Paulo DYBALA scores hat trick against Benevento


It wasn’t the best week for him in Europe but Paulo DYBALA didn’t let that diminish his confidence when Juventus travelled to Benevento.

DYBALA bagged a hat-trick in Juve’s 4-2 win as the Turin side took another step closer to retaining their Serie A title once again. He opened the scoring for Juventus in the 16th minute with a powerful left footed strike pass Christian PUGONI. The home side equalized through Cheik DIABATE just eight minutes later. But Juventus regained their lead just before half time courtesy of a penalty which DYBALA scored from the spot.

The home side didn’t back down as DIABATE scored once more but that too didn’t last as DYBALA netted for a second time from the spot. Douglas COSTA scored Juve’s fourth to complete the win for the Grand Old Lady.

Moments after heading into the locker room, DYBALA dedicated his performance to his mother as a birthday gift. Here he is on his Instagram, posing together with the game ball.

Mami, acá te llevo el regalo 😜🎉🎁 feliz cumple ma, te amo ♥️

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Congratulations to DYBALA on his hat-trick and a happy birthday to his mother. Fully deserving weekend for him after receiving so much criticism for the sending off against Real Madrid.

Now we’ll just have to wait and see if this is good enough to convince Jorge SAMPAOLI to include him for the Russian party.


  1. I have been reading the debate regarding Dybala. Some of you want him in the NT some claim that he does not have the level to be in the NT. I beleive that you may be right but the real question is not wether or not he has the level but ask yourself if our beloved Argentina is better than Juventus….

    • My only reason for hope when it comes to @Argentina‘s World Cup chances is Lionel Messi. Over the last 26 int’l games in which Messi has played, Argentina has lost just 1 game in regular fashion (2 losses on penalties). 18 wins and 5 draws. The Messi Difference. @MundoAlbicelest

      What i mean here is, If Sampaoli selects good players who can combine well with MESSI in attack, then Argentina will lift WORLD CUP.

      Also i have a STRONG feeling about this WC. SINCE ARG LOST 4 FINALS, 3 BAK TO BAK finals14,15,16. THIS MIGHT BE THE YEAR FOR GLORY

  2. • for me personally,is that Argentina have everything they need to win this world cup, what they don’t have is that the majority of the players can’t reach their best form,and that for me is the only problem sampaoli have to fix.

    • that’s what I see from the outside looking in.

  3. My hope of Argentina winning world cup depends on Romero,Messi,Augreo,Lanzini,Meza,Otamendi,Acuna,Fazio and Ansaldi.If they are selected or stay fit we can clinch world cup.

    • Its not about wishful thinking, we all know the team is not ready to reach quarter final of WC this time around, let alone reaching the final and defeat the last time in the run. Messi dependency and lack of key players in all areas are very evident, and we play in Europe which is harder than last time tournament.

        • Russia considered partly in Asia partly in Europe.this is huge country.Russian league teams also play uefa champions league and that’s an European tournament

        • Although that more than 77% of their massive land lies in the Asian Continent, more than 75% of their population live in the Western side (Europe Continent) and culturally are influenced by European culture. I lean towards considering Russia as more European than Asian Country.

        • Also to clarify even more: Remove some players from your “please God get them fit” list: Lansini & Aguero both for chronic injuries and perhaps Messi for chronic fatigue after a long season and treble winning. Keep praying though.

