Confirmed Argentina eleven against Spain – Match Thread


The Argentina eleven is confirmed and there’s no Lionel MESSI in the starting line-up or as a substitute.

Four names are missing from the Argentina team as they get ready to take the pitch against Spain. Lionel MESSI, Sergio AGUERO, Angel DI MARIA and Manuel LANZINI all miss out on the match tonight in Madrid. With that said, here’s the starting line-up:

Argentina confirmed eleven:


Argentina's eleven confirmed vs. Spain
Argentina’s eleven vs. Spain

Argentina substitutes:

Federico FAZIO
Marcos ACUNA
Cristian PAVON



  1. we need an athletic DM who can pass and biglia and el jefecito arent it. Only options are Battaglia or Enzo. im loving Lo Celso and Lanzini, and tagliafico. Bustos played bad but hes needs more time.

    Di Maria – Aguero/Icardi – Messi

    Lanzini – Enzo – Lo Celso

    Tagliafico – Otamendi – Fazio – Bustos/Mercado

  2. My brothers I would like to remind you that international football is all about experience, with respect to all the NT new comers.

    For biglia and mascherano is a different case and higuan is a total differ case.

    I don’t think sampa… is surprised that he’s team lost today, I think he’s just upset for the way they lost. Remember this is Spain best NT without a doubt.

    And also I would like to remind a few here that next time when you read a article written by a journalist who has never played professional football and make your decisions based on that,my brothers think again and the same for you here who’s decisions are based on YouTube video clips.

  3. facts
    – biglia is not a national team. that man should not play.
    – Mascherano is finished. get over it Sampaoli.
    – Higuain should rest at his house and watch argentina playing in the world cup.
    – you can not play high pressure with high defense line against better teams. they will kick you hard.
    – keep lanzini , meza and tagliafico. play with mercado in the right back.
    – Bataglia should be our DM.
    – Spain shots 6 times and scored all their chances. very sharp. no way this will gonna happen again.
    – the score would be different if higuain scored our first chance.
    – the score would be different if messi , di maria , paredes and lanzini are there.

  4. I know Spain is far better team and well prepared team than us. I was expecting a defeat without Messi but wasn’t sure expecting this. I am kinda upset. I am not upset that we lost today,i am upset that our dream shuttered. We know the results of WORLD CUP now. We might face Spain in quaterfinal. Only positive thing i take from that game is it happened before World Cup not during world cup. I wish and Pray coaching stuff take this seriously because our defence was all over the place today. Our defence and midfield was nonexistent. Our midfielder only can pass sidway or backwards. WTF? Why we pass backwards or sideways in a fucking friendly game. Why there is no creativity. No integrity to make an opportunity. This has to change. Unless we do those thing we won’t win World Cup. Not even with Messi. Our defence today ripped apart by that Spanish team. For the Fan and Players i would say that from this point we only can go up now and hope for best. I only take this defeat a big lesson and turning back for us.
    Vamos Argentina

  5. This is a wakeup call for sampaoli. Now he has to change and play his way not listen players. We weren’t good at the begining of last worldcup then sabella decided to play his way and that is when we became a team.
    The goodthing about this is it happened before the worldcup and icardi and dybala will be called now.

  6. I told you guys. Banega can’t be in the team, a player like Rojo who hasn’t played for so long can’t be in the team. Too many new players. I said that before the game against Russia when we called Locelso I said this is the time for consolidation, not time for experimentation. Each time we lose this creates more doubts. Loosing 6-1 means rebuilding. How can we rebuild before 2 months? My only hope is Messi doesn’t play the world cup. I see a very disappointing exit looming the horizon.
    We need a coaching staff with consistent ideas, concepts and players. Not one who changes players every game. I am terrified but at least it makes me see the reality, no elusive dream for the world cup.!!!!

