUNES MORI has been sidelined for nearly a year, having picked up an injury in Argentina’s World Cup Qualifying loss to Bolivia last year. Marcos ROJO has not been included in the Argentina team as well for some time due to his injury which came early last year as well while playing for Manchester United in the Europa League. Manuel LANZINI, who has been in and out of the team under coach Jorge SAMPAOLI is rumored to be back in this time around.

The big news is that both Mauro ICARDI and Paulo DYBALA are strongly rumored to be left out of this squad which will play against Italy and Spain in March. The two (for various reasons) have not been in the best of forms (with DYBALA having been injured) and SAMPAOLI will drop them come the list on Thursday.

As we reported a few days ago, Paulo DYBALA was expected to be left out of the team and with Lautaro MARTINEZ in fantastic form, we could see the Racing Club youngster in the squad at DYBALA’s expense.


  1. – ARQUEROS: Sergio Romero, Nahuel Guzmán, Wilfredo Caballero

    – DEFENSORES: Eduardo Salvio, Gabriel Mercado, Nicolás Otamendi, Federico Fazio, Marcos Rojo, Ramiro Funes Mori, Marcos Acuña, Nicolás Tagliafico

    – MEDIOCAMPISTAS: Lucas Biglia, Leandro Paredes, Ever Banega, Giovanni Lo Celso, Manuel Lanzini

    – DELANTEROS: LIonel Messi, Ángel Di María, Gonzalo Higuaín, Diego Perotti, Sergio Aguero

      • Salvio Defender? Is he fit?
        Paredes is selected again but barely has any playing time;
        4 players from local league will be added?

        • Yeah Salvio as a defender is weird . But I just copied and pasted from some site. I’m sure Salvio has a serious knee injury.

          I think Paredes has to play now , he keeps getting called up but has no minutes.

          I’m pretty sure the local players get realised next week.



  2. Di Maria is back to his best level again since 2018, watched his game against OM last night, he is stronger on the right.

    The more Barca game I watched, I am convinced more and more that the very traditional and basic 4-4-2 is the best formula for Messi and for Argentina. Acuna and Di Maria can do Alba and Coutinho job on the left. I will be happy to see Pavon, Salvio or Correa on the right. Messi like to have agile and technical players around him. On the right, he need to have a right foot winger so that he can have the total freedom to cut inside. Thats why I prefer the 3 players that I mentioned above Di Maria.



  3. Happy to see Lanzini in squad.Now we have someone who will make chances for Messi.Lamela should be in squad too.He is good in pressing high.Lanzini,Lamela and Acuna will be good for our forward.Higuain should go to Russia he is more complete no.9 than Icardi.Rigoni kraneviter should not go to Russia.

  4. Off topic Neymar is expected to miss up to 3 months of football. He will have to race for fitness as WC will be 1 or 2 weeks away from the date he is expected to recover.

    • Hope barca loss in CL
      So messi gets less match

      Valverde not resting messi
      Even Zidane resting ronaldo though Real madrid in bad form ..
      Aguero also playing lots of matches

      Hope their energy tank doesnot gets empty….

      Hope and i pray that any argentine players will not be injured

      • Messi will be exhausted for sure. comeback of Jesus may get aguero some valuable rest finger crossed velverde is bogus no rest plus the laliga calendar is awful

  5. Most of these players were playing before Sampaoli and they got us the 5th or 6th position in the qualifiers. After Sampaoli took over new players played for us and for better or worse we qualified. Now Sampaoli is saying “Hey guys thanks for helping me qualify, I needed you then because I couldn’t play the qualifiers and 3 finals losers because we would had not qualified. Now step aside and let’s bring the losers back so we can bottle it again!”

    We simply deserve all the tears, pain, suffering and misery.

    • I am overreacting but cant trust these coaches and players anymore. Let’s see the list first and the final squad for the World cup.
      Let’s hope we leave our problems and work together and not against each other to win the cup.

      • Don’t worry too much mate, whatever will happen just going to happen.

        Sampaoli has done a lot of good things imo, but I’m also like you…he is doing somethings poorly now.

        – playing the back 3
        – giving in to the senior players

        But apart from that, some new players came in and I like that. The playibg style changed during the last round of friendlies, I like that too. I just don’t like he is givibg in to the Messi MScherano group and started diing their things again like calling Higuain and calling him one of the indispensables. Thats just total BS.

