Ricardo CENTURION of Racing club on Argentina team radar


It appears as though Ricardo CENTURION is the latest name being thrown into Argentina coach Jorge SAMPAOLI’s ever growing list of players being monitored.

Doing very well with his current club Racing in Argentina, former Boca Juniors man Ricardo CENTURION is reportedly the latest name being thrown around as a potential call-up to the Argentina National Team. Forming a partnership with Racing jewel Lautaro MARTINEZ, CENTURION doesn’t have the best of reputations off the pitch and while his spot is far from being guaranteed, his name is being mentioned.


  1. I don’t see why he should keep on checking other players. Shouldn’t he just focus on the existing players and the tactics that should be applied? Actually we don’t even know in which system Argentina will play, he changed his mind so much.

  2. Garay is a must for the defense. Hopefully Ansaldi comes into the radar of Sampa too. or We would have to defend with 4 and when with the ball 3 players in defense.

    Hopefully the rumors about ascaiber are true. The final midfield should be Ascaiber, masch, pizzaro, banega, Lo celso, Paredes, Lanzini, Meza, Di maria, j. correa. Although Acuna at defense can play as LM, LB & LW.

    Forwards – Messi, Icardi, Latauro, The rest 2 depends on injuries & definitely no Higuain.

    • EDIT: Meant to write Masch/Pizarro although Masch is a leader & has experience. Correa is meant for the forward line.

  3. So for even ardent Argentina fans don’t expect anything from this side.some also thinking its worst team in last 20 years.even an injured biglia is surity in 23 man squad?? I also slowly losing my hope from sampaoli.I still have some hope left as 23 man squad still not announced and I still hope aguero will be fit for the wc.

  4. IMO If we ever want to go far in this world cup, these things are a must

    Four man Back line: Bustos(Mercado) – Fazio – Otamendi – Tagliafico
    Three man Midfield: Enzo-Paredes-Lo Celso (Subs: Biglia,Banega)
    Quit planning the game based on wingers. It never worked and never will be
    Di Maria,Lanzini,Pavon and Higuain supporting Messi like their life depends on this

  5. Off topic: are there mundo members living in Croatia, Iceland or Nigeria? If so, can you tell us what the expectations for their national teams are? What is the local media’s take on Argentina?

  6. Let’s all pray that miracles happen along the way… and that ‘somehow’ we win the cup.
    Miracles do happen and can happen to Argentina this World Cup.
    Argentina – the underachievers in football

    • Sadly there is no miracle is possible against teams like Germany and Spain but we can beat Brazil somehow. Hope something happen in the group stage and we avoid them in QF and Semi final (Yeah I know at this point even group stage is difficult :D)

  7. Anyone remember Lo Celso’s selection to the squad? It was a mere accident he got called up in the last minute and got the chance to play against Russia just because Biglia or some other player injured and it turned out he is the best CM for us. Sampa’s midfield selections are is horrible TBH

  8. Only DM & FW positions needs to b checked as SAMPAOLI’s favoured starters r injured; all other positions shall be fixed by now;
    As per Tyc Sports, Aguero, Biglia, Mascherano & Higuain r part of the confirmed squad(16 players) traveling to Russia;
    So irrespective of their fitness & form they will be in WC;

    • friends… yes useless friends… but fate…. we can’t help it.
      we will never win anything with this -Friends Group of Messi
      I’d rather wait for 2022 World Cup instead.

  9. Hope Sampaoli realized that he has no time for experimenting with announcing every players on his radar. It will just hurt the players feeling and make all floats with speculation and uncertainty. He should have the 23 players in his pocket by now and 35 for creating the competitive atmosphere to select among the best. Wonder why he is so concern on adding the teams with mid players while our weakness is defense and striker plus GK. Top priority is fitness and form with high spirit and motivated players.

    Be firm and trust whoever be selected will delivered their best.

  10. Hello Guys, Can someone tell me there was rumor last time Garay will be called up to the national team but that didn’t happen? Garay himself accepted in the news that if the Samapoli gives a call then I am always ready to play for the national team. Why is happening behind this?? Is it Garay or Is it Sampaoli the reason behind it??

    • Garay issue is unnecessary distraction. Pezella or garay as CB won’t make much difference. Giving garay credit for Valencia success this season is exaggerated. Valencia success is about team work & tactics. If u look at whoscored , garay is not even in the top 15 of Valencia players this season. He is playing just fine & no where near the beast he was in 2014.

      • I think you need to watch Valencia games before blabbing. When Garay got injured they were losing games right left and centre. His comeback steadied the ship again. I watch Valencia games, Kondogbia,Garay, Rodrigo have been their best players for the season. Guedes makes the cut too but after injury he wasn’t his brilliant best.