    • My hopes of WC winning Argentina team

      AGUERO AND DIMARIA if not injured after playing 1 game

      All the above can combine well with LEO Messi
      Both correacan also be included
      But we can only have 13 mid+attack

      So after adding banega and mascherano in mid, pizaaro/paredes/Enzo/pablo/augusto/battaglia all waiting for a chance

      My playing XI 4-3-3

      Sampaoli will play Barca style Messi sometimes SHIFT and plays RW


      Masherano/pizaaro/augusto (CDM)
      Lo celso
      Banega/paredes/any other options

      LIKE Barca trio attack will shift position on the pitch 4-3-3

      Dimaria Rw/LW
      Messi Cf/RW
      Aguero LW/CF

      If 4-2-3-1


      Pizaaro/Mascherano (CDM)
      LO celso (CDM) for psg he played vs real madrid CDM

      Lanzini RW (DYBALA X FACTOR)
      Meza/dimaria LW

      Aguero/ Icardi if in bench

      This tactic Sampaoli may be using but Lo celso wont be jn his mind for CDM. SINCE ITS RISK according to him

    • Otamendi recently playing very poorly that’s a big concern right now every chance is there that we may be knocked out by Spain in quarters if not sampaoli makes drastic improvement in this team we hv no chance specially defence and defensive midfield position should be recrify soon but we don’t have enough time

      • Otamendi playing lots of games without rest in top flight league and UCL..

        His passing accuracy becomes great
        He is the wall..also good in penalty box in corner situation ..but last some games he is bad ..i think he needs rest …

        Good news
        One very good player performing very well at Torino -Ansaldi
        He should be considered ..

        • Otamendi was one of the reason we conceded 6 goals against Spain.i am not sure about otamendi anymore what happened to him at least he should be good his positional sense deteriorated a lot.mayb he is overrated and his actual deficiency is showing now

          • La Liga defender of the year. and he in the list of best PL defenders this season, yet you think after 2 games, hes overrated? Otam has also been an absolute rock for the NT since he became the starting CB. no reason to rationally believe he will not do well during the WC. I think the problem is that Gaurdiolia tires out his players and that showing right now. City will win the league and hopefully they get kncoked out of the CL soon sh he gets more rest.

      • Yes on the 2 goals against Manchester United, he was late on the player. By the way, quite similar to the 1st goal scored by the German in 2010. Seems to be his weak point.

        • This weakness will be utilized by some good sides in WC seems like he is not that good what we all were thinking.mayb superb midfield of mancity protected him and he looked like a world class defender just like umtiti is mediocre

  4. At this moment, Argentina badly need a Defensive midfielder..
    I think Agusto fernandez is the destroyer who is most suitable..
    just look at the matches when Agusto fernandez played,
    Argentina midfield was strong and dynamic for example in Copa America 2016 though he missed the final.
    Agusto playing well in China…

      • • my question to you(sulav),where did “paulinho” play before coming to Barcelona?

        • so,saying that what you are saying, I can’t agree with that but that’s your comment.

        • Well his ratings on isn’t that bad but not that great also that could get him a call back to National team.. but i hav’t watched any of his matches in china so i could be wrong!!

        • Paulinho is average barca just used him because of lack of option he is not a regular starter anyway and barca fans hate him.barca struggling in some matches due to him and Gomez in midfield.

  5. We don’t have plan b and no need to have plan need to find Messi’s sub because without Messi the whole team definitely can’t win the cup .if Messi is injuried ,just prepare the flight ticket rather than using Messi’s sub as a plan b

    • Maxilopez you always say something constructive.But every team needs plan B because in football thing changes quickly.
      Just tell me if J.Correa comes into squad then who is going to be eliminated from squad.I think Lanzini Meza are vital.Only Di Maria can be eliminated because he is a player of 4 or 5 game.What is your point and I think J.Correa can hold the ball much longer than Di maria and he is physical,he is good in creating chances but his finishing poor as I have seen him with Sevilla

    • Well of course you would say that, your login name is Maxi Lopez- the worst player in Argentinian history. Messi can’t be fit in all 7 games, he’s not 19 years old, not to mention he will play all remaining la liga games for goals tally, copa del rey final which will be a tough game, then probably semi and final of CL. If you depend on messi in all games for creating opportunities, assists and scoring, then he will be prone to adductor injury as usual. Plan B people !!!!

  6. Yes dybala is overrated.just look at his statistic in national team .12matches no goal.Only one assist vs Singapore and one red card . Even Joaquin Correa and alario score for Argentina in 3 matches .

