Mauro ICARDI double in Inter win versus Verona


A Mauro ICARDI double and an Ivan PERISIC saw Inter Milan pick up a 3-0 win against Verona.

It’s been a bitter sweet few weeks for Mauro ICARDI. After having been ignored for the Argentina National Team and missing out on his country’s friendly matches against Italy and Spain, Mauro ICARDI came back in regular form. That is to say with goals.

ICARDI scored in the first minute to give his team a 1-0 lead. Ivan PERISIC doubled their lead and ICARDI scored three minutes into the second half to make it 3-0 and put the match to bed.

It was a memorable match for the Inter captain as he is now on 24 Serie A goals this season which is the same amount as his personal best in Serie A which came last season.

With Gonzalo HIGUAIN not having the best of matches for Argentina (versus Italy and more specifically on Tuesday in a 6-1 loss to Spain), Argentina National Team coach could have some doubts in regards to HIGUAIN and should ICARDI continue these performances, he could see himself back in the National Team.

Per Bet365, the Inter man has now scored six goals in his last 95 minutes of football.

Mauro ICARDI double


  1. I keep my finger crossed that the door is still open for Icardi and Dybala. Let’s wait and watch their fight for joining N/T with goals as it will the best report card to presents it to Sampaoli.

    Happy Easter Day

  2. Dear Mundo,

    Can you name a better squad that this?

    Di Maria – Icardi – Messi

    Lanzini – Battaglia – Lo Celso

    Tagliafico – Otamendi – Garay/Fazio – Bustos/Mercado

    • Yes.
      Mercado garay otamendi taglia
      Lanzini lo celso dimaria/meza/lamela
      Messi aguero /dybala

      • I liked your lineup but pizzaro or mascheano shud be CDM


        All the above SHUD BE PLAYING IN EVERY GAME for glory


        BANEGA played well vs barca without messj. Even spain told if messi played their style of play will be totaly different.
        Banega very bad in pressing and slow

        Biglia is always waste
        Pablo/enzo/battaglia/paredes can be tested in friendlies again

        Defence acuna,mercado,tagli,garay,otamendi,fazio is a must for WC

        GK’ Romero experience in WC FINAL

      • Augusto, alario, martinez need to be tested next friendlies

        Barca without Messi is more worser than Argentina without Messi.

        This season several games indicated Messi dependance for Barca

    • I like your lineup alot but i would apply a few changes:

      Lanzini – Messi – Meza

      Acuna – Battaglia – Lo Celso

      Tagliafico – Otamendi – Garay/Fazio – Bustos/Mercado

      Lanzini is best when his up the field near the opposition’s goal, that’s where his passing and powerful shots can do the most damage.
      Meza, like Lanzini, is more than capable of playing as a midfielder but again he’s best when he’s near the opposition’s box as we saw in the spain game.
      Acuna is a left midfielder by trade, but with his work rate, ball skill, speed and fitness I think he’d make a damn good box to box mid who can be very useful in counters especially against teams like Croatia and Nigeria that play an open attacking game or the big boys like spain, germany and brazil.

    • He’s always been a beast and a leader for Sevilla, but walks on pitch when playing for Argentina. He sucks for the NT. Sadly though, we will see him, Higuaín, Aguero, Diva, Masch. and Biglia going to Russia as part of Friends Club.

  3. So Icardi scores again! 6 goals in 95 minutes. But still not good enough to get a call over Higuain or injured Aguero!? No problem.

    Gabriel Jesus the 20 years old Brazil forward debuted in the senior team in 2016 and already scored 9 goals from 15 appearance!! The last one came against Germany.

    Guys, i have a question. If Jesus were an Argentine, would Sampaoli or other NT coaches called him for Argentina?

    Let’s not compare Higuain or Aguero with Gabriel Jesus. But would Brazil ignored players like Icardi or Dybala if they were Brazilians?

    Many says…Brazilians are overrated & overhyped. But the irony is they still performs for their country!! But the same can’t be possible to say in the case of Argentine players. No matter how well they performed, we always underrated our young stars & don’t give proper chances in NT.

    We have lot to learn from our rivals. Do anyone remember Brazilian Fred who performed wonder in Confederation cup? But a single world cup performance ruled him out from Brazil squad forever! Poor Fred……..

