Argentina to play Nicaragua in May at La Bombonera


The Argentina National Team will play Nicaragua on May.

Nicaragua and not Bolivia will be the opponent on May 29 for Argentina’s farewell match. The game will be played at La Bombonera, home of Boca Juniors.

However, with the final of the UEFA Champions League being on May 26, it remains to be seen if the likes of Lionel MESSI (FC Barcelona), Diego PEROTTI (AS Roma), Federico FAZIO (AS Roma), Gonzalo HIGUAIN (Juventus), Paulo DYBALA (Juventus), Gabriel MERCADO (Sevilla), Ever BANEGA (Sevilla), Joaquin CORREA (Sevilla), Guido PIZARRO (Sevilla), Sergio AGUERO (Manchester City) and Nicolas OTAMENDI (Manchester City) will be available for the match.

October 17 was the last time the Argentina National Team played at La Bombonera which happened to be a 0-0 draw against Peru.


  1. • I think the fact that their
    Are so many argentine players
    That still plays in the champions league is a good thing.

    • sampaoli does have an advantage with the fact that these players are competing in Europe’s top competition, against players who is regarded as the best.

    • I think sampa… can use this time to analyse all Argentina players still competing in champions league against the best players currently now in Europe, such as football clubs like Madrid, Bayern and others.

    • this is good for Argentina

    • and I also think all Argentina players will get playing time in their respective clubs,even if they are not seen as favourite,such as pizarro and others.

  2. My starting eleven
    Ansaldi Otamendi Garay Tagl

    Salvio Biglia Lanzini Acuna

    Messi Augreo
    Ansaldi Otamendi Garay Tagl

    Biglia Paredes

    Meza Messi Lanzini


    • great job including Ansaldi..I would also add Battaglia.
      I would not bring Meza because of one good game..he has a bright future
      Perotti should be there…Icardi

  3. Great…. This friendlies are perfectly set up for argentina , its good to play against low teams , cause its not the matter of winning , this it where sampaoli will get to know and see, how his team will gell and bring the fluidity into the game , also it ensure that no players get injured in these matches , good decision by afa. Now coming to the point , I hope sampaoli has already got , that dybala has to be in the squad , irrespective of whatever position he plays in wc , he is as vital as messi for argentina , according to me the duo can work effectively if they play in 4-2-3-1 formation , with messi taking the role of attacking midfielder , while dybala moving to the right , both players will get enough spaces to exploit opposition defences ,at the same time both can interchange their position , this will make the team invincible, believe it or not , upfront will be icardi , I will bench higuain , can be a superb sub , the team would be like ……


    Dimaria(LW) messi(AM) dybala(RW)

    Parades(DM) banega(DM)

    Tagliafico(RB) mercado(LB)

    Otamendi(CB) Garay(CB)

    Romero (GK)

    • My friend this is Messi’s team. There is no way Dybala and Icardi can get into the team without the captain’s last word. My hope now is on the next generation where we can develop a team spirit when we don’t have a player who is bigger than NT.

  4. My World Cup squad so far..
    1/ Romero
    2/ Rulli
    3/ Carbalaro

    4/ Otamendi
    5/ Gray
    6/ Muri
    7/ Fazio
    8/ Taglifico
    9/ Acuna
    10/ Marcado
    11/ Salvio

    12/ Batigolia
    13/ pezzaro
    13/ Lo Celso
    14/ peredes
    15/ Lanzini
    16/ Meza
    17/ Maria
    18/ Pavon

    19/ Messi
    20/ Aguero
    21/ Heguin
    22/ Dybala
    23/ Icardi

  5. My world cup squad
    Romero Caballero Guzman
    Otamendi Fazio Garay Mercado Taglafico Ansaldi Salvio
    Lanzini Meza Acuna Paredes Biglia Di maria Lamela and one defensive midfielder
    Messi Augreo Icardi Dybla Perroti

  6. Otamendi garay fazio tagliafico mercado..for the sixth and seventh spot there are not many options left… bustos pezella rojo mori… funes mori is now getting into the everton bench.if he get a chance to play two or three good games then who knows…rojo has simply destroyed his chance..
    In the midfield mascherano biglia banega lanzini lo celso dimaria acuna salvio are almost there so many spots to grab…??
    I don’t think sampaoli will take some bold decisions like dropping masche, higuain or something like that…
    Because of the pressure created by defeat against Spain there is a slight chance for dybala or icardi to sneak through the back door…
    Otherwise the Squad is almost fixed..lets hope for some miracle..hope.hope..