  7. …………………Caballero

    Lanzini/Lo Celso…………Paredes/P.Perez


    • Very Good line-up!! I wish & pray that this will be our starting lineup in World Cup; But this won’t happen;

      Lanzini, Meza, Tagliafico, Lo Celso are the winners in these friendlies; They deserve a starting place & offer more than the most so called top players;

      Paredes and Bustos deserve few more chances; They are better than a lot & young too;

      Atleast build the team for the future; They will gain more experience;

  8. 1954 WC Hungary vs West Germany 8-3

    And in the final it’s 3-2 for West Germany.

    Heavy defeats sometimes have positive impact and I hope the team will be reformed till the beginning of the wc.

    The majority of players were playing badly and the WORST of all was Higuain.

  9. Off all the players When the cameras were showing the bench around 86th min….Bustos was the only one hiding his face.

    I am proud of that guy, he doesn’t need to be ashamed.

    the one who shud be ashamed is higuain that bastard has cost us 3 finals. he still shamelessly sits there not hiding that disgusting fat face.

    Anyone else in his place wud have either reitred or killed themselves coz of guilt and shame.

  10. Final Starting XI should be:

    Mercado – garay – Otamendi – Taglafico

    Paredes – battaglia ( he has no chance so Biglia

    Lanzini – Messi – Dimaria/acuna/ Meza/


    Although Playing Messi at false 9

    and making the midfield stronger with Enzo – Paredes – Biglia makes more sensetoo.

  11. I expected us to lose by a couple of goals, but this was terrible. I know we missed many of our best offensive players…but the frightening thing is that we had almost all our best defensive players available in this squad….and we were awful defensively, also against Italy we could have let in 3-4 goals. Our defensive midfielders and defenders are just not good enough, it is as simple as that. And therefor it will never ever be possible to play Sampaolis style with this generation. Play like in 2014, and we will be ok. Not win the world cup, but we will do ok. Low defensiv line and 4-2-3-1…and we will make it to the quarter finals.

    Lanzini and Lo Celso over all did well and have now semented their place in the wc squad. That makes me happy. Also Tagliafico should be there, he is better on the ball than all the other options we have and is no worse defensively. Bustos…I do not know. Mercado is pure and utter shit, so I do not know if Bustos is any worse. Meza was like a younger, fresher and faster version of Enzo…I like him. Banega is Banega….I want him to be a part of the squad, but we will never ever win a world cup with a player like him. We all agree that Biglia should go….but I do not hate him and I am still not sure if any other defensive midfielder could do his job better….he still does some good thing in every game, but again, we will never lift a world cup with a player like Biglia leading the midfield.

    Anyway…this generation, this team, this coach…will at a world cup be eaten alive by Spain, Germany and Brazil…we simply have no chance to get a result against any of them. We will also struggle against France, Belgium and possibly also England and Portugal. Maybe also Croatia and Nigeria will be to tough…let us see. Messi will rescue us at times, but he will of course as usual be burned out when the knock out games start. He has NEVER scored at the knock out stages of the world cup.

    The funny things is that Icardi may have gotten closer to be in the squad after these two games by Higuain…..haha. Dybala should be in the squad anyway. if Sampa doesn’t pick Dybala I wanna see Sampa beheaded.

    My squad now:
    Romero, Caballero, Rulli. (No good keepers).
    Mercado, Masch, Otamendi, Garay(Fazio realistically), Tagliafico, Acuna, Salvio
    Biglia, Banega, Meza or Enzo, Lo Celso, Lanzini, Paredes, Di Maria, J.Correa or A.Correa
    Messi, Aguero, Dybala, Icardi, Higuain

  12. Guys one positive side we need to realize that it is only friendly not the real thing. Now we know Huigain will not get selected and it will also put less pressure on Messi as no body expect this argentina to win the world cup. Even in 1986, Maradona was in same position and argentina somehow win the world cup due to german keeper mistake. This is one man team, without Messi, we would not be even discussing the world cup tournament let alone win it. Chill and we got this.

    • but even lautaro was invisible in the 30mins he played. I liked Meza’s play & hope he makes the bus .
      BTW winning WC2018 is heights of optimism for now. Reaching QF seems a gigantic task. Too much of coach & player changes has totally disturbed the equilibrium. Brazil’s recent success with Tite is all about consistent player selection.

