Sebastian BECCACECE rumored Argentina fall out


With Pablo AIMAR’s inclusion into the Argentina coaching staff, there are rumors that Sebastian BECCACECE could be on his way out.

As you all are aware by now, Jorge SAMPAOLI has included Pablo AIMAR as part of his coaching staff. There are widespread reports that the reason behind this is because the relationship between current assistant coach, Sebastian BECCACECE and the rest of the staff has deteriorated.

AIMAR was apparently overwhelmingly voted in as everyone was in favour of him compared BECCACECE. While we’re still waiting for official news on this, surely this only adds more bad news behind the scenes for Argentina.


  1. Yes, Aimar(Top 5 favorite of mine)will be part of the coaching staff.
    In that article almost everything sounds good except for when it states that Aimar is close with Messi and the old generation.
    the Messi generation are some of the childish beta male players ever.
    Remember when Bauza used to call Demichelis to baby sit them?
    Even Sabella used to do that while qualifying he used MEN like Guinazu,Brana, Basanta, Compagnero who are limited footballers but are MEN. When it gets tough MEN fight, while Beta MEN hide.
    Hopefully Aimar is not a babysitter for 30-plus men.

    Kempes said Sampaoli needs to stop asking Messi what he wants because he is the coach and should do his job. If we need to ask Messi then we should have appointed Messi as coach and not Sampaoli.
    This is also my opinion because from the track record Messi is going to be a terrible coach like Maradona. He decides more with his heart than his brain. He is no Zidane who was one of the best players and coaches.

    • IMO Beccaccece is good specialist. If he was the man who prompted some new call ups I must to say most of his suggestions were good.

      As you I have some doubts about Aimar. I just hope that’s not another populistic choice. If he is really man to support ancieme regime we are lost.

    • I think the generation you talk about is really spoiled. Spoiled by fame, club success and automatic call ups for NT, by to be automatic startes and by all the lost finals. THey are like zombies.

      About them in NT is one description: players ‘magni nominis umbra’.

      • Gonzalo biggest hater of this generation team. What did other generations achieved after Maradona and before Messi generation? Quarter final team at most. Dont be stupid as World Football has become more competitive since then where as CL has gone backwards. You think it is just easy to reach in three finals?

        • I can never take this Outlaw guy serious. He prop up these young players who haven’t achieve nothing, be it club level or youth level football. The same players who crashed out during the group stages of the last several U20 and Olympic Football tournaments are the same players going to lead Argentina to success in Russia, 2018? They act as if before this Messi generation Argentina was consistently making World Cup finals and semifinals. Yes, kick out all the Messi generation who atleast have the experience and know it all of how to play their way through the World Cup rounds in the last several years for rookie players who have no idea how to be successful in a tournament be it World Cup or Club competition. As I said before, these guys will see how mediocre Argentina football has become when the Messi gen retires.

          • “I can never take this Outlaw guy serious”

            that’s rather funny from guy who built his identity on perpetual self-contradictions. As of late when you have said that 2006 generation players or nowhere near to 2014. WHile after last match you’ve said we have not currently players like in 2006.

            Since 2014 you are criticizing harshly literally every young player that was mentioned here as candidate to NT. Every.
            And now you should see how many new good players came after 2014. I remember what you’ve been talking about Dybala, Icardi, Tagliafico, Lanzini, Paredes, J.Correa, A.Correa, Acuna, Salvio, Gaitan, Ascacibar, Lo Celso, Mammana and so many other players.

            You are criticizing Olimpic Games team but some players from are already close to NT: Lo Celso, Lanzini, Pavon, Ascacibar.

          • Quote:

            [Yes, kick out all the Messi generation who atleast have the experience and know it all of how to play their way through the World Cup rounds in the last several years for rookie players who have no idea how to be successful in a tournament be it World Cup or Club competition]

            Seriously kid after that embarrassing performance against spain where pipita, masch, biglia, banega and rojo were the worst players on the pitch while Meza (from ‘lowly’ argentine league), Celso (inexperienced) and tagliafico (doesn’t play for a CL winning team) were the best players on the pitch??!! Honestly??! What is it with you, you want those over the hill players to lead the team to a 7-1 hammering in the QF?? WAKE THE HELL UP man, the messi generation is done and dusted! They tried and did well but it’s time to look ahead.

