Claudio CANIGGIA: “In 1998, I was the best”


Claudio CANIGGIA spoke about being left out of the 1998 FIFA World Cup squad as well as the inevitable comparison between Lionel MESSI and Diego MARADONA.

It is no secret that Claudio CANIGGIA didn’t see eye to eye with then coach Daniel PASSARELLA. The coach left the long haired CANIGGIA out of the 1998 World Cup squad mostly (if not all) due to the fact that Claduio refused to cut his hair short. Despite still performing for his club, CANIGGIA was left out of Argentina’s 1998 World Cup squad.

Speaking with radio La Red, here’s what he had to say.

“In 1998, I was the best in my position and PASSARELLA cost me a World Cup by not calling me up. In my position, I was the best. It hurt me to miss out on the World Cup because it’s something that is played every four years.”

Claudio CANIGGIA about Lionel MESSI and Diego MARADONA:

“If he wins the World Cup in Russia, it would depend on how he wins it. If he’s the star like Diego in 1986, a lot of people will think he can be his equal but not to surpass him. MARADONA is the most incredible player I have ever seen.”


  1. If not for stupid Argentine coaches our beloved nation would have won atleast 2 more world cups.
    Cannigia, Redondo, Lopez, Batistuta – forever legends sketched in our memories.

  2. Cannigia is a great striker with his sometimes naughty and dirty playing style.. One of the best that Arg have; we lost to Dutch in the final minute due to Ortega sending off and Pasarella’s egoistic . Still fresh with Dennise Berghamp memorable last minute goal passed the legs of Ayala

  3. There is a saying “If you truly want something from your heart, entire Universe will conspire for you to achieve that”. I believe that this World cup will truly be Argentina’s. Lot of undeserved players like Augero, Bigilia, Higuain are getting injured. It is good for Argentina as we do not need to rely on them. We can play with young talent with Messi up top. Remember if Ronaldo hadnt been injured in 2016, Portugal would have lost in the final. I believe all these players getting injured is giving chance for new and fresh players to shine. Expect the unexpected in this world cup guy. We will win it. Just like in 1986.

  4. Damn you passarella redondo was Unparalleled midfielder No one was close to him passarella Forever cursing you

  5. The team of 98 played very great football unfortunately they played against Netherlands, which was the best team of this competition for me. I was big fan of Cannigia but hard to say if he was better than Claudio Lopez at that time. I think the player that was really missing was Redondo, he was at his peak of his career with RM. What a shame that we have never seen Redondo and Veron playing together.

    • In terms of names, the 98 Argentina team was the best team i have ever seen but we had a horrible manager back then in my humble opinion, not only because of Caniggia and Redondo ommitions but he didn’t manage to make Argentina play at their full strength. However, we were still better than the Netherlands, we hit the post twice in comparison to the Dutch who hit it once, we just lost in the final minutes.

      Claudio Lopez was an extraordinary player, left footed, very fast, skillful with great technique and one of the best in the world at his position, but Caniggia was one of a kind! Caniggia was the best in the world in his position in 1998 by far, he was one of the fastest players ever played the game and maybe the fastest ever combining such a suberb technique, he had suberb dribbling abilities, he had a great shoot, he was very accurate and world class in finishing his chances (remember his goal against Nigeria in 94 wc) and he also had lots of grit, passion, a die hard fighter with “cojones”.

      He was as important as the great Redondo and he could play together with Claudio Lopez as he was right footed.

      To me, he is one of my favourite players ever, a player who could only be an Argentine and i wish he had someone like him nowadays.

  6. Speaking of Cannigia, there’s a young blond long haired forward getting a bit of attention in the Superliga. He also has Cannigia’s first and middle name. Claudio Paul Spinelli, of San Martin has had a good 2018 scoring 6 goals in 8 games, and the big boys of the Superliga are eying him already. Anyway, he doesn’t look like Cannigia, more like Gustavo Bartelt, if u guys can remember him.

    Javier Correa of Colon has been another striker, who has been in good form, since moving to Colon in 2018. 7 goals in 10 games.

    There are a few interesting youngsters, who are doing really well at Defensa & Justicia. And almost all of them are shrewed loan signings from bigger teams.
    CB Lisandro Martinez (from Newell’s) is their standout player, and is the pillar of their defence even more so than Barboza, who is not the same after moving to and coming back from River.
    Bareiro (from Racing), their central midfielder is engine of the team and another with a great prospect. Interestingly, he is partnered in midfield with Boca Loanees Cubas and Pochetino, who were both considered great prospects not long ago, but Bareiro is their star midfielder.

    • 1. Velez
      2. Defensa y Justicia
      3. Argentinos Juniors
      4. Rosario Central

      teams with best youngsters in Superliga

      agree saant, Defensa has interesting talents. Also Brian Fernandez, Molina, Barboza, Unsain, Miranda, Kaprof . Defensa is best since few seasons when it comes to make good teams out of youngsters.

      • True Gonzalo. It’s Nico Fernandez, Brian’s brother at Defensa. And last season they had a striker called Nicolas Stefanelli, who moved to AIK in Sweden (Fernandez replaced him) and has had a very good time there. Apparently, there were interests for him from Dutch teams in January.

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