    • Thanks god ! now messi would not have to think about retiring ,because with this team , he can’t even reach at knockout stage, so no pressure on messi but due to messi heroic, this team will reach at least at quarter final. So, This would be an achievement .

  13. Only good outcome of game – Maybe Sampoali will dump Higuaín now.
    Sad reality – Masche era is over. He should retire from NT

      • let him be non playing staff. His level just not there in field & he will be baggage. Not something a legend should go through.
        I am still convinced that Biglia can contribute. His midfield partner should be creative though

  14. What a horror show. In a way, I’m glad coz this game exposed those who have been not earning their corn in the past few years riding on Messi’s back. This is going to give Sampaoli and Messi a lot of rethinking in selecting the final 23. Tonight’s performance will raise hope for the likes of Icardi, Dybala, Mussachio, Pazella, Battaglia, Ascasibar, Alario, Enzo Perez, Lamela etc.

    The good thing is that we saw what the new player can do vs the old friends. Lo Celso, Lanzini, Paredes, Meza, Tagliafico showed more promise. I’m afraid but if it was up to me, I’d only take Kun, Di Maria, Enzo, Biglia from the class of 2014. The rest of the positions must be contested. Tonight was a testimony to Sampaoli that some respected veterans cannot compete at top level.

  15. Yeah, and now Bustos will be removed from NT as Tagliafico was after first game against Brazil. I’m not going to say Bustos was good today but our central defenders fucked up much more (also central midfielders) and he had very good match against Italy. Only idiot may say he is not good enough just because one game.

    • Bustos needs more chances . He played well against Italy. & for god’s sake -we don’t have another option for RB . He played the best today & flopped. Even Otamendi was a disaster. Bustos should continue & he will come out strong.
      Clear takeways for even a layman – MAsche , Rojo , Higuaín don’t stand a chance.

      • The problems with ball control was obvious rookie/shaky normall blunders if everyone want to judge him after that first should ask actually what is the way to NT for new players if not through blunders in friendlies. And see at Otamendi at all 6 goals…

        The team from game against Italy is good + Messi, Meza, Icardi/Martinez/Dybala and No.5 like Battaglia. Also P.Perez looked promising IMO

    • Lanzini probably might have helped Bustos today; He wasn’t bad; I wish & hope he comes strong for the next friendlies & world cup; Just like tagliafico, we will see a better version of him in next matches;

      Biglia – Masche – Banega; with this midfield any defense would suffer against top teams like spain/brazil/germany

  16. I know that at the moment rulli is injured. but you have to call him up. yeah, maybe he makes a mistake. but he s not a bad keeper. and at least he plays every single match!!!

  17. You cant blame banega, he tried to get involved in the game, by coming back to get the ball from the middle. The problem was, mascherano and biglia, disaster. they looked like, they didnt play football for a long time. Higuain terrible. Rojo, rubbish. Please call Garay! Bustos had a bad game.

  18. We paid the price for Martino and Bauza’s mistakes. They should have started rebuilding the team after the previous WC, but continued with the silver generation that is now way beyond their best. Sampa is making the same mistake. Mascherano, Biglia, Rojo and not a shadow of what they once were. They were too slow, lost sharpness and strength. Higuain again missed chances. He has had enough opportunities now. DiMaria and Aguero are never fit enough too last 7 matches. Mercado and Bustos are simply not good enough. Our goalkeepers are bench warmers. The selection of Funes Mori shows desperation, the guy has not played for 12 months!

    The big problem now is that Sampa has no time left to try others. He must gamble between the old guard (in that case, we’re looking at an early exit) or call the new generation (little experience, but way more spirit to fight). Either way, I cannot see Argentina win the WC.

    This heavy defeat will be a huge mental blow. Messi left early and will know in the back of his head that the WC mission is a lost cause even before it starts.