    Dybala may become a Superman for Argentina later but not RightNow.he may score many goal for Argentina in future but not right now .what we need right now is player who help Messi.

  7. I will repeat again

    Only under Sampaoli , Argentina wins World Cup

    If he can make Chile copa champions with that team. If he finds good players who can combine well with Messi. Then Argentina as a group is more dangerous. Ask Germany who played attacking footbal vs brazil in semi final 2014 but instead against Argentina they parked bus knowing the danger Argentina as group with Messi

    1- Dybala is must since hes good finisher if Messi makes Dybala free

    2- We dont hav Busquets type player but we can look at Rakitic type player like Pizarro in CDM

    3- Mascherano (CDM/CB) is must for WC instead of biglia too slow



    5- Defence should be solid
    Garay, Acuna, Mercado, Tagliafico, Otamendo must


    ☆☆☆X factor will be there for Argentina. Sampoili will surprise us With MESSI-DYBALA CONNECTION in World cup☆☆☆

    Locelso) these 4 should start in attack

    (Dumb Higuain, Biglia)

    Icardi no pace but is danger inside box

    Perotti/pavon is the hard one to pick. Better pick the one who can press and defends well

    A. Correa and J. Correa can play well with Messi

    Paredes, Enzo, Pablo, Augusto options in mifdfield apart from Banega

  8. You guys can’t be serious making an argument on an undisputable case. Kid is just a kid who always backs up whoever manages the NT just to prove himself wrong after the fact. If Sampaoli selected both players, you would see him raves both.

    Two facts here:
    Dybala and Icardi are not just world class strikers but the most exciting players to watch and the most wanted players by clubs worldwide today. They both lead Serie A scoring tally.

    2nd fact: This world cup will end up in a disaster by excluding them. I’m not saying they can bring us a world class (if we include them) when we have a shitty midfield, crappy rubbish defenders, and zero team synergy. What I was trying to say at least the presence of both Dybala and Icardi on field will make our opponents busy trying to handle our attacking force and at least we can survive an embarrassing exit from group stage or round of 16 where I think the Road to WC will end up in round of 16 this time around based on team development, player selection, Messi dependence and old demographic group, poor team dynamics, and stubborn coaching staff.

    It is true that both Icardi and Dybala will watch the world cup from home sadly but they will make the headlines when Argentina are sent packing early in the competition as their absence will be questioned by media around the world. They both will shine in Qatar in a new clean era hopefully and in a collective team instead of a one man’s team.

    • Agree, if Dybala or Icardi are excluded and we fail to win the world cup, Sampaoli will defintely be blamed for not bringing them to the world cup.

    • You are a fool. MESSI made argebtina qualify for World cup in Russia. Where was Icardi and Dybala in crucial qualifier games. They lacks in attack and defence.

      Even i too want DYBALA AND ICARDI in world cup 23 squad. That doesnt mean that they will start the game. Benching them gives Arg options.

      You talked about one man team now and in 2022 if dybala and icardi plays then it will be a team

      Dont you think, only coz Messi played well for Argentina they qualified. Majority of Arg game won when Messi played with Arg in group, playing without him they lacks creativity and are just a joke. when others dont play well and only Messi plays doesnt mean 1man team. In competitive games Argentina plays as a group. Just luk 2014world cup, copa15, 16.
      Even WC2014 final Argentina played well, not 1 man team

      Nd now bak to 2022 WC, this Argentina team you said combining Dybala and Icardi wont be playing as a team and also gets crushed by farmer teams

  9. We need all Higuain, Dybala, Icardi, … in our squad. Can you believe a country leave out such best players in Serie A? No country consistently ignore such talents except Argentina. Problem is competition in the front line is just ridiculous. We should be blessed for that.

    They shine for their clubs but not for country is because the national team don’t have the formation that suited them yet. You see how Messi struggled pre-Sabella?