    • Loved Funes Moris performance for during copa. Infect ball playing cb.. Solution dribbler, quick, great in air. Perfect cb for sampa, really freaking hope the gains form quickly

      • friends , what do you think of this final 23?
        While there is a clamour for battaglia, garay, lamella etc – i am keeping list realistic to sampaoli preference & really doubt he will add someone now who has never played under him
        Playing 11- 4-4-2;
        DiMaria – Meza- Lanzini- Acuna
        Messi – Aguero
        Caballero, Gauzman
        Mercado,Pezella, Rojo
        Icardi,Martinez, Dybala

        Backup – Lo Celso , Higuaín, Gomez , Funes Mori, Pavon, Salvio

        I still feel Rojo has 2 months to back to match form & if he plays few matches for ManU , he is good for final23.

        • Overall it seems like a realistic squad based on sampaoli latest squads. But I think Lo Celso will be in the 23(which is great) and so will Mascherano (which is a shit selection).

      • Fifa has changed a rule from 30 to 35 man squad which countries can announce on 14th may. This is blessing in disguise for Argentina which will allow Sampaoli to evaluate few more players

    • I read somewhere about a month ago that Sampaoli is picking the 23 man squad straight away(no provisional squad), be may have changed his mind now.

  7. I think Sampa will eventually go for 3-4-3. Acuna & Salvio will resume their wing back roles. only change will be Fazio/Garay replacing Machie in the 3 -men defense. And probably one more man likely to take Perez spot. I wish Dybala could take Bendeto’s role than selfie Aguero.

    Mercado Otamendi Garay/Fazio/Rojo

    Salvio Biglia E. Perez/Locelso Acuna

    Messi Dybala Di maria

    Pavon,Perotti,Banega,Pizarro,Tagliafico,Aguero,Icardi/Higuein,Meza/Lanzini, would likely get selected only as the sub players of the final 23 list.

    • 3-4-3? Highly unlikely in my opinion. We simply don’t have the defenders suitable for that formation right now. Rojo, Funes Mori and Mammana have the kind of pace required for that formation but all three are either out of form or injured. Fazio and Garay would do great in a back four but not back 3. The only way I see it work is if Sampaoli uses Mercado, Otamendi and Tagliafico in a back three but I don’t think its necessary.

  8. Caballero was not exactly impressive against Tottenham yesterday. Too bad as I always like him. I’d like to see Guzman starts a full game to see how he does.

    • “I’d like to see Guzman starts a full game to see how he does”

      It seems all Argentina coaches have an unfinished business with Romero no matter how bad he is.

      I think Guzman is good but Sampaoli doesn’t give him the chance to showcase his qualities. Wasn’t he the guy who played against Portugal in that 2014 friendly match? If I remember well he was good in that game though he wasn’t tested much by the Portuguese players since Argentina dominated the bulk of the game.

      • What game did he play in last? but I do remember he was terrible!

        Like it or not, as bad as many of you think Romero is, he is the best ARG has!!! Size, age, mobility, height and ding ding ding EXPERIENCE.

        I, like many was hoping Rulli is the answer but he wasn’t and he is still isn’t and i doubt he’ll ever be.

        • I don’t hate Romero. I have a big respect for him for his heroics back in 2014 WC but his lack of playing minutes is killing him.

          “……Tigres’ first choice has enjoyed spectacular success in Mexico, lifting the Liga MX trophy in consecutive years in the 2015 and 2016 Aperturas and is on course to repeat the triumph in this year’s Clausura. Guzman is brilliant off the ground, quick around his box and, perhaps most importantly, a proven performer week-in, week-out”

          Source:, 06-2017

  9. it seems like pavon would produce more if deployed on the left wing..but dimaria is the current 1st preference there..hope that messi-meza combo would click..i think lanzini is a must in the team..




    messi — lanzini– dimaria/meza


    • Excellent article and hit the nail right on the head.
      I often asked whatever happened to Garay when he stopped being called to the NT and the answer was that he didn’t want to play in friendlies, he is too slow, birth of a child….etc
      He is no doubt a vital piece that adds and compliments the other two.