  19. Mascherano, Bustos, Tagliafico, Caballero are all jokes. And above all, Sampa. Why is he ignoring Perotti and Acuna. Lo celceo the only good candidate. Higuein is a choker as always.

    Acuna and Mercado should be at the flanks not the two dwarfs. Bataglia should have been selected at the expense of of Naxcsharano. Romero- Acuna Otamendi Fazio Mercado- Biglia Perez Locelceo Di maria Perotti/Salvio Messi. We don’t need no.9 any more. They are all rubish and futile when you have messi.

  20. Guys don’t sweat this we still got Di Maria, Aguero, Gago, lavezzi, maxi rodriguez not playing. Sarcasm.
    What cowards Messi, Aguero, di Maria and Romero. None of them are really injured.
    We really deserved this. How many times does a man do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result. This midfield has sucked for a long time and we still play the same midfield just different combinations: mascherano-biglia, Mascherano-gago, mascherano- biglia, mascherano-biglia-gago, gago-biglia, gago,biglia, mascherano…..
    the same with higuain, aguero di maria, full circle again and again.
    Sadly we will not learn from this game at all. Now we will see Aguero and Di Maria as our saviour, even Gago. Players like Biglia and Rojo and Romero will still be here while players like Bustos, Praredes(who made 1 mistake) Le Celso, Bustos, Martinez, Meza will be scapegoats and will get the sack. Reality check: Romero sucks, Funes Mori sucks, Otamendi is prone to mistakes, Mercado is just good, Biglia sucks, Mascherano O respect and love him but his time is over, Gago is made of glass and fragile, Banega is inconsistent, Di maria is selfish and when playing for us he thinks he is a superstar instead of playing simple he tries to showboat and dribble taking on the whole team by himself, Higuain can’t score although he is a hardworker his job is to score and he fails, Aguero and di maria are an injury waiting to happen. full circle people will shrug this off and defend whatever injustice the club of friends do because we are just like domestic violence victims Stockholm having fans who defend whatever the friends club serves us.

    • Wait a minute and calm down.

      Paredes had a knock and he couldn’t play. Both him snd Lanzini were unfit. If they were fit Im pretty sure they would have played.

      We all wanted change and refreshing the squad and we got it. I thought a bit too much than needed.

      What I do agree is today’s midfield was slow as a fuck and too experimental. I don’t understand what was Mascherano and Biglia doing together in a team which plays a high line. They were trying to go to the same place when they were tracking back. I guess Sampaoli wanted to clog the midfield because of Spain’s midfield superiority. And it would have worked had higuain took his chances or Pique didn’t manage that ladt ditch block.

      The result is too deceiving really. We played well in the first half but fall apart after they got 2 goals ahead.

      Now experiment time is done, drop Bustos. Hes an awful defender. And Higuain needs to be injured. Yup…he’s the only player in this universe I wish injury right now.

      You know a little injury not too serious which will rule him out for one month from June 10 to July 10. Thats it.

      • haha. I say the same thing about Hiugain. He even look fat if you look at post match pictures and look like dont give a f attitude. Horrible player and both Arg and Juventus are not going anywhere with Hiugain.

      • I’d rather lose with youngsters than lose with veterans.
        Ok I calm down, but frustrating it is we seem to never learn.
        I hope Sampaoli builts a team with Tagliafico and Le Celso (only 2 who fought) Lanzini, Paredes, Dybala, Pezzella, Lamela, Perotti, finds a partner for Paredes in midfield (runner, defensive, and good on the ball)and Messi.
        we need to get faster, and more athletic.

        • Paredes was injured. And so was Lanzini.

          And the double pivot was a mistake.

          It was too experimental against Spain at home. Look man…they hsve Iniesta, Thiago Alcantara , Koke and Isco in midfield.

          Any manager would have played double pivot against that…especially if he is missing Messi, Lanzini and Paredes.

          Also it doesn’t help when you have a rookie RB who doesn’t know how to defend against Isco and Alba. Kid learnt some champions league level lesson today.

