Lionel MESSI: “My idea is to play against Spain”


Argentina captain Lionel MESSI wants to play on Tuesday against Spain.

After having missed out on Argentina’s 2-0 win against Italy on Friday, Lionel MESSI has stated that he would like to play against Spain on Tuesday. Speaking with Fox Sports Argentina, here’s what MESSI had to say:

Lionel MESSI on Fox Sports Argentina

“My idea is to play vs. Spain, there’s only missing the last training session to see how I’ll be. I wanted to play against Italy but yesterday (Sunday) I trained normally, I felt good and hope to play.”

There were rumors on Sunday that should MESSI play on Tuesday, he would only play 45 minutes (media reports had mentioned him only playing in the second half). Per the tests which were done on Sunday, MESSI showed no sign of injury but did show some potential risks which could occur.

TNT Sports claims that Lionel will play from the start on Tuesday but that has yet to have been confirmed by anyone from the coaching staff publicly. It remains to be seen whether he’ll end up playing and if he does, how long he would play for against Spain. However, the decision seems to be with MESSI himself, more than anyone.


  1. Will Sony show this match at least, in India? Any idea guys.
    Their schedule showing 2 games.
    England & Germany-Bra matches are potential threats..

  2. I don’t know why people( Argentina fans) disregard “Roberto pereyra “, when in fact he is the kind of player Argentina is in desperate need for and he’s more experienced than these young lads such as paredes locelso and yes he’s by far beter than them, whether it’s attack or defence. And please don’t talk about the guy is a injury prone because that’s absolutely nonsense Ok.

    Just for the record messi,dimaria,mascherano and rojo have been far more injured that “pereyra ” so please guys if you don’t know football, don’t comment here and instead go and play your play station or x box. Ok.

    Argentina needs “pereyra “. They need him desperately and I can just hope sampaoli can just give this guy a chance. Wish I had samp… email. Lol

  3. of all the messi generationt players trusting Aguero is a liablity.

    Banega had never had chances to prove himself.If any one was/is inconsistent, Di maria should be the champion!

    Acuna is the best left back the team has followed by Rojo.

    Bustos can be the RB if Salvio is there only. Mercado along Pavon is balanced too.

    Banega+Lo celceo w’d be a great partnership especially if guarded by Maschie than Biglia.

    Perotti over Di Maria+Lanzini or any winger and left forward.

    No need for traditional ‘9 when you have Leo. If sampa insists, howevere, Dybala, Martinez and Higuein should be the choices not Aguero nor Icardi.

  4. It is important to have a system that gives Leo the chance to be creative with a good finisher, time to try Martinez. We also need a player that is aerial threat. Both Aguero and Martinez are short but score a lot with their headers. icardi will be helpful in that system, the only problem with him is that he is not a good one two player..something that Argentina is more used to.. I think Lo Celco had a great game against Italy, he has a lot of energy and pretty good defensively as well, he is yet to mature but has shown the intent. I would not have parades in the team, would rather give that spot to Dyballa. Not sure about Fazio’s speed against fast players but he would be good in air. These are my 23 based on watching every single min of Argentina football in last 2 plus years. Pipita had an ok game but he is slow and needs a lot of chances to score.
    GK: Romero, Caballero,Rulli
    D: Otanmendi,Rojo, Fazio, Mori,Mercado, Acuna, Bustos, Tagliafico
    MF:Masche, Banega, Biglia, Di maria, Lo Celco, Lanzini,Meza
    Forwards: Messi, Aguero, Dyballa, Martinez,Icardi

    Mercado, Otamendi, Rojo, Taglifico
    Lo Celco Masche Banega
    Aguero Messi Dyballa
    subs: Dimaria, Biglia, Lanzini

    Bustos Otamendi Rojo Acuna
    Lanzini Biglia Banega Lo Celco
    Messi Aguero

    Subs: Di maria, Dyballa, Masche

  5. i think messi should be rested.did “show some potential risks which could occur.”—this is dangerous why should sampa risk him for a meaningless fixture?? mayb money talks

  6. Messi will definitely play against Spain and he usualy shine when playing at Madrid. Excited to watch Martinez, hopefully he will be given the chance for his senior debut N/T. Vamos Arg

    • Anton, Leo made Argentina qualify for Russia World Cup. So if he alone is about to make barca this season glory in treble trophies. Just see the statistics of Messi this season for Barca. No players infront of messi even in key passes. Hes a complete player.

      And also when former Argentina coaches and Sampaoli put different players in qualifiers but none made any difference. Argentina won majority of games when Leo played
      So let him decide his team whether its bad luck higuin or injury prone dimaria. Its his last chance, so when he scored hat trick and made Argentina a chance in World Cup to perform. Its better now not to fight about Messi selecting team for World Cup. It doesnt matter if ypy think so.

      Icardi , higuin no pace
      Aguero, dimaria injury prone

      Still we as a team wish MESSI to decide his team for the World cup glory

      • That’s true messi have been carrying Argentina many times. It’s time for the other players to step up.

        I like your comment man. So true.

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