        • So history must circle around. After 4 years I will once again crude critic of Higuain as it was on previous WC. The man were crap everytime, including that WC, and we still depend on such people.

          Reach finals is one thing another is to know where players are burned out. With this team Argentina only with big dose of luck may reach quarterfinal.

          • ”As of late when you have said that 2006 generation players or nowhere near to 2014. While after last match you’ve said we have not currently players like in 2006.”

            You’re the one contradicting yourself. I was talking about this current younger generation compare to the 2006 players. In 2006 Argentina had youth players like Messi, Tevez, Mascherano, Saviola, Maxi Rodriquez, Lucho Gonzalez, Cambiasso, Fabricio Coloccini, Nicolás Burdisso, Óscar Ustari etc. None of these players was over the age of 25. Argentina currently have no young midfield players in the class of Lucho, Masche and Cambiasso, this is a fact. These guys were call world class during the 2006 world cup tournament. So as you can see, I wasn’t contradicting myself. So of course Argentina 2014 was a better team than the 2006 team. Look at the world cup results between the 2006 roster and 2014 roster? This is all facts! Then again, you were the one who said Depay was going to win the BDOR after he scored three goals against a weak team from the Belgian league while playing at Manchester United. You always try to come off as some expert at spotting young talent when you have no physically history of scouting players outside of YouTube and the games you may watch on the web/tv. You can’t lecture me on anything pertaining to youth sport and talent.

          • “In 2006 Argentina had world class mids in Riqueleme, Masche, Lucho, Aimar, Cambiasso etc.Also world class defenders in Ayala, Heinze along with solid players like Sorin and Coloccini. Argentina just don’t have the same level of talent today outside of Messi, Di Maria, Higuain and Aguero”

            Strictly that means Biglia, Masche, Rojo, Banega, Romero, Otamendi players which you like so much are also below 2006 generation

            “You can’t lecture me on anything pertaining to youth sport and talent”

            At least I have open mind and broad horizon as to Argentina potentiall all over the world. You know nothing about player till he will not emerge in CL in some famous European club

  2. Last two friendly against Ukrain on 4th june in Argentina and on 9th against Israel in israel

    Though I heard first Bolivia and Israel

  3. My team for world cup
    formation 4-2-3-1
    Sergio Romero
    Mercado Otamendi Fazio Taglafico
    Paredes Biglia
    Meza Messi Lanzini
    Lanzini Meza participates in defence so they are more useful than Dybla who rarely participates in defence.Lo celso can come as sub for anyone.Di maria as sub because if he make eleven crossing only three of them going to be successful.So he should be used as sub.Enzo can come for sub in DM position.Augreo sub is Icardi.Either it is 4-4-2 or 4-2-3-1 Lanzini and Meza highly required

    • If both Meza and Lanzini is god in defence also. I toatally agree with you. Instead of injury prone dimaria, banega , biglia slow and cant press all the time

      I hav another pick , Lamela /Meza
      Biglia waste so Locelso played CDM for psg vs real madrid and can play great thru balls in attack also

      Ir paredes is better in defence and have pace aprt from Pizzaro, Enzo, Pablo, Augusto,Banega, Mascherano. He should start along with LO CELSO in midfield
      But I dont think Meza is good in physical so Lamela can defend well


      Locelso CDM (psg)
      Pizzaro/Paredes CDM

      Lamela good in defence/ Meza


      Lanzini/ dimaria injury prone and cant be trusted. Last world cup quater final injured


    • 4-2-3-1

      Defenders same as above

      Lo celso

      Lanzini(sub Lamela)
      Dybala(sub Meza)


      banega, biglia, mashcerano slow pace and cant press 90min
      Paredes inexperience
      So pizzaro my pick in center mid

      Augusto Fernandez CM must be recalled for 2 friendlies in june

      Dimaria cant press 90min and injury prone

      Lamela, Meza, Martinez is must
      Icardi no pace but still danger finisher inside box
      Pavon /Perroti back up

      Pablo, Enzo CM can also be trusted in creativity and more physical

  4. GK :

    1- Sergio Romero (world cup final experience)
    2- Nahuel Guzmán
    3- Willy Caballero.