    About the misses, did you see how many great chances that Suarez, Neymar and Benzema missed yet they are still very important!

  10. Kid, Dybala and Icardi are overrated? Come on now. They may not have done as well as the should have in the NT colours but they are far from overrated. You know who is overrated? Gonzalo Higuian, that’s who! The guy that continues to choke in important games for both country and his clubs. I’ve already posted it once but just for you I can post it again.

    1. The miss Madridistas won’t forget

    Real Madrid fans will never forget Higuain’s horrible miss in the last 16 of the Champions League against Lyon. The forward went past the keeper and was left with an open goal but still managed to miss it. With that goal Los Blancos would have taken a 2-0 lead, instead the game ended 1-1 and they were eliminated.

    2. Out of the Copa del Rey after missing a one-on-one with Pinto

    A mistake from Gerard Pique gave Higuain a free pass as he was left with only Jose Pinto to beat but he couldn’t even get his shot on target. The game ended in a 2-2 draw and Real Madrid were knocked out of the Copa del Rey.

    3. The miss against Dortmund in the Champions League semi-final

    Los Blancos had three clear chances in the first minutes of the Champions League semi-final against Borussia Dortmund. The first of those chances being Higuain coming on on one with Roman Weidenfeller, but the Madrid striker shot the ball straight at the keeper. Real Madrid were later knocked out as Dortmund progressed to the final.

    4. Causing Napoli to miss out on the Champions League

    Napoli played Lazio for the third position in the Serie A table that would guarantee a spot in the Champions League. The Argentine missed a penalty that would have seen the Partenopei take a 3-2 lead. Instead, Lazio scored minutes later.


    And stop bringing up Belgium game. Higuain scored in the eighths minute and Belgium had all the time in the world to turn things around, they just sucked in that game, that’s all. It’s not like Higuain scored a goal in the decisive moment at the end of a tough game for us. Nothing of that sort.

    Since you quoted Pele of all people I can provide some quotes too. Walter Samuel was asked to compare Mauro Icardi with Gabriel Batistuta saying: “They are both penalty area strikers and have a lot of similarities. Icardi is also in need of crosses and assists to score, neither player goes a lot down the pitch to take the ball.”

    Hernan Crespo on Icardi: “After Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi, who are from another planet, Icardi is the striker I like the most. At the age of 24 he is already a champion and can become truly world class. I’ve been tracking Icardi since he first arrived in Italy. Every year, albeit surrounded by difficulties, he has always made steps forward. That’s a sign that we are talking about an intelligent guy. Now he seems mature for the big step up. Let’s not forget that since he’s been playing in Serie A, the only time he failed to reach double figures of goals was in 2013-14. He knows where the goal is. Icardi is a complete centre-forward. He can score goals with his right foot, left foot, or his head. In the box he moves like he owns it: darting runs, dummies, sudden changes of pace. All of it is aimed towards creating a goal. He has incredible qualities and on top of that a powerful physique. Let’s be clear, he did the best he could when the team around him had problems. Before he used to stand there in the penalty area waiting for the ball, and when it did arrive, he’d score. Now he has also learned to move and help the team. He dictates the pass outside the box, spreads to the right and left, opening up channels for his team-mates. He is becoming a real team player.”

    Zanetti on Dybala: “He is a great player, there are moments that maybe one can not be in good shape, but nobody discusses the quality of Paulo.”

    Hernan Crespo believes “truly important player” Paulo Dybala can force his way back into Jorge Sampaoli’s plans and earn a place in Argentina’s World Cup squad.

    “He is definitely ready,” Crespo told Omnisport, speaking courtesy of Hublot.

    “He is a great player, he is strong, he is a truly important player.”

    • 😂😂😂😂 Higuain only needed two season in Italy to broke the Italian all time goal tally for a season. I need to say no more. Higuain is already in the history books as the leading Serie A goal scorer of all time.