        Also, he calls up Paredes but never plays him, thats another headscrather for me. I guess he sees him as a Biglia backup, which sucks.
        In the current callup there Acuna and Salvio are listed as defenders, so I’m guessing wingers as wingbacks again, which sucks really really hard. Thats just a bullshit idea which is bound to hurt us against any fast team.

        • He also included tagliafico and also said he would add a rb from domestic league so he opened to both formation

    • this is just friendly and one of those against our probable quarter qualifiers spain u expect sampaoli to show all his cards and make them strategise for that game easily?? no way sampaoli is not a fool like that

  6. Been super busy at work and have not been able to post… was able to catch some games this week..

    Banega and Mercado, wasn’t a fan watching the game vs atletico. Both of them gave up the ball to the attacker that led to goals. I hope this was just a one off game I saw.
    I liked correa, but I didn’t like he dived so much.

    Lansing seems to be missing that flare he used to give, but they did play Liverpool who are on fire. Hope he gets back to form.

    Messi – wow

    Lamela- I haven’t heard this name much lately, but he seems to be playing well. Watched him play yesterday, great form, Vision, and hustle

    Otemandi and aguero – great

  7. Caballero played 16 EPL games under Pep in the 2016/17 season. He would have played a lot more than that had it not been for Claudio Bravo’s status as a Pep signing. English media literally forced Pep to pick Bravo again and again over Caballero because Pep dumped Joe Hart. Caballero fitted seamlessly in Pep’s team. He has got a superb record against penalties. I haven’t seen him play this season though. He is a bench warmer at Chelsea. If he can perform like he did under Pep, he will be a way better fit for us than Romero.

  8. There is a report running saying 18 players ” for sure ” . Overall list looks fine. just a few thoughts
    – Schelotto (for RB ) . Even avg PL fan does not know him . Not sure what is Sampoali interested in him . Hope this is not like Maradona picking Ariel Garce in 2010 ( just to snub Zanetti). Hope Bustos gets his chance & call for WC18
    – Dybala shld have been picked. Somewhere Messi needs to be rested in games where we are really settled. Dybala is the best sub for Messi.
    – i thought Pezella was settling well . We shld have persisted with him. Fazio is very slow. BTW what happened to Mussachio – disappeared from ACmilan starting line up.
    – Woundnt Parades be better than Lo Celso at this stage ?

    • 5 more European players to select lets see whom get the nod fazio is a poor defender next week domestic based players will be called up bustos Martinez pavon may get a call up I have no idea about schelotto is he good?? I don’t know. Paredes should be there lo celso proved in big games he cant be trusted but according to sampaoli he has a good understanding with messi so.. But problem of this Argentina nt mentality is they make a team for messi that may not be the right thing what if messi marked out of the game with little involvement then who can bail us?? In Barcelona there is iniesta Suarez coutinho even rakitic sometimes who can bail them out from precarious situation but here noone if aguero is fit and fresh then he can only apart from messi in knockouts messi never scored in wc that’s because he was heavily marked every knockout games we need players who can utilize space and score which messi will create

      • Hello Mate. I think le celso is the x factor which can turn out to be a master stroke in WC.I feel he was not that bad at the biggest stage , yes he not played well, but against whom , the 2 time champions real madrid.He atleast played at that level for 80 mins.how a coach can evaluate paredes , is he playing at this stage? So i think this 21 year kid can be the answer of that question which is unanswered from long past…

  9. News has been coming in fast and furious as of late.
    I like Willy and why not see what he has left in the tank?
    The other 3 are decent names that have played well for ARGENTINA and again this is what a friendly is for when it’s all said and done.
    I’m not worried yet about the exclusion of either Dybala or Icardi, again as of yet considering their current form.
    I have to think that Sampaoli knows what he has on attack and Wants to explore his options in the midfield and defense as he should.
    LET’S not jump into conclusion yet and see how things turn out.
    The school of thought here is that you don’t take a player who is out of sink with the rest of the squad to the world up but that time has yet to come.

  10. Atlast lanzini gets a call up really interesting to see who gets call up tomorrow will be very eventful and expect lots of discussion and various prospective in mundo

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