  21. i don’t know why we play lo celso,this guy is too raw and main problem is he is unable to provide the final through pass.
    sir banega is pretty constant on doing shit so is higuen, aguero wll do the same,bring ikerdi and dybala.
    pablo perez should’ve been on in the first half.meza played well.
    we badly need pastore this time way better then banega and lo celso.

      • U take any one the result will be same..

        Without messi dybala like player no one going to respect you
        Opposition will attack attack and attack
        Bcoz they know in Argentine attack there is higuain who take the forward pass but give back pass.. so no problem

    • About what? you are talking about lo celso ,one and only shining star in Argentine midfield , Despite he is raw but he is showing great attitude on field by winning balls, tackling and making good runs.

      • how can you say shining? make mistakes in the attacking third and got blocked by defenders.he has brain but still too raw .psg lost first leg because of him

  22. its hard to take… but highline defence we created chance …but if you dont take that then…it will happen… no body controlling the game better than messi… they are average players….higuain/… i never liked him… he not pressed well sampaoli hoped.. but the thing is.. messi makes these average player into worldclass player… hope sampaolli takes a lesson… i already said he will evaluate higuain… because i know higuain will fail.. mache may be sub… bustos and taglifico good fullbacks.. but inexperienced.. not world class.. when they face italy banega and every body good… when you face the champion like inesta… they will suffer… sampoalli must drop higuain..bring young players… i dont know… favourites tag demolished by spain… we are underdog with a one lion… may be messi can turn things… maybe three match… we need to press spain.. if messi gets the ball infront of the back line it will be a different story in the world cup…. hope lanzini —locelso—and messi and otamendi is my hope…

    • Higuain must quit national team for the sake of the country and its fans. He is arrogant and seems to not care at all. He missed a chance which could have been buried by 90 yrs old grandma. Also people who are blaming Messi need to look at the mirror as before Messi, argentina was quarter final team and with Messi we make three finals in a row.

      • But no body will remember this friendly as much as Brazil-germany one. It was weaker Argentina side with lot of experimenting players. Also Brazil did not look so good as some pundits were saying. Sane bottled today for Germany just like Hiugain do is all the time for Argentina.



    The game was finished by putting Biglia and masch together. on top of that Rojo in defense.

    These playrs are shit.

    Every attack had no Midfield to stop them.

    • I totaly agree dude
      Bustos loosing Isco has been the highlight of the defence of Argentina
      2 silly goals in 1st half but argentina young lads showed fighting spirit
      let’s see how sampaoli responds after this humiliated defeat to Spain

      Positives and negatives

      Lo Celso, Meza, otamendi, martinez, perez the stand outs

      Mascherano can be CDM like Busquets for barca, to support CB when full baks attacks

      Higuin misses chances and disposses counter attacks
      Higuin repeats last WC flashback
      Biglia is waste

      Goal keeper
      Argentina GK should be Rulli fr WC

      Romero and willy both in bench for club

      Rulli would hav tried to stop atleas 1 or 2 gols

      HOPES FOR world CUP

      1%chance 99%faith MESSI DEPENDENT

      LO CELSO
      A. CORREA

      Pavon, salvio, bustos, tagli, perroti, paredes, mori, pezzela, lamela, battaglia, alario, papu, pablo, pastore, J. Correa etc will be just good for talking but in game nothing works


      If paulinho can succeed in barca playing along with MESSI, Sampaoli should find 3other paulinho for MESSI IN MIDFIELD.I mean not paulinho type midfield but good players who can combine well with messi.
      Paulinho is schit in midfield but combining with Messi he scores goal or assist

  24. This is comically embarrassing to be honest.

    Whoever this RB is, has absolutely no idea how to defend or press. I mean he was fumbling even with the basics of passes wtf.

    Mercado it is then.

    • How Bustos was responsible for first goal??? SHow me. The player he wanted to blocked was not even his man to mark. That was our central defenders mistake. Our CBs has huge part on all 6 goals for Spain (plus many blunders of your fantastic Biglia) but some anti-new players coalition always want to find scpaegoat among new players despite the old fucked up much more.