      Higuain won a La Liga title while at Real Madrid and was the only Real Madrid player since 2007 not name Ronaldo to score the most goal in La Liga for Real Madrid.

      What you guys never mention is that when Higuain played for Real Madrid , Barcelona at the time was the most dominant team in Spain and European football. We’re talking about the greatest club team of all time. So no, Higuain wasn’t the reason Real Madrid wasn’t winning while he was at the club. Barcelona being head and shoulders above Real Madrid wasn’t Higuain fault. Real Madrid losing 6-2 to Barcelona wasn’t Higuain fault.

      Icardi won’t be at the World Cup, so why waste my time talking about him. Dybala is overrated and he himself said its hard to play with Messi. Every news coming out of Argentina and from players close to the team are saying the same thing; Icardi and Dybala won’t make the 2018 World Cup. The Poacher and Mr. Overrated are not going to the World Cup.

      You’re quoting Real Madrid fans who constantly boo their own players even after winning back to back UCL titles. Real Madrid fans are the worse.

      • Yeah but when it comes to the NT Higuain failed miserably in three finals in a row. That’s a fact that’s also forever in the history books. You quoted a nobody named Sosa and that old fart Pele to support your position and I quoted Argentine greats Zanetti and Crespo to support mine. Anyhow, Dybala and Icardi might not be going to the World Cup but they are not overrated.

        • Higuain fail just like every single Argentinean player for the past 25 years. Messi played in more finals and World Cup than Higuain, should we give him the boot? Your “fail” argument makes no sense given Icardi hasn’t been Champion at any level of international or club football. Let me know what title have Icardi ever won with a single team in his entire career. Keep on crying and going on about how Higuain cost Argentina three finals, sure that must makes you feel good. Keep on thinking Higuain was the reason Argentina lost and not that the other teams deserve to win. As I said, Argentina deserves no trophy with fans like you people. I don’t care for any of the players outside of Messi generation. Hopefully they can win something and quit this ungrateful football nation then afterwards you can all watch Argentina get run over by every other South American team post 2018 World Cup.

          • You are seriously comparing Messi with Higuain? Messi is probably the only reason we even make it anywhere in the recent tournaments. If Icardi played for RM or Juventus he would have been a champion too, it’s not like Higuain singlehandedly won his clubs’ trophies.The fact that Higuain is the big time choker does not make people ungrateful, just observant. Simply stating the obvious. And it’s you who is the one filling this blog with your self-righteous, holier-than-thou attitude.

  11. Dybala is a true talent for us.. He is worth being in the squad.. He will learn a lot from messi.

  12. Dyabla would be great if we have Aimar, Veron, Requelme, .. but we don’t for now so we need the ones like Meza, Pavon who are fast between lines.

    Remember the Brazil team from 98-2002, their midfield was not great at all but they have a few players who can decide the game: Ronaldo, Carlos, Rivaldo, Ronaldinho, … We dominated them every single time but ended up losing in key games at Copa

    • I think the same. We should play with 3 midfielders with high work rate and 3 agile players upfront. I think of 2 inverted wingers + messi as the best option. So something like pavon or joaquin correa, messi, di maria or lanzini. I think a fast winger-forward is more useful than Aguero and Dybala in the starting XI. It does not mean that Pavon is already a better player than Aguero but we need diversification.

      However I will still include Dybala as sub, he is the kind of players who can score or assist in short time.

  13. Sosa: “Dybala and Icardi will watch the World Cup from home”

    “World Cup? I think they will watch it on the television at home, just like I will. There are players like Pavon, a complete and extraordinary player, and Lautaro Martinez,” said Sosa.

  14. chinook: Messi has no sub and no equal. Please drop this nonsense about Dybala being Messi sub. Where do you guys get this from? Did you even watch Dybala vs Nigeria and Dybala vs Singapore? He was very poor as usual, two games he was suppose to ”play the Messi role.” Dybala is so bad for Argentina he couldn’t even be a ”poormans” Messi sub. Dybala = Overrated! If Dybala was Messi sub he would be single handily tearing apart Real Madrid in the UCL.