  11. As i said before, we cannot keep on trying new players, our players need time to gel with each other on the pitch.

    The major reason why Argentina have not won a senior trophy these years is all because we have been changing the coaches all the time and they keep on trying new players, our players cannot adapt to the ever changing teammates.

    We have to stick with a strong team and let them play.

    • 110% Agree on this point. Too much of rotation on coaches & players. Sampaoli should have come in at least 2years back & the dust should have settled in by now.

  12. Why do we need Centurion is we already have a lot of good wingers such as Acuña, Perotti, Salvio, Lamela, Pavon, Meza, Rigoni, etc. Centurion is a red card waiting to happen, talented player but a disastrous temper.

  13. Fazio really had nothing to do with the goals Liverpool scored. I didn’t remember him making any notable mistakes or poor marking which led to a goal from Liverpool. Liverpool is great at Anfield, they can blow away any team on a whim in their home stadium. But I’ll use an anonymous user here logic; Brazil number one goalkeeper (who everyone is going crazy about right now) conceded 9 goals against Barcelona and Liverpool combined, does this mean Brazil is in trouble because Allison conceded 9 goals? Otamendi got tired after playing 30 plus games heading into the UCL tie against Liverpool. If you notice for the first 27-30 games of the season Otamendi was flawless, but I made a point long time ago saying Pep needed to rest him. Clear sign of tiredness was when Otamendi looked right at Firmino and pass the ball straight towards him. UCL football can’t be compare to international football. Let’s say a certain defender played 30 games and perform well in 25, but had some bad outings in 5 of the other games, does this make him a bad defender despite his team winning the title? There has been game after game where the Barcelona and Real Madrid defenders have been horrible but nobody ever mention it. It’s like Argentinean players are set with a higher standards compare to other players, it’s either perfection and nothing less, anything short of perfection is a failure. Concede goals = Bad defenders (this means attackers are supposed to be irrelevant?). At the end of the day, modern football is more about attacking football than defensive plays. When Ramos is considered one of the best defenders in the world, it clearly show you the level of modern day defending.

    • Fazio was bad yesterday. So many players ran past him commentators called him a railway crossing where everything runs by. The keeper was not at fault, but Fazio and the other defenders were just bad. Look at 2nd goal where Fazio is not closing the gap.

    • Perotti actually is in risk for final selection. Final 23 will be 5 forwards , 8 midfielders, 7 defenders & 3GK.
      For midfielders ,
      Biglia/ascacibar/Pizarro – 1 of these
      Acuna – better defensive contribution
      Lo celso
      Banega or a DM backup
      Salvio / lamela – for right wing backup to meza

      5 Forwards will be
      Aguero – if 100% fit
      Martinez or higuain
      Pavon – impact sub RF

      So basically perotti competes with acuna .imo acuna can be a better left midfield or wing option & contributes defensively also. Additionally can also be a stopgap lb in case left full back is injured or suspended.
      Acuna being selected in the 7 defenders quota is risky as he is not a proper full back & we should have ansaldi as a proper full back option to tagliafico , bustos /mercado. Acuna as a fb defender is wasting a spot.

  14. Our main 2 centre backs getting thrashed … Remaining backups can’t get a place on the bench let alone starting x1.. Some haven’t played even 5 matches this year!! Core players are aging and injured…Good luck mr Sampaoli and Messi selecting the best team!!

  15. Anyone watching Liverpool vs Roma? The Roma defense including Fazio looks like a bunch of sleeping veterans.

    • Hardly a surprise considering that Fazio is a very, VERY slow player and should not be used in a high, 3 man backline.
      Don’t worry about Fazio, he’s a classy defender and can be an all dominant, world class player if plays in a deep, 4 man backline.

  16. So if there’s still so much space for new names… Juan Sanchez Mino – once rumored as being on Sampaoli’s radar (and called up by Sabella) – is in great form currently. Most versatile player in League? He were playing as far CM, DM, LM, LF, LB , AM. Better proposition than Centurion.

    Meza is must.

  17. All these names could be interpreted as a sign of luxury, but also as a sign of uncertainty (system, starting 11, tactics). Is Sampaoli in panic mode?

  18. Pablo
    we have two way midfielders with Lanzini, Lo Celso, Paredes, Lamela and to an extant Ascacibar. Yes some of them are young but we plan on playing 7 games during a month. Those guys are all runners, expect for Paredes but you need someone who sometimes slows the game to breathe and sets the tone. All of them are great on the ball and would fit with Sampaoli’s style.
    To be honest with you I would go with players who are in form. It is the best solution to play them. None of our strikers is playing great right now, expect for Icardi who we all know is an outsider to be selected. I don’t count on Di Maria because it is a given he will get injured sometimes during the tournament.
    We should probably go with Messi as the 9.
    ———Lamela/Perotti—–Lo Celso———–Lanzini————-
    this team is a Science fiction team, fantasy team and doesn’t have anything to do with reality but I think it is the best way to utilize Messi.
    He needs a team behind him and not individuals, as we know Messi preserves energy and doesn’t run much. All the players are team oriented, good on the ball, defend and attack, and are athletic because we need to get faster.

