Argentina squad announced, DYBALA and ICARDI left out


The Argentina squad has been announced with both DYBALA and ICARDI left out of the team.

Argentina National Team coach Jorge SAMPAOLI has announced his latest Argentina squad and Willy CABALLERO has received a call-up as has veteran striker Gonzalo HIGUAIN. The big news is that both Paulo DYBALA and Mauro ICARDI have been left out of the team. Here is the list announced for Argentina’s friendly matches this month against Italy and Spain:

Argentina Goalkeepers:

Sergio ROMERO (Manchester United, England)
Nahuel GUZMAN (Tigres, Mexico)
Willy CABALLERO (Chelsea, England)

Argentina Defenders:

Marcos ROJO (Manchester United, England)
Ramiro FUNES MORI (Everton, England)
Federico FAZIO (AS Roma, England)
Nicolas OTAMENDI (Manchester City, England)
Marcos ACUÑA (Sporting CP, Portugal)
Eduardo SALVIO (Benfica, Portugal)
Nicolas TAGLIAFICO (Ajax, Netherlands)
Gabriel MERCADO (Sevilla, Spain)

Argentina Midfielders:

Javier MASCHERANO (Hebei Fortune, China)
Leandro PAREDES (Zenit St. Petersburg, Russia)
Manuel LANZINI (West Ham United, England)
Giovani LO CELSO (PSG, France)
Lucas BIGLIA (AC Milan, Italy)
Ever BANEGA (Sevilla, Spain)
Angel DI MARIA (PSG, France)

Argentina Forwards:

Gonzalo HIGUAIN (Juventus, Italy)
Lionel MESSI (FC Barcelona, Spain)
Sergio AGÜERO (Manchester City, England)
Diego PEROTTI (AS Roma, Italy)

Argentina squad
Argentina squad for March friendly matches – Paulo Dybala and Mauro Icardi left out

Gonzalo HIGUAIN in, DYBALA and ICARDI left out

Gonzalo HIGUAIN makes his comback to the Argentina team, having been left out of the last three squads (the four final World Cup Qualifiers as well as the two friendly matches). With Mauro ICARDI and Paulo DYBALA left out, it could be an indication that Lautaro MARTINEZ would receive his first Argentina call while Cristian PAVON of Boca would continue to be included.

Interesting to note that Marcos ACUNA and Eduardo SALVIO have been put under the defenders list with Javier MASCHERANO put under midfielders.

The domestic based squad will be announced at a later date with Lautaro MARTINEZ and Cristian PAVON expected to make the list.


    • Lo celso is not dependable he may sink us in big games we don’t need that kind of players banega can also but too much a talent to overlook

  1. Higuain?? Really?
    I know Dybala isn’t at his best, but I do think he should be included.
    I’m trying to be optimistic…
    Unfortunately, I don’t have a way to watch Argentina matches, so I really don’t know what’s out there. Maybe another Batigol, Ortega,Zanetti…🙃
    Speaking of Argentine matches, does anyone know how I can access them, without having to use some site that will fill my computer with tons of ads, etc.? I would really appreciate it.

    • Install firefox. Install “uBlock Origin” adblocker extension. Visit you can try live streaming, which works but its not reliable. Or best, wait a few hours after the game, then you can download the full matches in HD from the forums on that site. Enjoy.

        • Espanyol beat barca that doesn’t make them superior its just a friendly in friendlies Russia beat Spain recently u really think they can beat them in actual tournament?? After the final arg beat Germany in a friendly I think 4-1 something u really think they can beat Germany that easily in any competitive game?? Its only for experiment nothing else

    • fully agree with that. Anyday my vote is for him over Fazio & Funes Muri( more bcos of match fitness ). Funes needs to first fight & get his place in Everton starting11.

  2. I hope that Perotti plays. He could be the key. We need someone right footed for that left side. My idea would be to try 4-2-3-1, where the attacking trio behind number nine would be Di Maria on right, Messi as number ten in the middle and Perotti on left. Would be nice to see that Messi, Di Maria chemistry up right and Perotti would keep the attacks wide staying on the left.

    The problem here is of course the midfield and the link up play. If those two in front of the back four are Mascherano and Biglia.. well we have already seen that and it does not work. Lo Celso? Someone who could deliver the ball up

    • that sounds a good one. Acuna can be Perotti sub & Pavon can be Di Maria sub. Instead of Mascherano & Biglia – i would prefer Banega & Biglia. Mashcherano can be Biglia substitute. Based on Banega consistency, we always have Lo Celso & Parades. Based on match situation , if more attack element is needed , Lanzini can come in for Banega spot.