    Cut out the gibberish man.

  15. afa supporter: Stick to cricket or Badminton man.You came out of nowhere talking a lot of incoherent gibberish. Please say no more, ok?

    • • it’s very clear to me that you don’t know your football, because for you to say indirectly sampaoli must choose pavon and martinez over dybala, are you serious?

      • well keep up the good work, and the fact that you don’t know your football is obvious.

      • let me give you some advise,the fact that ex and current professional footballers say dybala is not worth being in the NT does not mean that he is not a good player,how many times have Maradona been criticising Argentina players and yet he was the one that caused Argentina to crash out of the 2010 world cup embarrassingly.

      • so,buddy,continue quoting other people. Good luck. Lol

    • Kidultlthood

      Its clear , that what what kind of guy u are, u really have no football knowledge ,as I have said earlier that now days people watch the results rather than the quality ,that is quantity over quality, u are an best example , I would like to highlight one thing u said about dybala , u said him overrated right ?, remember novice the first goal vs Nigeria , after all he is the guy that made the defence splitting pass to pavon ,which led to goal by aguero , dont watch football blindly , I think mundo should impose a ban guys like , literally no knowledge on football, it would much better if u speak less , u will get less trolled (so speak less). One more thing , how many goals did riquielme scored for argentina , although he made hundreds of appearance for NT , football is not about only goal, but the quality to the game one provide, watch with ur eyes not with ur toes .

  16. Dybala overrated, claim Pele.

    “Dybala? He’s not as good as people say.”

    “They say he might be the heir to Marafona, but the only thing they have in common is that they kick with their left foot.” 😂😂😂

  17. Dybala is OVERRATED. All his performance for Argentina thus far have been POOR and Abysmal. 12 games with ZERO goal for Argentina. Stay in Italy and score against Benevento all summer long. Dybala was also POOR in every single UCL game for Juventus this season yet people here act as if he is some savior for the Argentina national team.

    Higuain, Aguero, Joaquin Correa, Pavon and Martinez will be Argentina strikers at the 2018 world cup. All the clueless lineups and clueless player selections being mention here are not base in reality.

    Let’s pretend that Icardi and Dybala weren’t pathetic against Uruguay and Venezuela during the world cup qualifiers. Couldn’t even score against an U20 goalkeeper playing against the worst side in CONMEBOL. Icardi is overrated, a poacher with no footballing skill. Couldn’t even make a link up play with Messi against Uruguay and Venezuela.

    • I agree J.Correa is great (comparison to Kaka fits)and should be there. I would take him over both Dybala and Di Maria. Though disagree that Dybala is overated

      • “Dybala is OVERRATED”

        Well, at least we have a word for Dybala in the dictionary. Do you have one for Higuain? I bet you won’t get one for him in the dictionary.

        As I said once previously, he (Higuain) and Winston Bogarde are the worst players I have ever seen and Raheem Sterling is on his way to become the third.

        • @Dadir Higuain scored on his debut for Argentina. Dybala can’t even score against Singapore. Higuain already scored 5 goals at the world cup plus a hat trick. Higuain took Argentina to their first semifinal in over 24 years.

          If Higuain is the worst player you have ever seen play then no one can take you seriously when talking about football.

          Dyabala the OVERRATED can’t even score against Singapore and a U20 goalkeeper playing for the lowliest team in CONMEBOL.

          • @Kid,

            “Higuain already scored 5 goals at the world cup plus a hat trick”

            Right! He was good at tap-ins in those old days, but now? He doesn’t even know where the goal is.

            “Higuain took Argentina to their first semifinal in over 24 years”

            Tell me, what happened then? Leave it we all know…lol

            “Dyabala the OVERRATED can’t even score against Singapore”

            Messi also couldn’t score against Qatar. He played 81 minutes against them.