      • Just felt like there was zero communication between Otamendi and Rojo. The gaps between them for some of the goals felt like a breakdown in understanding the others position.

  25. Though a couple of younger Players like meza had few good moments, I’m worried about the temperament when things don’t go well. This was a friendly and some of the challenges were pretty cynical. This is the risk we have on our hands.

    Very, very worried about the defence and defensive midfield.

  26. “Our only hope almost the same team what played in 2014: Romero-Rojo-Otamendi-XXX-Mercado—XXX-Biglia/Mascherano-Enzo Perez—Di Maria-Aguero-Messi”

    – Csabalala

  27. this kind of game makes everyone look like crap…lo Celso had a decent game and should start every game. maybe it’s better to have biglia parades as the two DMs

    • I agree, Lo Celco is a must start.

      Acun~a, LoCelco, Lanzini are our best 3 midfielders.

      Pipita, I love you.. but you are not helping your cause, did everything right but tap them in.. time for Lautaro or Kun or Icardi. Sad, feel bad for the guy, he is cursed.

      Bustos is ok going forward, but defensively he is a mess. He is a liability, Mercado is better there.

      Banega is not mobile. He does not like playin up in the “messi role” and he is too tired in the middle. I hope this was enough for Sampa to see he cant be counted on.

      I dont blame Willy too hard, he came into a hot game with no warmup, its tough.

      For me the biggest flaw was Sampoali. His starting lineup was too slow in midfield (banega, Masch, Biglia should NEVER play together. One of them, not more).

      This game hurt. the only good news are, our build up play is better, I watched the Spanish feed of the game and the commentators where all saying that the 1st half Argentina plus Messi could beat any team.. the other positive is that now all the pressure is off. We are shit. The world thinks we are shit. Not being favorites is a good thing. Vamos carajo!

      • Very well said Leandro… We are just purely shit….

        I think build up play literally means nothing to us … because of the world class shit No.9

  28. Part of the problem is coaching part is players. Sampa does not have the players to play his style. To play his game you need a great back line of defenders and midfielders that are two way players.
    The player fault is in the past,Argentina players that are washed up announce their retirement from the national team. There is a reason Mascherano is not good enough to play in a major league.
    Guys like Banega, Mascherano biglia aguero Higuain Dimaria all must go. They will not quit voluntarily. Messi will not allow his friends to go. I don’t give a shit what he says that is the truth.
    So we will make it to round of 16 and then lose. And they can all fucking go. Including Messi.
    Sad couple of months for Argentina and then when guys like Dybala Lo Celso Alario Icardi are firmly entrenched in the team we will be good again. This generation is the most overrated in the history of our country. They never won anything of importance and everybody worships these guys

  29. two defensive pivots is not gonna help if defense makes silly errors. this is good in a way. It takes away any false hopes and expectations. this is the second time that this team is wilting in the second half.against Nigeria also the same pattern. first half was okay despite the extra goal conceded.higuain should go

    • Yup. However, to give the counter point, the second half of both friendlies brought in a lot of substitutions.. so the game got wonky, more so against Nigeria.

    • He was hurt. We dont have depth in that position, it made sense for him to get minutes especially considering he was one of our best defenders last WC. He didnt play well, but he didnt play badly either.

  30. With this defense and the fat Shit Higuain sling with the bold man’s stupidity. Kiss the World Cup goodbye!!

  31. Wow we are not world Cup material stop dreaming mundo we are faready behind Brasil Germany Spain it’s over Messi will not win this v summer it’s his team anyway. He doesn’t want dybala icardi what a mess is Messi. It’s his team per sampaoli

      • Are you crazy? How can you say that to Messi? You are blaming Messi for this sitty team and coaching staff. Firstly , you should start watching messi’game because after these comments on Messi ,I have doubts.

        • And also when messi plays hes also helping in defence, since rivals park bus or greatteams man mark Messi with 3 players which directly make Argentina players free and gets ample space

  32. Sampaoli is a joke here!

    The only lesson if he bares to learn is who shouldn’t wear the sky blue and white.