      • Double pivot?? I don’t think sampaoli is that defensive to employ double pivot he is no sabella so I expect 1 dm either biglia or mascherano .lo celso proved he is no big match player and at best a sub don’t start him

    • Messi aguero plays that’s the main thing if aguero fit a fresh and fit aguero is different kind of animal my preferred front 3 is messi aguero dimaria (I prefer him in midfield but sampaoli most probably will play him in wings) dybala and lautaro perotti/pavon as messi aguero and dimaria sub respectively

  3. Hello Mate. I think le celso is the x factor which can turn out to be a master stroke in WC.I feel he was not that bad at the biggest stage , yes he not played well, but against whom , the 2 time champions real madrid.He atleast played at that level for 80 a coach can evaluate paredes , is he playing at this stage? So i think this 21 year kid can be the answer of that question which is unanswered from long past

    • lo celso was the main reason psg lost he was like a school boy against madrid no way he can improve us mayb in am position but his defensive lacking will make us susceptible to counters look at iniesta he is super am but also give his all for defensive work also banega is already a player who is lazy another lazy player we cant afford

  4. For winning the World Cup, I would trust Pavon and Martinez rather than Icardi and Dybala. Our attack group should play arround Messi.

    I am very disappointed about the inclusion of Higuain. He is useless.

    The key to our success is Di Maria and Banega/Paredes. These guys can not perform at a high level constantly during a tournament. But I hope at least one of them can take over the responsibilities and be shining during a few key matches.

    Somehow I really trust our defensive line. At least in the past few tournaments, we have the best defense philosophy among all the teams.

      • There is no sub for Messi. If Messi is injured/unavailable, our WC is simple as that. I wanted to see Dybala in the team though. Perhaps we could try him as a striker or, late in the game.

        • Will be interesting to see how Dybala reacts & it is good test on his mental strength. I get a feeling he will be on fire in upcoming UCL & Serie A matches & will force his way back at the expense of Lanzini who keeps getting injured.

  5. Will Higuain & Aguero prove us wrong ?

    Answer:-Hopefully no never

    Will Dybala & Icardi comeback in form soon?
    Answer:- Yes they are future of football
    They will be in WC Squad surely

    We are fans
    We can just support from heart
    Comments and read
    Nothing much in our hand

    Vamos Argentinos

  6. A very good list. As Sampaoli suggested he needs to evaluate the players and he is right in taking funes mori and rojo to understand their current level. Also its important for a coach to explain the philosophy and both were injured and didn’t spent time with current coaching staff.

    Cabellero is an excellent addition and he is a very good penalty saver with lots of experience. He could be similar to Martin Demichelis.

    Its sometimes good to leave good players like Dybala which gives them motivation to work harder and comeback better.

    Post this he will in a better situation to pick his 23 for the world cup. Its more important to work and play as a team and create a good combination.Messi will provide the park.

    • overall yes. i think sampaoli is slowly getting there. the team has a good mix of experience & youth now. Radical changes will not anyway help in short term. close to 8 players in this 22 are from the post Tata/Bauza era.i think he has balanced well. My only cribs – Dybala & Pezella shld be in.

  7. Thank God no Schelotto. We do however have issues in defense. Funes Mori has not started a match since spring 2017, Rojo is plain bad and often not even on the bench at ManU. Mercado is a liability with his bad form in the past months. Tagliafico is however doing great.

    This list has 22 names. To make room for Laucho Martinez, Perez, Pavon and Bustos three players must be dropped.

    Dybala was supposed to be Messi’s back up in case he got injured. Without Dybala who will fill those shoes…

    Best news: Caballero finally!

  8. An excellent line up in middle & defence. Though do not understand the inclusion of Mori right now. He is not fully match fit for Everton!

    In attack the question remains as usual. Can Higuain & Kun perform with Messi in big stage? Btw, I see Perrotti as a winger rather than a scorer. He is our new Lavezzi.

    Icardi – Dybala??
    Well, i can’t deny as a big fan of both player that they surely don’t deserve to be called up in this time. Dybala showing poor attitude lately. His 12 appearance is more than enough to show his worth for Argentina. I agreed with Kid about that comparison between Dybala & Jesus. That young Brazilians knows the importance of NT jersey. Stats speak for itself!

    Icardi simply needs proper game time for Argentina. He has that willingness of proving his critics wrong. Left out Icardi from WC won’t be a good decision.

    And finally, Sampaoli?
    He might have won a Copa America for Chile. But this is Argentina. You can’t waste much time to build a proper system. We have the players, we have the stars, we have the Messi. Please don’t throw all the hopes by calling the same players again and again!

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