    4- Nicolás Otamendi
    5- Federico Fazio
    6- Gabriel Mercado
    7- Nicolás Tagliafico
    8- Ezequiel Garay
    9- Marcos Acuna
    10- Salvio/Bustos/Rojo


    11- Manuel Lanzini

    12- Ángel Di María injury prone last WC semi final injured. So play good players for WC. I wish dimaria injury now

    13- Ever Banega

    14- (CDM)Javier Mascherano (Lucas Biglia is waste hence call Pizzaro)

    15- Guido Pizzaro (CDM)

    16- Augusto fernandes/Leandro Paredes/pablo/Enzo

    17- Lo Celso

    18- Meza/Lamela/A. Correa


    19- Lionel Messi
    20- Paulo Dybala
    21- Sergio Agüero
    22- Mauro Icardi

    23- Deigo Perotti/Cristian Pavon/Lautaro Martínez


    Javier Pastore,Alejandro Gómez,Joaquín Correa,Maximiliano Meza,Érik Lamela,Eduardo Salvio,Enzo Pérez /Guido Pizarro, Rigoni, lucas biglia

    Mateo Musacchio,Fabricio Bustos,Funes Mori, pezella

    Gerónimo Rulli/Franco Armani

    Sampoli trump card will be Dybala- Messi, Messi-Lanzini and Messi-Locelso
    Get ready for big surprise game in WORLD CUP with MESSI, LANZINI, DYBALA, LO CELSO

    Rivals are now confused abt how Messi will play with which players in the WC

  5. Why cant we play Dybala as attacking midfielder(Center) and Messi on the wide.
    I would go with

    Di Maria—-Dybala——Messi




    • Dybala, kun and Messi don’t defend, not even alittle bit, to succeed the team needs a balance between attacking intent, defensive solidarity and athleticism and your formation – as appealing as it is – lacks that balance IMO.

      If you want Dybala in the team I would suggest this formation:





      Now personally I would love to see Garay, Ascacibar, Battaglia and Cervi but the chances of these guys being selected is almost nill so I decided to stick to the squad selection that Sampa has already made.

      • Mamoun we are both impressed by Cerve and Pity Martinez but for the two it’s probably too late for WC unless (in Pity case) Sampaoli will play some friendlies in domestic players squads in april – there were some rumours about that.

        What about your line up I have only some questions to midfield. I really think we need real destroyer in midfield. After Simeone and Mascherano times we can’t handle without such player. And I see here only 2 players possible: Battaglia and Ascacibar. Ascacibar in future now Battaglia. There were rumours he was supposed to be called up for last friendlies. I doubt duo Celso/Enzo will be anough diligent on defendive tasks. I could say I want them both in starting line up but I must to sacrifice one of them to see our midfield rested solidly on defensive quality. So: my midfield ATM:

        ……….Battaglia…Lo Celso

        Enzo is best on box-to-box role and he never was that accurate and conscientious in defence as typical No.5

        I have no problem with Acuna. I would pick between Meza/Acuna the better one. In last firendlies Meza gave the best impressions.

        • Yeah both pity and Cervi are beasts, Cervi in particular is a younger, fitter version of Dimaria with the added bonus of a high footballing IQ. He’s been playing well for Benfica as a LM but once he moved to LF he just became a monster with 7 assists and 2 goals in as many as 10 games, if it was up to me I might even start him (if I had the benefit of a friendly or 2 to try him out) but alas, he’s gonna have to be one for the future.