  10. Sampaoli clearly lacks quality in Defense Line. If he only depends on Nicolas Otamandi, then it’s really hard for Argentina to proceed further. It seems that he is simply trying to play attacking football without having those qualities in Squad. With the players, the likes of Higuain, Aguero and Dimaria can’t be won the world cup because they are already tested so the likes of Dybala, Icardi and Mostly importantly Garay should be included in the Squad to make team competitive. Lionel Messi is not enough to win the World Cup which has already proved in 2014 World Cup Final. I really don’t know what is Sampaoli doing at the moment?? If He goes to world cup without fixing proper defence line and clinical Striker then we can’t expect much again from this world cup as well. It will be the repetition of another 2010 World Cup.
    It seems Sampaoli is making mistakes one after another with Nigeria and then again with Spain Games so He should fix it as quickly as possible. If he just thinks that with only Messi’s help, World Cup can be won then it will be another illusion.
    I hope and pray Argentina and Messi will lift 2018 world cup in Russia, unlike 2014 Brasil.

    • They just needs to improve the defence that’s it we have enough fire power this time around to win the WC .we r just too much shaky in defence.conceding 4 goals against Nigeria and 6 against Spain is a concern and I don’t know we have enough defensive players to improve the defence or not.

      • Awesome assist from Pavon. He was unlucky to miss out a goal.

        I have been going through his videos and think he is better than Lanzini, what do you think?

        Pavon, Meza, Lanzini & DiMaria should be our wingers for the world cup squad.

        Btw, don’t we have a better GK than our current 3 preferred in Argentina league?

        • I like your list of wingers. I wouldn’t like to compare Pavon with Lanzini. The first is for me more central player, more creative and versatile. Pavon is par excellence winger. He seems to be Argentine Alexis Sanchez.

        • Lanzini and pavon are quite different. Manu is a 10 who – like iniesta – can play pretty much anywhere on the field, while Pavon is a classic ‘speed demon winger’ type who apparently can play on the left side as well, which I didn’t know because he always played on the right side for Boca.
          Argentina has so many inform wingers; pavon, Ocampos, Cervi, A.Correa, J.Correa, Perotti (although he’s been playing as a LF for a while now) and ofcourse Maria.
          Of all those I would take A.Correa and Cervi due to their versatility and defensive discipline.

    • Pablo Perez must have had an axe to grind with a section of fans or media based on how he was swearing after scoring his goal. Pavon had a great run too. He might end up in Europe this summer along with Meza.

    • The last series of friendlies before the WC have to be against weak teams, they are used as practice sessions to monitor the tactics and players form more than winning or showcasing to prevent injuries or tough tackles against players. However winning friendlies that are held in March are usually used to showcase team potential and build confidence so winning is important against strong teams but we were thrashed by the hands of Spain.

    • Barca without Messi is much worser than Argentina
      This season several games Barca played with zero attack and creativity and suffered in defence.

      Argentina can win WC Under Sampaoli




      (Perrotti/pavon/martinez/alario/ acosta)

    • I don’t think these friendlies have any meaning any way. Players wouldn’t put in their 100%. Who wants them to put in their all when the WC is just around the corner any way?

  11. I think we should either play with:

    4-4-1-1 (antagonist and counter attack)


    4-3-2-1 (protagonist and attack)

    First system:

    Mercado | Garay | Otamendi | Tagliafico
    Lanzini/Meza | Banega | Pizarro | DiMaria/Pavon

    RM & LM should play defensively. Along with the DM & CM, they will form the first level of defense. They would mostly defend and would attack with speed when they get the chance.

    Second system (4-3-2-1):
    Bustos | Garay | Otamendi | Acuna
    LoCelso | Pizarro | Banega
    Messi | DiMaria/Pavon/Lanzini/Meza

    Messi may prefer the second system as it would let Argentina dictate the match. But I’m not sure whether this Argentina team is capable of playing possession based football. They don’t seem to have the necessary ball control, intelligence and defensive stability.

    However, it wouldn’t be totally unfeasible to play the second system. RW should go back & defend well as an RM when the ball is out of possession. So they would become 4-4-1-1 when not in possession.

    • My pick 4-2-3-1



      Pizarro|Lo celso



      If Dybala as striker then



      • My 4-4-1-1 is ideally 4-2-3-1.

        In attack it would be 4-2-3-1

        In defense, 4-4-1-1

        Dybala as a winger wouldn’t work. I don’t think he can even be a starter unless he is ready to adjust his game to suit other players.

        • 4-4-1-1 is the format Sevilla played against Barca. Although it was 4-2-3-1 on paper, they actually played 4-4-1-1 with great defensive solidity.

          Sampaoli just have to clone Sevilla’s game plan when he plays against Spain next time or any attacking team for that matter. We can’t afford to play an open game against teams who have great players and play great attacking football.

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