    Now players like Martinez will get unfair judgment because of the time wasted on Higuain. Why has Correa even got called!

    Caballero is another story here. Who has been calling for him!!

    • Lautaro martinez should have played right from the second half….

      Still sampaoli wanted higuain

      After conceding 3-4 goals teams cannot be normal
      They were mentally collasped…

      Sampaoli’s substitutions were not good and late ..

      Better to lose in friendly not in worldcup

  33. Wow- this is worst then the Bolivia loss. What a terrible back line. I think Sampa wanted to see Rojo–he got his answer…Rojo and Bustos will not make the final list. They need to call Garay ASAP. The errors on our half were juvenile. Otamendi made error, Banega was a ghost, Benega terrible..

    • Aha Otamendi, at least he’s a world class defender, but Tagliafico and Bustos are total crap, and the reality without you hated Di Maria-Aguero-Messi trio, the reality, no more Argentina Primera players please, this is another universum

    • and the reason why we play with 4 CB-‘s Mercado and Rojo make that little attacking work, what the so-called full backs, Tagliafico and Bustos, but much much much better in defending

      • Otamendi has part on all 6 goals for Spain. Bustos on 1. When you want to find scapegoat you better rewatch all goals. Mercado has part on 2 goals.

        The Primera and new players were good on the 2 matches. You are always old defender of old guard/ancieme regime under many accounts here

        • Our only hope almost the same team what played in 2014: Romero-Rojo-Otamendi-XXX-Mercado—XXX-Biglia/Mascherano-Enzo Perez—Di Maria-Aguero-Messi

        • WTF

          Bustos was responsible for the first two goals all by himself!!

          He should be absolutely nowhere near the team. Not eleven not the squad.

          • How he was responsible for first goal??? SHow me. The player he wanted to blocked was not even his man to mark. That was our central defenders mistake. Our CBs has huge part on all 6 goals for Spain (plus many blunders of your Biglia) but some anti-new players coalition always want to find scpaegoat among new players despite the old fucked up much more.

          • I agree, bustos is a liability defensively, he looses his markers and gets caught with through ball passes. He did it against Italy more than once and this game. He is ok attacking, but defensively he is far far worse than Mercado. Taglafico was much more solid defensively.

  34. This will make the players less confident when they face Spain in the quarter final game in summer.

    It will be a tough tough match!!!

  35. I dont see our defence improving much from here. Realistically from this situation the only chance of competing in the Final 8 of the WC would be the attack. And Higuain would negate few goals. Honestly If Argentina scored that first goal we would have played better today. With Higuain and sloppy defence working hand to hand. I dont think we can compete. Sorry. Why blame Higuain ? Othrrs can do mistake too. Answer: Higuain has been very consistant in failing. No one can be as consistant as Pooputa in Failing.

    • Bustos has part only on second goal of Spain while our Central defenders on all goal of Spain. Otamendi is horrible in defence today. We are benumbed now




  37. Sampaoli is looking pathetic with his stupid mentality. Starting with the same lineup giving Higuain full matc and a half! What a shame!!!

  38. We don’t need luck. We ful****ing needs players who want to perform for Argentina!!! Higuain Mascherano, Romero, Di Maria, Aguero, Biglia, Banega are not what we need anymore. We have players to replace them. Give them chance….

  39. We not playing that bad. You all acting crazy. We conceded from two silly mistakes. Our problem is Higuain missed that sitter and we lack of creativity. Banega is failed again creating anything. 2-1 is not bad if you compare we only building a team while Spain has a team. CALM YOUR P DOWN

    • I agree with you, we played excellent in the first half. BUT.. giving up 6 goals is inexcusable, as the 4 vs Nigeria.

      Higuain did miss, but then again, he only got one decent pass all game, even he will score if you give the man atleast 3 good plays. The big error was playing Banega in Messis spot, he cant. And on top of that putting Masch and Biglia behind him at the same time, I like them, but the 3 of them are slow and defensively biased, its suicide and its stale going forward. Especially with only 1 striker.