          Gonzalo if it was up to me I’d have both battaglia (starter) and Ascacibar (sub) in the team instead of biglia and mascherano but like I said in my post I don’t see any chance of sampa calling them so I have to settle for the players that are available and if it’s a choice between having a destroyer like biglia/masch and not having one at all I for one will choose the latter.
          Enzo is a CM by trade but he’s been playing as a destroyer since he’s moved to Valencia and to this day he continues to play as the holding midfielder in River, so he’s the closest thing we have to a destroyer, but if we I had a choice, Battaglia or Ascaciber would be starting.

    • Our genius coaching staff who can’t play two good games in a row says they are not compatible. I would put them (Messi-Dybala) in front of the 3-men midfield. Almost the same way you out them.

  6. The team should remain calm and united. Unity is strength. Harmony on and off the pitch are important but it does mean a friendly selection and buddies togetherness.I do keep my faith that Sampaoli have an open mind for all the changes for betterment and in his player’s selection. The Do or Die mentality are much needed. The humilating lost should be a “wake up call” and warning alarm for everyone on the squad. Dont be too panic and frustrated. And, no need to wait for an overall N/T – the old guards retirement after the failure on upcoming Russia WC. Time have come for Masche, Biglia, Gago, Higuain to retire from N/T. The bell rings for the new young bloods to contribute and wear the blue and white shirt. This upcoming month become very crucial for evaluation and look at details on every players performance and fitness. Although the main thing is a brilliant performance at the club level does not mean and guarantee same performance at N/T. Keep the dream alive and have faith that with hard work and focus glory can be accomplished.

  7. Every decision that can make us better is very welcome. I don’t know his influence on the team but if Aimar is better, take him. I usually see assistant coaches come to the touchline give instructions, may be his style is different but I dont see him do that… lets hope it is for better….

  8. This cycle…. imo if Argentina performs badly during the next WC, i very much doubt Sampaoli will stay at the helm after that…

    • What you think about beccacece dismissal?? Is it good or bad??does this point out to panic of Argentina dressing room //?? This type fall out should not happen prior to WC what you think??

  9. After long time argentina finally found a fluid and dynamic midfielder in lo celso , he brings fluidity in the midfield , earlier argentina ‘s middle was slow , now with lo celso who is generally an attacking midfielder,can also do defensive duties will be important to argentina in this WC.
    With lanzini , the argentina midfield will be quick, creative, and fluid unlike the masc herb and gai big lia , where they relied upon defenders to block attacks , so they can get the ball from there.

    • i really hope thats our mid but a destroyer is the key missing.

      Lanzini – ?? – Lo Celso

      I would like to Pizarro come back. He did well, not sure why hes being overlooked. Or Battaglia who is playing well for Sporting

      • I will go for battaglia for sure , he is a monster , he is the perfect number 5 , I watched closely in sport in games , he was deployed as the destroyer who would kill and block the opposition attacks and openings , he is very tough and rough , will do anything to wi that ball, I think with two attacking midfielders with lanzini and lo celso And a destroyer like battaglia , argentina will find that balance in the midfield , which they were longing to get.

        • Without lillo sampaoli is not that great.this world cup will tell how good sampaoli really is. Nobody expects Argentina to even reach the semi-finals also.many also think Argentina will be out in round of 16 or even from group stages itself

  10. The question is why are they getting rid of him, or are they trying to use him as the scapegoat for the loss against Spain and if that’s the case then we have a big problem.

  11. I think hopefully now we will see messi dybala together becsuse aimer is the magician known to everyone.

  12. Right now everyone should be united , I hope that he stays with argentina coaching staff, we should be together , only then we scan win this WC, with addition of aimar , I am very happy , he will address the young players in the team, and will teach them mentally and technically , and will help the players ,to all my argentina brothers fans and everyone lets pray to god , argentina will win WC , god will helps us this time , lets hope and pray ,and stay united together to help them achieve the goal. Vamos argentina.

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