            So Messi was overrated back then. Right?

            Could this be the best logic we can use?

          • You mean “scored 5 goals INCLUDING a hattrick” don’t you?
            And I would like to add that Higuain missed 3 vital chances in 3 consecutive finals”. Also while I am grateful for Higuain’s goal against Belguim anyone who watched that match will remember that Belguim didn’t have a single shot on target and it was very apparent that Argentina had that game in the bag with or without Higuain.

            Higuain scored on his debut because pablo Aimar was playing midfield in that particular game while Dybala had your boys Biglia and Banega trying (and failing) to make something happen.

          • Your arguments are terribely simplistic and disingenious. First off, Higuain has played great overall except in the ABSOLUTE MOST CRITICAL MOMENTS. I still like him and I feel bad for him for the grief he gets but after 3 finals, it’s freaking time for new blood.

            Icardi played 2 games and I actually thought he did well and he certainly deserves more opportunities. In Europe, he’s the most efficient striker. Any team would kill to have him. He’s most likely headed to Real Madrid, yet you think we shouldn’t try to leverage his skill?

            Dybala is the only player that can assume Messis role and your grossly exaggerating the meaning behind the Singapore match. He’s been dominating for club for 3-4 years now and whether you like it or not, he’s the future of our attack once Messi bows out. The main problem is that they occupy the same space and are both left footed so Dybala found it hard to adjust. both him and Messi have confirmed this. So, if there isn’t time to make them gel, at least have as a sub for Messi. The shear idiocy and lunacy of leaving him home is mind boggling. If he goes, we would easily have the best sub in the WC. lastly, Messi, di Maria, lanzini, Aguero were just injured yet you think it’s smart to leave them home? Come on…

    • just to point out focusing on Martinez and Pavon then saying Dybala can’t even score in UCL. Pavon and Martinez look exciting in a a league which is on average below the Italian league. Dybala had a good game Againstr rm, he just got sent off which was bad.

      Also undeniable fact is that if you want to rest Messi to close a game outhe’s the best player to keep the opposite team worried of his presence, similar to Messi. Lautaro Martinez and Pavon will be great in 3-4 years but now I wouldn’t trust them to save the team from Anything.

      Messi admitted his best sub his Dybala, for that reason alone he should get spot. Not to mention he’s a perfect sub for Aguero as well, so we can keep Higuain on the bench.

      Also watched mc vs mu today, Sterling = Higuain

      • • if sampaoli choose higuan,pavon and martinez over dybala than sampaoli should have never been Argentina NT coach.

    • Sorry my friend but it seems that you don’t understand the game. Messi was a shadow of himself when he started in NT. Remember 2007, 2011 copa america, world cup qualifiers with Maradona as a coach. Dybala was a sub in most games that you mention. Go back and watch the game he played against Venezuela. How many times pplayers like dimaria, higuain, banega have been disappointing and they still get called. Argentina and people like you are the only nation that has Dybala and not play him… the result is obvious 6-1 against Spain is an illustration.

    • Tell you what kid how about you stop making it sound like your personal statements are facts.
      Dybala is world class and that’s not a statement, it’s a hard, cold FACT!
      He wasn’t poor in the UCL, he was just unfortunate to be playing in a poorly organized team because he was the only player on that field trying to make something happen and again no one said that Dybala was a savior, but non of us (apart from you it seems) are blind to the fact that the kid’s a classy player who doesn’t deserve to have his seat on the plane taken by Higuain.

      I don’t need to pretend that Icardi and Dybala weren’t pathetic in the WCQ because they weren’t! Sure Icardi should’ve done better against Venezuella with the chances that he had but not at any point did he make the shocking misses that Higuain is now making regularly even in friendlies.
      When you consider the fact that your boys Biglia and Banega were playing midfield at the time, it should becomes abundantly clear why Icardi, Dybala AND MESSI all failed to score in those games.