    What the real line up will look like:
    ———-Lanzini———Messi——————Di maria——————–
    ————————–Higuain/ Aguero————————————-

    – Romero isn’t playing and is also injured, also never play a ball to him.
    – Mercado is a central defender while Salvio a right midflieder and neither is a real right back so we either will lack in defense ore on attack.
    – The central defender are sometime both prone to mistakes and slow and risky challenges from Otamendi.
    – Tagliafico I demend he plays, while Rojo unfit and a central defender and Acuna a left midfielder will be both out of position because like Mercado and Salvio they are not natural left backs so we will lack either in attack or in defense.
    – The central midfielders were tried and tried and were always bad together, Biglia will be not fit and lacks skill and is slow and partnered with a slow inconsistent Banega will be overrun by athletic teams, especially with Messi who tends to rest during the game and doesn’t run much we will be outnumbered.
    – coupled with Aguero who is not fit, and who doesn’t move much either or Higuain who moves but sometimes too deep when we attack and doesn’t score, and Di maria who thinks he is Messi and also drops deep and centrally by intefering with the midfielders duties so with this team we will be a bunch of individuals who will play turtle pace with players out of position.
    For me the most important thing is that we select the right reserves because this team will fail during the tournament and we will come to know that we have to make changes during the tournament so it is the most important thing that when we realize that we need changes we have the right alternatives on the bench to act and make the right changes.

    • Meza instead Lamela/Perotti and will be great. After game against Spain there’s no reason not to start with Meza.

      • I have no problem if Meza plays instead of perotti/lamela all I want is players who are team oriented, two way players, and play in their natural position.

    • Ghost, my complements on an excellent post.

      I really like your science fiction line up and especially the idea that messi is the only genuine striker playing way up top while the remaining 10 players do all the defensive and creative work, it’s an idea that I share with you a 100%.
      The only 2 changes i would make to that line up are:
      1. A.Correa instead of perotti/lamela due to his form, pace, defensive work rate and versatility (Perotti lacks pace and is better on the left while Lamela hasn’t found his top form just yet).
      2. Meza instead of Lanzini simply because Manu is very injury prone and I doubt he could last more than three games without an injury.

      Regarding the non fiction line up, I agree that it would most likely look like that and it’s not half bad IF Banega and Biglia are taken out and it’s not impossible because there is a small chance that Biglia is unfit and don’t forget that Celso is a player that Sampa likes alot since he’s played every match since the Russia game, so it may very well be:


      It’s not ideal by any stretch because Celso is not a DM and Krane isn’t good enough but I’d still take it over Biglia-Banega pair.
      Mercado is actually a RB by trade but he can play CB and he often does. He’s always been dependable for the NT so I see no issues with him starting as long as Sampa’s system doesn’t leave him exposed.
      Kun and Maria starting would be just fine by me if it wasn’t for the fact that the former is unlikely to come fit to the WC and will VERY VERY likely get injured while playing at the WC and Maria will also VERY likely be injured early on, hence as you said the subs are very important and if Sampa by some miracle decides to take Icardi, Lautaro (for kun) and A.Correa (for Maria) Argentina might have a chance.

  19. Sampaoli must select fully fit and Inform players.professor Caruso have very different playing xi. He select 6-7 players from Argentina domestic league and it’s on the Ole website.lets hope we get domestic players in Sampaoli final list as well.

    • It would be a remarkable feat the article states; He wants to be in WC squad even being half fit; Once the WC starts there is no chance of changing the squad; if he goes down after the 2 r 3 matches; that’s it; why to take risk?

  20. Sampaoli met with Pizarro in Sevilla. Perfect! My man Pizarro should be on the team, should’ve never left the team after the world cup qualifiers against Uruguay and Venezuela. .

  21. The 1,000th player on Argentina and Sampaoli radar for the 2018 world cup. I’m forgetting here, how many players must a team have at the world cup again? is it 23 or 100?

      • I too don’t like Sampaoli team selection, he comes off as if he is fan servicing with his selections or “rumor” selections. The man is trying to please everyone.

    • Exactly my thoughts. Too many players being looked by Sampoali. I feel that Sampoali is milking AFA money for his personal joy-tour of European countries. Even after all this if he again select Higuain, he will prove my accusations.

      • Yep, why did Sampaoli need to tour Europe again given that the last two recent friendlies were against Spain and Italy in Europe? 🤔 I don’t see the point of flying half way around the world just to sit down with individual players when there are plenty of technology out there for face to face communication via phone or video conferencing. Sampaoli is trying to live as if he is a super star player, be a coach instead of trying to be like a pro football celebrity. Sampaoli is a tourist at this point not a coach.

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