    Can you imagine it for Argentina? Even after failing 3 back to back big tournaments we can’t leave this Higuain guy for once!

    How many goals Aguero & Higuain scores against Brazil? Ooooooops….but guess what a 20 year old Brazilian scored against Argentina in WCQ match & got the moral boost to show it again in Russia WC. Hopefully Sampaoli won’t ruin the career of Dybala, Icardi, Martinez etc.

    • Julker, spot on dude! This is exactly what i was saying for quite a long time now! So let me give you the answer: Brazil, Germany and Spain would love to have such a clinical striker like Icardi! Ofcourse, if someone thinks that there is a 9 in the aforementioned teams, let alone being a youngster like Icardi, who is clinical in front of the goal like him, he/she is more than welcome to name just one to me! But still Icardi is in danger of not even making Argentina’s bench! And don’t start me with the well known constantly repeated bullshit that he had his chance and didn’t delivered for Argentina! Had his chances?? When?? The time that we were in complete mess, being in danger of not even qualifying, when noone was performing apart messi in the last match against Ecuador?

      What Higuain did during the wcq? Let alone the three finals and the last friendlies! I like Higuain, i like his character as well and i feel sorry for him but he should not be in the team anymore.

      What about Dybala? Doesn’t fit Sampaoli’s plans really? Not even as a sub? I thought that it was good to have deptn on the bench!

      The way i see it, if we don’t stick with one manager for a long time and don’t use the best possible players, this trophyless drought will not stop.

      But at the end of the day, our toughest opponent will not be Brazil, Germany, Spain or anyone else but our ownselves!

  4. If you put messi infront as our lone striker even he will struggle with the midfield we have… Argentina has the worst midfield among top 10 in fifa rankings.. kick out Banega.. Masch.. and Biglia… these 3 will sink our ship… Play Perroti instead of Dimaria…

    This should be our front 4!!

    • Messi is no longer a winger. Dybala was tried there (central next to Messi) and chocked.

      Perroti..messi..lanzini. (Dybala messis sub)

      Would flow better I think

      • If Dybala is to be Messi’s sub then he might end up on the bench the whole tournament… It’s Sampaoli’s job to fit Dybala and Messi together instead of just dropping our 2nd best player ?

  5. Look at the second goal he scored. Does it ring any bell! Same position where Higuain missed VS Chile. He has to be in the squad. That will be a utter sin leave him and Dybala out of the squad

  6. Baldie says icardi doesn’t fit in his style. Why not have plan b when things aren’t working out. Icardi is the best finisher in world football.
    The media in argentina(maradona bootlickers) have campaigned against icardi inclusion and sampaoli is pleasing them with this ridiculous decision.
    The dybala and icardi situations are different, dybala is excluded to please the friends club but the icardi one to please the lunatic media in argentina and ofcourse the sinless priest diego.

  7. I said that before. It is Sampaoli fault if Dybala has difficulty playing with Messi. As a coach he should be able to find the formula. It is really sad to hear Sampaoli said that Dybala can’t assimilate the ideas…. It is clear that Sampaoli and his team don’t have any idea what so ever. The idea of Messi’s team shows his incompetence to take responsibilities. This is Argentina’s team with the greatest player of all time, but Sampaoli is the coach and should act as a coach.

    • Is it all of you have poor memory? Didn’t Sampaoli gave chance to Dybala vs Nigeria and Singapore?
      What was his contribution apart one through ball? Enlighten me.

      I don’t know why people think they have more knowledge than a professional coach.

      I’m not saying Dybala shouldnt be included all I’m saying don’t tell me we didn’t give him a chance.
      As for Higuain, I think he should not be selected.

  8. We argentina fans are waiting for our team to win the world cup we want to see the greatest ever lift the greatest Price in football for that icardi and dybala should be in the squad ..
    No other international team would avoid a player like icardi or dybala . What is wrong with sampaoli.
    Don’t give higuain anymore chance .
    We need to see icardi as our number 9 and dybala linking up well with messi .
    It’s a request from all argentina fans . Not higuain fans .
    Please include them win the world cup
    Don’t field higuain in starting 11

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