      • I couldn’t agree more with you on this one.we may all see things differently but I just don’t get this kid guy ,he just picks the newcomers and tosses them and acting like a guard of old guard is just nonsense to can one not have enough of Higuain man, I mean the guy is trying but the more he tries the more he is a letdown and then you have the undisputed Biglia that has no attributes to the game whatsoever ,slow no ball skills and just puts his teammates under pressure and then we have the occasionally performing guys Banega and Di Maria plus the glass made man Aguero (not his fault)but cannot rely on him for a whole tournament and the worst is that they all are on regression .So why give the younger better players a chance to make a good team

      • Given that Aguero may not recover in time or may just come back with 50% of his potential, I guess Dybala should be in the list. Personally I like the player but I don’t know how to fit him into Argentina attack. I think we both agree on the midfield(Battaliga, Acuna and Lo Celso). How about the attack? I like the idea of having 1 winger-forward(Pavon, J.Correa) and 1 playmaker-winger(Di Maria or Lanzini) with Messi. What do you think? Dybala can take the place of a midfielder if things don’t go well during the match.

  18. Joaquin Correa is quick, tall, skillful, powerful, strong and unpredictable on the ball. Joaquin Correa will help Argentina with physicality and mobility especially against a team like Nigeria. Joaquin Correa is similar to Kaka, all he needs to do is work a little bit more on his finishing and positioning in front of goal. J. Correa is one of my favorite Argentina player right now. The English commentator guy during the first half against Bayern said J. Correa was by far the best player on the pitch. J. Correa was running pass the Bayern and Barcelona players with power, skill and speed. You saw this in J. Correa game against the fast and physical Liverpool team at Anfield. If guys like Neymar and Dembele (who for me isn’t better than J. Correa) can play alongside Messi then why isn’t J. Correa on the Argentina national team? During the Barcelona game, it was funny how J. Correa just easily brushed off Jordi Alba on one of his runs towards Barcelona goal area.

    • “Joaquin Correa is similar to Kaka”

      To me, he is the only one who reminds me of Kaka. @Kid, I completely agree with you on this.

      Correa is an amazing player but I don’t know why Sampaoli is ignoring him.

    • I agree on Joaquin Correa. But instead of using him as left winger or attacking midfielder, I’d rather use him as left forward with Messi as the right forward and Lanzini as the supplier, in a 433 system. So the attack will be like Lanzini(or Di Maria)-Messi,J.Correa or Pavon.

  19. @Maxilopez830, If Dybala doesn’t play then who do you want to play?? He is the most needed player for Argentina in World Cup. There aren’t many Dybalas in Argentina. He can be the best substitute if something happens to Messi who knows anything can happen like in Spain Game?? You always need plan B too.

      • Higuain at the WC and leaving Dybala out?

        I know Dybala is not Messi and not even near Messi’s level, but he is way, way better than Higuain. In what way Higuain is better than Dybala?

        Dybala can play as a center-forward, he is good at free-kicks, he can be Messi’s sub, can take penalties better than Higuan, and can score goals if he gets good service from midfielders.

        You want Sampa to drop Dybala because he didn’t score a single goal in 12 matches?

        Do you know that Higuain scored only 10 goals in 35 games (since 2014 till now). Chech it out if you like!

        Right now, Dybala has only 12 games for Argentina under his belt and hasn’t scored yet for the NT but when he gets to 35 caps (if he is played regularly) I’m more than sure he will have at least 15-20 goals.

        I’m not a fan of Dybala but I know he is better than Higuain!

        We have seen enough of Higuain and enough is enough.

  20. Search wiki ,dybala played 12 matches for Argentina without one goal .only one asist vs singapore.playing for the club is different form NT. We need players really help,no matter howmany score they got in clubs

    • Yet you wanna take Higuain and Aguero? The former who has missed so many sitters that I’m beginning to think he’s doing it on purpose and the latter might as well be black listed from any insurance claim because he gets injured every month!!

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