Javier MASCHERANO opens his account for Hebei Fortune


After just nine appearances, Javier MASCHERANO has finally scored for his new club Hebei Fortune!

The home side entertained Shandong Luneng in the Chinese FA Cup and were one goal down until the referee pointed to the spot in the 79th minute when a player was caught for a handball. MASCHERANO didn’t take the penalty but instead the most prolific defensive midfielder in Argentine football was at the right place to score from the rebound after Shandong’s keeper had guessed the penalty correctly.

The Chinese commentator of the game also noticed just how special the occasion was and went mental, which is an obvious thing in MASCHERANO’s case. Unfortunately, the goal didn’t help much in Hebei’s cause as they went down 2-3

Nevertheless, a big congratulations on the monumental occasion El Jefecito!


  1. Infantino wants mini-World Cup every 2-year. Everyone knows there’s nothing behind that idea apart money-desire. What is the sense of that further multiplication of international tournaments? (It’s already too many). People want to see WC as real football fest, something special. If you want to have fest too often and celebrate too often the fest will not fest anymore. Big NOOO to the money-maker idea. Mr. Infantino, I know your name commits. Nomen omen. Say no to that infantinism.

    • Dortmund and Inter want to sign Maxi Meza. Our Libertadores teams don’t stand too good, only Racing is convincing, the worst case scenario the only qualifier too. Estudiantes need to beat urugayian Nacional at least 3 goals margin in the last round, Independiente neirly out, Tucuman so-so, but Boca and River have to do it. The main problem Racing without Lautaro will not even half this dangerous imo.

      • Usually the better teams from Argentina league are not the better in Copa Libertadores. ATM I would like to see Godoy Cruz for instance in CL instead one of the teams. They had experience from former edition and probably will play in CL next season. Still believ at least one of our teams will go somwhere around final.

        Independiente is in temporal crisis after the succeses of last year though it seems the crisis isnear past. At least in league. Bustos is benched, because of vertigo around him: all the good and bad things last weeks: praising, critics, European clubs followers, injuries. Meza is backing to form after injury. Benitez, Sanchez Mino worth attention.

      • I recomend to watch Velez Sarsfield. No other team of the league has so many promising youngsters. Heinze is doing good things there. They start winning having all 5-men midfield only of youngsters. 3 CMs: Caceres (’97), Dominguez (’98), Robertone (’97) – all they followed already by European clubs. Robertone is goalscoring box to box. He is revelation of last weeks.
        De La Fuente (’97) and Ortega (’99) fullbacks/wingers. De La Fuente outstanding performances recently.

        And first of all Matias Vargas which is in my humble opinion No.1 talent currently in the league. 6 of 7 last matches he had at least assist or goal.

        With this talents other formerly known must be benched: Delgadillo, Tripicchio, Cufre, Gianetti, Toni.

        Important thing: all the young players (maybe except Vargas) are tall and strong physically.

        • True Gonzalo I’ve taken notice of Velez just last week and I think I’m gonna start watching them.
          River have seriously picked up form in la primera and I hope they continue. It seems that they play well when Nacho, Pity and Enzo are all on the field.
          Independiante have lost some form and Bustos seems to have taken his foot off the gas, but fortunately Meza is getting his form back.

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