    DM and No. 9 positions are a real worry.

  41. Martinez and Correa. Banega, Biglia, Bustos and the loser out. If he keeps Higauin then he is a stupid bold ass coach!

    Big time choker!!!

  42. I am just going to assume there are a lot smarter people than me on this forum.
    Can someone explain to me why Higuain Mascherano Biglia are on this team?

    Has Higuain not lost us enough finals matches? Is Mascherano still any good? He is playing in China for Gods sake.
    What is so special about Biglia other than he can’t make a penalty shot? Is Argentina short on footballing talent? Do we not have players all over the world? I mean what the hell am I missing that these 3 pieces of dog shit keep getting called up? Please, someone, anyone, answer this for me.

  43. Quick observations :

    1. Meza and lo celso had some good moments. Stood out for us.

    2. The 2nd goal was on Willy and bustos. A ridiculously bad goal kick

    3. Speaking of bustos, oh boy, Isco is schooling him.

    4. İs Banega even on the pitch?

    5. Higuain…. He is trying hard but it’s just not happening. İt’s painful to watch. Almost feel sorry for him.

    We haven’t played terribly . İt’s an open friendly game.

  44. I like our young players. They at least trying to do something. Bangea and Higuain is shadow. Higuain running and movement and dribbling is poor. I never said that ever before but i think he will cost us again


    HIGUAIN – This bastard should be lynched and shot. This bastard is the reason argentina have flopped 3 finals and he proves again why that is.

    Mascherano – I have said here before. Masch isn’t the player he was, His defensive tackles were non existent today. off the pace.

    Banega – Played out of position.


    has potential but no way a starter. 1st goal was his fault and 2nd goal he should be shadowing isco.

    Rojo – No way. He is done, Fazio was much better and PLEASE SOMEONE GET GARAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Actually we played really well, against the best team in the world.
    Spain is almost in full strength, & we don’t have our strength even in the bench…
    Sampoli deserves so much credit.
    We have never been like this recently.. especially without messi..
    There are week spots, of course.. but friendlies are to test those & find,in fact. Be positive, little more guys.

  47. Sampoali needs to be radical and play Icardi or Augero or Dybala infront than Hiugain. He is cur se.

      • No he isnt. He had it PERFECT. Sampoali put TWO defensive covers for him and asked him to CREATE. He didnt. He barely ran, he never asked for the ball, he never got involved. He needed to do what Messi does everygame, which is ask for the ball and do somthing. He failed. The way he always has, he has one inspiring game every 5 matches. He is very skilled and has good vision, but he lacks character and he lacks athleticism. He is a shitty DM (slow, lazy, tired) and he is an unreliable playmaker. Banega is a sub at best.

    • I posted something recently here that Banega disappears against strong midfield opponents. Tonight is nothing new. Maybe some people understand why I rate Banega as an average player. I really don’t know what has he done to called world class.

  48. Put Alario Icardi Dybala kranevitter on this team
    Get rid of Mascherano biglia Higuain aguero Dimaria

    The fucking loser fossils that are bigger names than players

    ITS BECAUSE OF HIM WE ARE NOT WORLD CHAMPIONS. Single handedly lost us WC 14. We need ICARDI. Simple as that.

    • Truth. But also, how many chances was our #9 given? One. A very nice and somewhat easy one for him which he flopped, but still.. its the same the last 3 tournaments, our forwards get almost no service all game and we crucify them when they miss the one chance. Any forward will struggle like that, even Batistuta. We need to feed our forward atleast 3 to 5 times a game to have any hope.

  50. And here we go……

    The world best no 9 shits again infront of an open net!!!

    But but…Argentina don’t give balls to Higuain! Now some mundo idiots can stop singing this shit! Sucks….. Ofcourse Costa won’t miss


  51. Someone shoot Higuain. This loser will destroy Argentina again. He missed sitter against Italy as well. I hate this guy so much.

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